On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

GREAT WEEKEND! But is Alexander back??????

Good morning sunshine's it has been going great..... until yesterday lol!  We had an awesome weekend and headed to the beach both Sunday and Monday with the beautiful weather.   Alex did awesome and lasted about 3 hours each day which is incredible considering his patience and attention level.  He walked in the sand, he walked in the water and even took a dip in the FREEZING cold water as you can see below on the video.  CRAZY KID!


 So all has been going great until yesterday morning when he woke me up early with his nightmare.  From there the day just spiraled downward and he was off kilter all day.  WE headed out to therapy for 9 am of which he had a counseling session with the psychologist.  He was not having it... he was not impressed...said he did not need to be there, kept checking his watch of when he got to leave.... he definitely was not the same kid that was in her office the week before.  Alex still has many questions from that day of which he will never get any answers and is having trouble letting go and moving forward....especially when he has nightmares regarding anything to do with that day.  He still suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and when he has a dream like that.... i feel like we take another step backwards.  Like I said he doesn't get mad or sad or depressed... he gets anxious and acts out.  Like yesterday several times he just up and left the group without telling anyone where he was going and they had no idea where he was.  At one point they said he went in a room, locked the door and turned off the light so that they wouldn't know he was in there.  WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST?  Who is THAT kid?  I knew he was off kilter on the way to therapy and even showing signs in the psychologists office but when I left he was certainly out of control and very anxious.  Brooks and I went to pick him up and I had just gone to the grocery store so Brooks went in to get him.  They didn't even know he had left and were calling me frantic because they couldn't find him.  They then began to explain the day he had and I was horrified at all the things they said he had been doing yesterday. Again... certainly not the Alex that has been here.... more like the old Alexander of which has not surfaced in some time!  I reassured them that I would take care of business and handle Mr. Alexander and he would NOT be acting like that on Thursday.  Sooo Mr. Alexander lost his phone yesterday as a consequence for his actions which as you all know is his LIFE LINE right now and hopefully he will not be showing his butt on Thursday when he gets to therapy. This has been a challenge in itself because every 5 minutes he will say.,... "Is my phone plugged in?"  "don"t let my phone die", "Can I get it back tomorrow?", "Did you plug my phone in?".... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!  "Your phone is fine Alex, it's plugged in and if you are good you can have it back tomorrow".  "Well did you plug it in so it doesn't die?".  hahahahaha... I however survived that conversation a hundred times last night!

The tux fitting last week went great... he is going to be all decked out in his tux and yes HAT, lol!  I didn't get any pics of the fitting because his friends weren't able to come and I had to hold him up while he got measured and all.  He kept repeating the designer of the tux, the color of his accessories and what shoes he was going to wear.... his Jordan's of course ha ha!  He is super excited and can't wait.... I just gotta get the limo squared away and we will be in business!

He has a countdown clock on his phone.... and everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry day he tells me how many days till prom, how many days till Hawaii and how many days till graduation.  i told him another day like yesterday and he won't be doing any of that lol!  I can't imagine what goes on in his head on a daily basis of trying to cope with everything that has transpired in his life over the past year and he has certainly been a trooper but I am going to keep pushing!  I am going to keep pushing him to be all that he can be.... pushing the positives in his life..... pushing to put the past behind and focus on the future because no matter how much we want to go back in time, we can't.  We can't change any of it.  We will never have the answers we want... and even if we did it wouldn't change anything.  We would still be where we are today so hopefully with counseling and this new day therapy..... he will be able to overcome it all and begin the inner healing that he so very much needs.  Please continue to pray for Alex.....he IS doing great on the outside and improves every week with his physical movements...but he has A LOT of inner healing to accomplish with his patience, impulsivity, emotions, filter..... there is work to be done on the inside so that he can lead a somewhat normal life.  I am told it can take 3-5 years and for me.... WOW!  I'm gonna keep on leaning on my God because he is the only one that can get me thru another 3-5 years of this for sure!  Deuteronomy 31:6 " Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."  THANK YOU GOD.... for being my rock and for my many blessings each day.  I know that I can always count on you to come thru for me in my darkest of days.  This is your plan and I have accepted the challenge.  Guide me and continue to let your light shine through me so that I can do great things for YOU and in your honor.  Thank you for another day with my handsome boy.  I give you all the Glory, Honor and Praise... Amen!

