On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thankful.... that's all.... just thankful!

What a looooooooooong emotional and exhausting day!  As if I don't have enough on my plate without all this other drama starting again.  Feeling as if it is happening all over again and I have been run over by a MAC Truck!  People and media get a bit of information, run with it, twist it, shape it and mold it to fit THEIR need..... clap clap clap... job well done!  You want to kick a man when he's down... well you have succeeded in doing that... only we aren't caving in.  You see... we serve an AWESOME God.... one who obviously has plans for my handsome boy ....so again.... give it your best shot!  Don't lose sight of the fact that God performed a MIRACLE and continues to do so on a daily basis in our lives.... because that my friends.... is exactly what the Devil wants you to do!

We started out our day with a trip to the ENT to see what was going on with Alex's throat and see if possibly we could get the trach out soon.  Load him up.. you know our routine.... all is squared away and 10 minutes into the road trip he has to pee.  Well .... he broke Kristen in the first day she was here with bathroom, transferring, wheelchair.. all of it.  Sooo, being the sweet loving helping sister she is... I pull off on side of the road, she turns around with the urinal in hand... Alex pulls his pants down and goes to town...only the pee didn't go in the urinal... it went all over ALEX!  I am already running late... as I have stated in past blogs... it's hard to be anywhere on time now, lol .. so it's 8:30 we have 9:15 appt and he is full of PEE!  Forget it I say... I'm not turning around and missing this appt... I will just stop somewhere and buy him some shorts and boxers!  KMART on Beach blvd... here I come!  Run in there get him some clothes... ok now what...where to change him?  Pull waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over in lot where noone can see.... turn his legs, stand him up real quick, pull off wet clothes, sit down, put on dry clothes to knees, stand up and pull them up, get legs back in car buckle up, on our way to ENT!  I don't know about you guys but I HATE starting my day off like that, lol! 

Get to the ENT, Dr. Beck's office.... probably 10 minutes late... they love Alex and always greet us with huge smiles and are genuinely happy to see him and how much he has progressed every visit.  Amy Moss, Dr. Becks assistant/speech pathologist whom Alex loves dearly, told us that all the girls in the office know a week in advance when he is coming in and can't wait to see him!  THAT.... I NEEDED TODAY!  So, Miss Amy brings us back to her office and she numbs Alex's nose so that she can go down and see what kind of progress we have made and look at the healing.  Airway looks FANTASTIC.... great airway... enough to possibly remove the trach... Oh wait... what is that?  Some type of growth has formed since the surgery that we have never seen before!  WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST???  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Well of course not... isn't that just how our story goes???  Didn't I tell you we like to take the scenic route to everything?  check these pics out:

You see that white looking bubble thing just under my "note growth" text?  Yeah well... what the heck is that, lol?  "We are not sure if it is a polyp or if it's swollen from acid reflux but whatever the case we want you to go and get a cat scan so we can see it better"..... OMG can anything go right for once.... just once?!  She did take out his trach, clean it and put it back in.... while it was out naturally he had me take a picture of it so he could see....

So, Dr Beck came in after Miss Amy did all her scoping and probing taking pics and looking around.  He is very pleased with the airway and had the growth not been there... we could have gotten the trach out TODAY!  Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!  Soooooo, from there we travelled to the imaging center and they were awesome as well, fitting us in at the drop of a hat and getting the records back to Dr Beck tomorrow so that we can go back on Monday and have a plan of attack.  PRAYING that it is some type of swelling and not something that he wants to REMOVE.... Alex left the office saying... "Ya'll are cutting on me anymore... I'm not having anymore operations!"  Miss Amy...I love you and appreciate you and your disposition with Alex... you know just what to say and do to calm his anxiety!  THANK YOU!  For my prayer warriors out there....if you are still out there.... please pray that this is just some swelling and not another surgery waiting to happen.  My baby is tired of being cut on and we just want to focus on rehab so that he can start school back in August as planned! 

Builders Care started their work today and we are sooo excited and can't wait till the day comes when taking a shower doesn't take an hour!  Alex has a new BFF and his name is Flamur, from Albania and he owns his own plumbing business and is one of the many contractors who contribute their time and efforts for people with needs such as Alex's.  He and Alex hit it right off... especially when Alex told him he had the coolest name of all! :0)  They began demolition today and have ripped out the guest bathroom and will be back tomorrow to start again. 

WOW!  They began jackhammering today and Alex looked at me and said " We gotta get the hell outta here".... "now"!  hahahahahahaha  He made me go get the ear plugs until I could get him up and in the car!  Hopefully there will be none of that tomorrow because I just want to rest at home tomorrow after all of today's ordeals.

I am extremely emotionally drained and going to sign off and get some shut eye, clear my head and look for rainbows in the sky tomorrow!  All I can do is take one day at a time and pray for God to get me thru to the next without a major meltdown.  "This little light of mine... I'm gonna let is shine"  ... I just need to recharge it!  :0)

ALEX MICHAEL.... YOU ARE MY HERO....Today , Tomorrow and Always!  WE got this!  Thank you to those who continue to send encouraging words and are standing strong by our side.  It's truly times like these when you see what people are made of. God is my rock and I will not lose sight of that or my faith!!  He has brought me to it and will bring me THRU it.... THIS TOO... SHALL PASS!!


HAPPY HAPPY 23rd birthday RANDI!!!  We love you and wish you were HERE celebrating your day with us... wishing you peace, love n happiness... today and ALWAYS!  Missing you like crazy! xoxo