On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24th (9:15pm)


Doctor Vitarbo came by this morning and removed the shunt (drain) and showed me his incision and it looks FANTASTIC compared to his original emergency incision. She did an amazing job and it looks so clean and precise... THANK YOU GOD for placing my baby in her hands. Kudos to a wonderful surgeon!

Today was actually boring lol, Alex slept off and on most of today resting.... until around 7:30ish... GOD was present in our room and miracles were being performed left and right! UNBELIEVABLE!

Alex woke up, looked agitated so Chad called me from the breakroom because Alex wanted me. You know me.. all up in his face lol... asking 1 million questions trying to figure out what he wants, what is wrong, what can I do to make him happy... He held up his fingers like he wanted to write.. like he had an invisible pen in his hand moving back and forth like motioning for a pen. Don't think I wasn't johnny on the spot with an ink pen and paper because you know I was! Gave him the pen and well he just wanted to click it, hahahaha. Click, click, click, click... no big deal. I put the paper up to the pen... no go. I break out the dry erase board... no go. Robert had bought Alex these magnetic letters so that when he got ready to communicate... he could spell out on this dry erase board. Well... that wasn't panning out either. Chad had drawn a picture of Alex on the dry erase board and he stared and stared at it.... at the top of the board we had the words "yes" and "no". I asked Alex to tell me if the word said yes or no by holding up his fingers. Yes is one finger, no is two fingers. At first he got it wrong... then i kept saying N O spells NO, Y E S spells YES.... I kept going back and forth and now he knows that Y E S spells yes and N O spells NO. I spelled MOM and he pointed to me, YAY!! From this point he raised an eyebrow just a touch and I started wiggling mine and asked if he could do that too. HE STARTED DOING IT! So you know me... I ain't stopping there... Alex, can you flare your nostrils like Boo does when he cracks you up?.. HE STARTED DOING IT! Ok, now I'm greedy... Alex, can you wink at mom like this... HE WINKED AT ME! Noooow, there's no holding back... Alex, can you show me your teeth? HE SHOWED ME HIS TEETH WITH LIKE A SCOWL LOOK, hahahahaha! I then went in for the big one... Alex, can you stick your tongue out at mom like this? That way when the Nurses make you mad you can stick your tongue out at them, lol. He tried and tried... and we saw the very tip of his tongue trying to come out of his mouth but he just couldn't get it to come thru! I'm talking he was sweating and working hard at all of these commands!! I had his attention 150% and he would not break eye contact with me thru all this. WHAT AN AMAZING FEAT for my little guy to conquer!! He has no idea what he has given us today! The best part is... he had an audience and was really zoned in on me as if it were just me and him in the room! GOD WAS MOVING MOUNTAINS IN THIS HOSPITAL ROOM TONIGHT! It's the little things that mean the most ya know! Something as simple as wiggling his eyebrows or a wink.... MAJOR STEPS! DAY 18.... WOW! Alex Michael... you and J.C. never cease to amaze me! I am happier today than yesterday and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!!

I know I am just rambling like crazy tonight... but the Saints are playing, Alex is waking up and I need to go spend some time with my Hubby who is graciously spending another night in the hospital with me!

Hope you enjoyed my update as much as I have enjoyed my day with Mr. Alex! What an amazing little guy! You think Tim Tebow is Superman... You should see Alex Michael in action!!

Keep the prayers coming... we still pray for no infections to arise, no complications to come about and the swelling to continue to decrease! THANK YOU ALL AGAIN AND AGAIN... love the emails, cards, dinners, lunches, treats, thoughts, love, support and prayers... WE ARE LOVED and you are all showing us just what our community is capable of!

Till tomorrow...

PEACE~~LOVE~~N~THUMBS UP! (and a wink) !!