Praying for a better day Thursday.... I'll let you know how it goes!  Have a great day!  :0)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011



Alex has been busting his butt and working extremely hard practicing getting ready for prom!  March 25th is the magical day and he has a countdown on his iphone for that and Hawaii which is 2 days after prom.  I am..  so proud of how hard he has been working.... superman speed recovery.  Dreams Come True has set our Celebration of Life Party with them for March 21st ... Big Day for us where they announce our trip and tell Alex all what they have planned for his dream.  MUCH DESERVED... for the whole family and all we have been thru this past year NO DOUBT!  Big stuff coming up ahead... can't wait!

I don't have the site up and running for those of you that were able to come out to our Celebration this past weekend and take a picture with Alex.  I will have it done by this weekend so please forgive me that it is not done as of yet.  Just a tad busy with Mr. Alex, school and getting in the routine with the whole new therapy schedule.  We are some busy busy bee's with little down time.  We met with his psychologist on Tuesday and I am excited to report that THIS IS WHAT HAS BEEN MISSING.... the missing links if you will.  I truly have a great feeling about his new day therapy treatment plan and think that he will be really benefiting and getting the most out of this for a FULL REVCOVERY!  He will be in this program for 16 weeks and he is going to learn what is appropriate and what is not...what he can say and what he can not.  She asked him and I both 3 things that he needed to work on.... PATIENCE, IMPULSIVITY and FILTER.  If we can just get one of those things worked out it will be a HUGE impact on our everyday lives.  I was told he had a GREAT day on Tuesday which is a big difference from last week.  Last week he was kind of all over the place.... a big change in his normal routine and anxiety galore.  Crazy how our brains work and what triggers certain things.... my quirkly little brain injured boy how you amaze me so!

Today we had a visit with Alex's neurosurgeon a post cat scan visit if you will to discuss what she saw in the scan.  She popped in for a second before she had to leave for an emergency meeting.... I caught bits and pieces of what she was saying... the right side of the brain...evidently dead...ventricles smaller, brain on top of ventricle ...something about possible collapsing....did I notice swelling a little more?...... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh I'm still lost, lol.  I need to call her and ask her what she was saying because I'm kinda freaked out a little.  The last things I  do remember were... Alex...NO ZIP LINING, lol and then he said..."No more surgeries right?"... she said... "Heck NO".  Sooooooo, I guess my mind was eased some but she ordered another cat scan for April and said... "I'm not going to treat the cat scan...I'm going to go by how he looks and feels.  If you see any personality change or headaches or swelling let me know, but other than that...I'm going to treat him and not the cat scan."  WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST?!  If you remember in the beginning of my blogging days.... Dr. Tepaz made that statement the day after the left side of Alex's brain stroked in the front and the back and I was told he wouldn't make it past 7 days.  LORD.... it's all in your hands... we have come so far and I know you have a plan... great things are in store for Alex and his testimony of your miracles.  Please continue to heal Alex from head to toe and whatever is going on inside that brain of his.... heal it and make it right.  We have come so very far to take any steps backwards and I ask you right now to please take any worries off of my shoulders and give me peace of mind that we are still marching in a forward direction.  Thank you so very much for your many blessings on a daily basis.  We are living proof of what you are capable of Lord and I give you all the glory, honor and praise for the miracle of Alex Ross and his second chance at life.  AMEN.

If anyone got a video of Alex going down the snow slide at the celebration will you please send it to me?

We are going to get fitted for his tux tomorrow after therapy.... so exciting... I can only imagine what the heck he is going to want to wear, lol.  He has already insisted he wants the top hat and cane....hahahahahaha.... Don't be surprised if he wants to wear one of the dumb and dumber tux's from the movie with all the ruffles and everything, lol!  I'll take pics and post.... you know you wanna see!!

Have a great day!! 


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 I have been extremely busy since Saturday but I wanted to get online real quick this morning before we head out to day treatment and put a couple of pics as a sneak peek as to how the celebration went!  IT WAS FANTASTIC! Alex had a BLAST and went down the snow slide 4 times!! :0)   We had to borrow a batting helmet from a friend, lol... I got a little scared at him going down without protecting his head!   I'll try to get online tomorrow am and blog about our BIG weekend!  We have tickets to Cirque De Illumination compliments of Children's Miracle Network tonight... CAN'T WAIT!  Oh yeah... Alex got a haircut on Friday.... LOVE IT AND also got his face painted at the celebration..... he had them paint a unibrow a fu man chu mustache and eye balls on his eyelids so when he closed his eyes it looks like he is looking at you, hahahahahahha! 
Here are a few highlights from our blessed event... ENJOY!



Friday, February 11, 2011


Let me say real quick that Gabi's surgery was a HUGE success and her blood flow has increased dramatically!!!  We stopped by to see her after Alex's LONG day of therapy yesterday .... Alex even snuck into ICU and when asked how old he was.... he fibbed and said 18!!  I was in the waiting room chatting with her family and next thing I knew Alex was gone and had gotten them to buzz him into ICU and was behind the closed door, lol.  HE MADE IT IN!  Last time I took he and Brooks to see her when she was in ICU they wouldn't let them in if under 18.  Alex was going to make sure he got in to see his girl yesterday!

Tomorrow is the big day.... in case you all need reminders... tomorrow is the day to come meet Alex, hang out and go down the big SNOW SLIDE that THE ICE MAN is so generously is providing!  Debbie's Doghouse will be there with her spectacular HOT DOGS.... best in town!  Admission is free to the celebration, however there will be minimal charges for the snow slide, pony rides and bouncy houses.  I think it's $1.00 per ride as well as for the popcorn and cotton candy.  For every $5.00 you spend on tickets, you will be entered into a raffle for many great giveaways!!  Once we have gotten all the prizes together... I will try to post later as to what is up for grabs and who donated what!  Debbie's Doghouse has combo deals for hot dog, chips and soda = $3.00 and for sausage dog, chips and soda = $4.00   There will be 2 time slots to get pictures with Alex with a Survivor backdrop that Carly, Julie and Mr. Mark have been working on and put a lot of time and effort into creating.  Times are 12-12:30 and 2-2:30.  We have Gabi's mom, Karen who will be singing a special song for Alex at 1:00pm.  It is my understanding that there may be some Jaguar Cheerleaders and maybe even a few players.... don't quote me on that.... If all goes as planned... this is the case :0)  FRAN'S BOUTIQUE AND SALON will have a table with jewelry for sale ...cute cute stuff!  CHILDREN'S MIRACLE NETWORK will be there.... If you donate to their cause...even just $1.00, you will receive a special 5x7 Survivor Card of Alex.  This organization makes it possible for children in Alex's case to get the best medical technology possible!  We couldn't have gotten this far without their contributions to hospitals.  GATOR COUNTRY will be there by 1:00pm and Alex plans on getting on stage and showing off some of his moves between 1-1:30.  We certainly hope to see you there and thank you in person for your love, support and prayers over the past year.  SUPERMAN SPEED recovery couldn't be accomplished without all of you!  So please come out... meet Alex, get a hug or maybe even a sneaky kiss on the lips, lol!  THIS IS THE DAY WE WILL REJOICE IN HIS MIRACLES!!  THANK YOU GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY!! 



Thursday, February 10, 2011


I only have a minute to get online this morning before we begin our early journey to Alex's day treatment.  Another free day for mom.....YAY!  I am going to spend my day wandering the mall like I have no cares in the world... can't wait!

I ask that you lift our sweet little friend Gabi up in prayer today as she is undergoing a brain surgery today where they open a blood vessel and put a balloon in it to prevent the blockage that she has had up to this point.  Karen and Todd, I know today is going to be a hard one....I truly feel at peace and know that this surgery is going to be a step forward in Gabi's recovery.  God has kept her with us this far and I know in my heart he isn't finished with our precious angel here on earth.  You are our family outside of our home and I pray that today you find strength as you sit in that waiting room and have peace knowing He is with her every step of the way.  Lord I pray that you are in, with and all around that surgery room today guiding the doctors hands every step of the way.  You are in the drivers seat Lord and I have complete faith that this is what's best for Gabi and she will be bouncing around again once she has healed from this surgery.  I give you all the praise, honor and glory!!  In Jesus name... AMEN!

Be careful out there today my friends.... it's a nasty day... perfect for me to be in the shopping malls, lol!  HAVE A FANTABULOUS DAY..... hope I have good stuff to report on Alex's day away from mom later tonight.  I will keep you posted on Gabi's progress!!  THANK YOU!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


With a new routine set in motion ..... new beginnings and a different treatment plan.... anxiety had it's way of settling in with my little brain injured boy!  Put him to bed early in hopes of a good nights rest before he began his journey of a 9am-3pm day learning new things with  a new group of people with no mom in sight.  NOT SO MUCH!  He had me up 6 times last night for this or for that... one reason or another.. he couldn't sleep, no matter how hard he tried... he kept waking up.  Finally at 4am I crawled in bed with him in hopes to sleep till my alarm went off at 6am.  He did great this morning getting up and getting ready... brushed his teeth, got dressed even had a little time to lay on the sofa and watch the news before we had to head out.  Grab a strawberry poptart... bottle of water and we headed out the door.  I took him into the program .... dropped him off and was headed out the door for a DAY TO MYSELF ...yaaaayayayayayayyyyy!! :0)  Wait... hold up.... can you wait an hour we need you to meet with the psychologist.... aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!  So I hung out, filled out some paper work and then headed to the meeting with the psychologist.  Alex and I both met with him... he asked some questions... he basically had to get a baseline of where Alex is today to know what he needs to work on and then we will know how much he improves.  Of course Alex joked throughout the whole session... crazy kid, lol.  We talked about how he only has one emotion....no anger, no depression, no loss of self esteem, etc.  At one point he asked Alex to rate his self esteem on a scale of 1-10 and Alex responded with 33!  The doctor said "No, I'm serious".... I said... HE IS SERIOUS ,lol.  He said ok.. I'm gonna write that number down. :0) hahahahaha.  He really does think he's all that AND a bag of chips!  God Bless him!  I am very very thankful that this is the attitude he has!  Instead of feeling sorry for himself... or angry... or less than anyone else because he is in a wheelchair.... he sees himself as you and I ....with no defects!  THANK YOU GOD!  

Saturday's festivities are drawing closer.... I'm still looking for a FACE PAINTER.  If anyone would like to volunteer for that activity... PLEASE email me!  As it draws closer......I am all set and ready to meet all of our new friends and prayer warriors when Brooks brought my attention to a screeching halt.  He looks at me and says... "Mom... what if no one shows up?"  THAT THOUGHT NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRR CROSSED MY MIND.  Now I am freaking out..... what if no one shows up....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.  I had to get with God so he could put my mind at ease...... BE STILL...... I go to Field of Dreams... "If you build it...they will come" HAHAHAHA... If just our close friends and family show up... that's still a pretty good turn out because we have lots of that!  IT WILL BE ONE OF THE GREATEST CELEBRATIONS EVER...NO MATTER WHAT.  ALEX MICHAEL ROSS IS ALIVE and getting stronger every day!  THANK YOU GOD!  Giving HIM all the Honor, Glory and Praise!

Please keep Alex in your prayers.... this week is a bit of a challenge for him with school back in full swing, Economics, American Govt, English IV, Ecology and Algebra II..... on top of changing up his routine and going to day treatment two days a week.  He has day treatment from 9-3 then goes straight to PT and OT so we are not heading home until 5:30.  That's a LONG LONG day for Mr. Alex.  I have NO doubt that he will settle in and do great things..... I just pray that it doesn't take him 3 weeks to settle into this new routine.  On top of all this.... they have added a NEW PT therapist!  Alex doesn't do well with change...you have all seen this, lol.  As my Father says.... "This too shall pass". :0)  We will keep reaching for the stars and looking at the positives....Nothing can bring us down!

Wishing you all a great week...hoping to see many of you this weekend!

Throwing a shout out to Chad... so proud of him this weekend in the Pirates Run.  He placed 3rd in his age group and got the plaque to prove it!  I LOVE YOU CHADDY POOH...CONGRATS!

Kinlin... Heather and I.... we were just glad we finished. hahahahaha!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sorry I haven't been on in a couple of days... we have been busy busy bee's these past couple of days.  Alex had his BOTOX injections on Tuesday at 1:30 pm... what a crazy day that was!  He was not allowed to eat or drink anything past 12pm on Monday night.  Well he hadn't eaten since about 6:30 Monday night because we were in Middleburg at the Extreme Home Makeover they were doing for Coach Prewitt. Sooooo, my plan was to let him sleep until we were to walk out the door and head to the hospital.  He was exhausted Monday night from all of the activities and went straight to bed when we got home... naturally he was up about 9am Tuesday morning.  You all know how much he likes to eat, lol.  I did not want to have to deal with the "not being able to eat until after his procedure at 1:30" ordeal.  I kept him occupied until we had to be out the door at 10:30am.  We arrived at the hospital at 11:30am and Alex is in full swing with handing out his little cards sharing his story...God Bless him.  Most of the ladies checking us in, know his story by now from our last couple of visits lol.  They were sweet and took his card anyways.  We get up to the 2nd floor and they take us back to get him changed into his gown.  She tells him he can leave everything below the waist on.... well... he wants to be naked!  NOT!  I convince him to leave his boxers on.... we head to the back for vitals.  He is asking all the nurses.."Where is my girlfriend?"  He is referring to one of his favorites... Miss Amy Hill.  She was a blonde.. now she is brunette and is with child,lol.  However... she asks Alex if he likes her better blonde and skinny or brunette and pregnant.... my sweet boy responds... "It doesn't matter"  HE LIKES HER ANY WAY HE CAN GET HER, lol!  She and our other favorite Miss Gray treated him like a King for the rest of our stay! :0)  Once vitals were taken we had to go out into the waiting room until it was time for the procedure.  Well thank God Ms. Gray came and rescued us because people were bringing food in and the smell for Alex was a little more than he could handle with not being able to eat.  He wanted to lay down in a bed and she hooked us up by taking us to the back and putting us in a little curtained room with a bed and a tv for King Alex.  We weren't there long before we were taken to the pre-op area where you meet and greet the doctors before the procedure.  The anesthesiologist comes in and see's the trach is out gets out his little stethoscope and begins to listen to Alex breathe.  Normally when he has had the botox injections they put him to sleep because he has so much sensitivity on the left side that it would hurt too bad to do while awake.  Well they would give him anesthesia by trach!  OOPS... it's gone.  Dr says that the trach coming out is too new and they would have to intubate him  in order to get him under anesthesia...... stick a TUBE DOWN HIS THROAT!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAY!  We have come too far to go thru all we have been thru again!  That tube is what did the damage in the first place and we are not about to get ANOTHER trach because this tube could do more damage.  So now you can imagine Alex is freaking out!  He is NOT about to have them stick him with needles while he is awake and he is insisting that they put him to sleep, while I am insisting that they are not.  Dr. Spierre comes in and suggest Versed.... a drug that will kinda make him loopy and forget any pain that he might feel.  I'm all for it... get the drug and let's get the show on the road.  Alex is freaking... I am trying to calm him and tell him that the sooner we get it over..the sooner he can EAT, lol!  He finally says... "Alright then... get the drugs and let's do this!"  So they give him the liquid versed.... and we wait about 15 minutes for it to take effect.  If this didn't work... the only way he was getting Botox was if he was put under.... GOD TAKE CONTROL .... PLEASE!  At this point... He keeps saying that it isn't working... I can somewhat tell it is... we are ready for the procedure.  The doc comes in to get him and he is still freaking somewhat that the meds aren't working and says.. "I want my mom to come in there with us".  WHAT....WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?  She looks at me, as if this is a possibility and says... hang on I'll be right back.. I'll go ask.  WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST?... I'm not quite sure that I WANT to be in there at this moment, lol.  She comes back with a "Yep, it's ok"... OMG... am I really doing this?  I have no idea what I am in for... but here WE go!  We head into this operating room, beautiful mural of beach painted on the wall.... a couple of nurses, the doc, Alex and me.  He can't relax, he is trying to watch what the doctor is doing with the needles, constantly asking..."How many shots are you going to use"... "Only 3 right?"... WRONG, lol.  Not sure if he can see how LONG the needles REALLY are.... one of the nurses is holding his leg up while the doc gets ready to inject LONG needles into the muscles of his leg.  She does the first one and he isn't saying anything but looks down as she is pulling it out and says... "Oh SHIT... that hurt".... hahahahahahaha... IMMEDIATELY I said... "Alex... watch your mouth".  The nurse holding his hand says to him.. "I can assure you it doesn't hurt as much as my hand does from you squeezing it". HAHAHAHAHA.... Doctor looks at me and says... "It's ok mom... it's a known fact that cussing relaxes us".  REALLY??? I said "Great Alex... now you are going to have everyone in this room cussing"!! ha ha!  The nurse said "Too bad he didn't bring an IPOD to play some music to distract him". WAIT... I have my iphone, lol.  I try to find something...I put Pandora on with Katy Perry station..... he wasn't going for that!  Oh wait.. Bob Marley... he can put us back in Cruise Mode!  We think of our cruises on Carnival every time we hear reggae... so let's give it a shot.  IT WORKED somewhat, lol.  We talked about cruises.. we talked about going to Hawaii and surfing.... before we knew it... procedure was over!  YAY!  Now he can't wait to eat the choc granola bars he insisted I shove in my purse before we left so he could eat immediately once he was done, lol.  We got back to our little holding room but I couldn't find Granny, who had my purse with the granola bars... uh oh!  So beautiful Miss Amy brings him not one bag of animal crackers but like 8, lol!  He is ready to get up and go... wants to eat at Chic Fil A downstairs.  Miss Amy says he can go in about 15 minutes... gotta make sure he can eat and drink... she gets him some apple juice as he inhales the animal crackers... 15 minutes done.. we load up in the wheelchair and head downstairs to Chic Fil A. We get in the door to Chic Fil A........  THE MEDICINE FINALLY KICKS IN.  Let me say that again......so you understand me clearly.  THE MEDICINE FINALLY KICKS IN!  OMG!  What the french toast????  Who is this kid and where did he come from?  His words were outta control.... wanting what he wanted.... his body in sloooooooooooow moooooooooooooootion.  Starving like Marvin....we sat down to eat.  Soooooooooooo this is what the med was supposed to do,lol.  Next time we will know that it takes a little longer to take effect on him for sure!  He could barely hold his head up or his eyes open and talking was in slow motion,lol.  He was DRUNK off the meds and it was a funny sight to see.  I know people thought he was COO COO! At one point, and I'll put the video below... but at one point he told me "I'm trippin balls".  REALLY....  what in the heck!??  He looked at me and my mom and said ..."I'm gonna take a nap now"... he put his head to his chest and stayed for like 3  minutes!  I looked at mom and was like...ummmm is he ok? Is he still alive? lol!!  He popped up a few minutes later and began to eat his chicken sandwich :0)  See him in slow motion below, hahahaha.

We couldn't get outta there fast enough... trust me!  The ordeal was over... the boy was fed and everything worked out great after a very stressful morning for all of us!  We headed home.. rested a bit and headed back out to the Extreme Home Makeover that was being done in Middleburg, FL which is about 40 minutes from the house.  What an amazing experience!  Alex was in full swing again... handing out his alexrossupdates cards... telling his story...sharing God's miracle!  Great to see our awesome community come together for such an amazing event!  We made many new friends... some have heard our story.. some not.  We also attended the reveal and that was a very LONG Exhausting day yesterday with Mr. Impatient Alex himself!  A lot of standing around and waiting.... pushing 170 pounds of Alex in the dirt to the portalet.... LORD WHAT A JOB.....waiting and more waiting.  A sprinkle of rain here and there.... thank you God for not letting it pour on us!  Yesterday we got to meet Misty May... the volleyball 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist.  Alex got to take pics with her Gold Medals on and he also got a hug and YES... HE GOT HER with the whole give me a kiss on my cheek/I'll get her on the lips trick!  SHE CRACKED UP!  It was too funny!   I'm glad we stuck it out... it was an adventure my boys will never forget.... nor anyone else around us for that matter, ha ha!  We got to experience the whole "MOVE THAT BUS" festivity and can't wait to see the final cut on Mother's Day in May!  Below are some pics and video's from our festivities!

 MISTY MAY... 2x Olympic Volleyball Gold Medalist ---- HE GOT HER!!

I have MOVE THAT BUS videos but can't get them uploaded right now.... hopefully can do in the morning.

Thank you to all the volunteers that showed up to our meeting tonight... the Celebration of Life is going to be FANTASTIC and we couldn't do it without you! Shout out to my brother Joe Moore...YOU ROCK... thank you for coming and opening up the church so we could meet tonight!  I LOVE YOU!  Chad Dillard... my awesome husband... thank you for sharing me this week and next to get it all organumized... I LOVE YOU!  XOXO

Wishing you all a HAPPY FRIDAY! 


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Wow!  We had a busy busy day yesterday..... we were movers and shakers, lol!  We left the house at 8:30 headed to the base for Alex to get his physical before the Botox procedure he will be having today at 1:30 pm.  It's always a commotion to get on base.... I thought I was good to go with the pass in my car however when I got there I realized it had expired Dec 31, 2010... OF COURSE IT DID!  Aaaaaahhhhh...there are always atleast 10 people standing in line to get on the base... yesterday was no different and I was late for our appointment.  However... when I finally got my turn...the sweet individual behind the glass window gave me a pass good thru January of 2012!  HALLELUJAH! Thank YOU God!  We got to our destination, Alex's vitals... he is 171 and his blood pressure was HIGH yesterday 134 over something.  It's normally 116/80 or something like that.  He kept saying he was dizzy yesterday... all thru the day, even at therapy.  Not sure what's going on but I will surely monitor him a little closer when he says he is dizzy.  I always think he is faking it to be able to sit down at therapy,lol. And yes... he does fake it sometimes and admit it later!  Little joker!  Anywho... we got the physical completed...the whole time he is telling the doctor to hurry up because McDonald's stops serving breakfast at 10:30 and we had like 10-15 minutes to get there!  He was roaming the halls yelling... "let's gooooo.... breakfast is going to be over soon!"  He was speaking loud for the doctor to hear that is!  Yes my 4 year old Alex was in action full force yesterday!  We got out of there and headed straight to Mickey D's.... 10:21 to be exact and we pull up and order breakfast. NOPE... they stopped serving breakfast at 10:00am.  WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST?!  Needless to say, Alex was not so happy but settled for a McChicken, fries and a coke at 10:30am.  From there we went to get our follow up at the ENT.  They wanted to make sure he was healing properly and that his breathing sounded ok.  HE PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS!  All is good in the land where the trach once resided! Again.. Thank you God!  From Dr. Becks office we went to Brooks Inpatient Rehab facility to visit Gabi and see if they could fix his wheelchair since his left arm rest HAD FALLEN OFF!  Medco wanted to charge me $75 an hour to look at it or fix it... ummmm, NO THANK YOU!  It's a year old... it should NOT be falling apart already...those things aren't cheap!  Mr. Tim who is in charge of the wheelchairs at Brooks was MORE THAN HAPPY to fix it for free and it took all of 3 minutes to do what he did!  THANK YOU!  We headed up to Gabi's floor (she is in Alex's old room....God put her there :0) )..... she was in the feeding room having lunch... that beautiful mush puree stuff that Alex first learned to eat again on.  She smiled when she heard Alex's voice and it tickles my stomach to see her looking so good!  Alex teases her and calls her Albert... she just smiles that infectious smile.  Please keep her in your prayers today as Todd and Karen have to make a serious decision in regards to a blockage that Gabi has in her brain.... they may go in and put a balloon to open up the blood vessel but have several options to choose from.  I know that God will lead them to choose the right decision and what is best for Gabi.  You can read her updates on caringbridge at  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/gabriellehornsby .  We left Gabi and headed for therapy.  Alex worked HARD yesterday.... sweating like crazy.... dizzy again... she took his heart rate and he was at 173!  He got on the treadmill yesterday and was working on walking backwards.... another thing we all take for granted.... not so easy for Alex. See below:

He worked hard at it and it will eventually get easier the more he works at it.  I'm very proud of how hard he has been working lately....superman speed recovery....dancing at the prom.... surfing in Hawaii... here we come!

We came home, showered and headed to the Extreme Home Makeover that is going on in Middleburg about 45 minutes from our house.  Alex and I wanted to give back to the community since so many have done such awesome things for our family over the past year.  Alex isn't 18 so he isn't allowed to help out but we were treated like royalty at the VIP tent directly across the street from where all the action is going on.  I had printed Alex up some new "personal business cards" as I like to call them.... it's an easier more appropriate way for him to introduce himself.  It has his picture, the website and a Bible verse.  Instead of just going up to someone and saying... "Hi, you know me? I was the boy who was shot in the head in January of last year".  People don't really know how to react to that, lol.  Those of you who follow are familiar with a brain injury by now and can relate... those who don't... well let's just say if I could have a penny for their thoughts at the very moment he introduces himself that way... I would be RICH!  Their faces are priceless!    So we brought his cards and YES he handed them out like they were candy, lol.  He made many many new friends and amazing most of them knew who he was and had been following our story :0)

A special thank you to Amy and Ryan.... Kimberly and Allyson... for making it happen for us.  When we first arrived Mrs. Long (one of the builders wives) there are two builders involved in the makeover.  Well Mrs. Long came up and welcomed us with her hard hat on.  Of course my boys, both Brooks and Alex wanted one... not just ANY hard hat like she had on... they wanted a blue one.  Off she goes... and returns with one BLUE and one ORANGE... how awesome is that!! Precious lady!  Kaitlyn got us all set up at a table and made the mistake of showing Alex where the choc chip cookies were, lol.  He was trying to grab handfuls and hide them like this was his last meal.  Yes folks... Alex the 4 year old was back in action.  He wanted everything!!  Trent's Seafood was there setting everything up for dinner  and Mr. Impatient couldn't wait asking over and over when dinner was going to be ready, lol.  He had catfish, fried shrimp and hush puppies galore and finished off with choc mousse cheescake... fit for a King!  He was in hog heaven!  After dinner we headed to the fence to see if we could get Alex standing at the fence so he could get a glimpse of the real action going on across the street.  There was a truck in his view if sitting so we got him up so he could see it up close and personal.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PICTURE!!  How precious they are!  What an amazing site to see across the street!  We have such an awesome community... I knew it already from the out pour of  love and support we have received thus far.....but to see everyone come together... busting their tails to make sure this is completed in time... simply amazing.  I am so touched by peoples generosity and giving spirit.... THANK YOU GOD.  We got to meet Mr. Long of J.A. Long Design Builders, one of the builders working on the project and I tell you what... He and his wife Linda along with their son Ryan are just awesome people!  Mr Long took to Alex right away, pushing him in his wheelchair as Alex stated he had to "Peeeeee".  It is a dirt/grass environment and not so easy to push all of Alex's 170 pounds around so Mr. Long offered to wheel him across the street to the portalet.  This my friends was a whole new experience for ALL of us!  We got him across the street and pulled up to the portalet, Alex stood up and Mr. Long proceeded to help him along with me INTO the 2 X 2 inch, or so it seemed, lol... space that he was to urinate.  Alex hasn't quite mastered the whole "stand up and pee" ordeal yet... because of obvious balance reasons along with not mastering the whole AIM as you pee technique.  Normally he sits for now so that I know it will make it in the toilet!  So Mr. Long helps me get him in there and closes the door....He ain't going for the whole sit down thing in there of course... so I pull his pants down a little, hold him by his hips so that he can steady his balance and before I knew it.... he was urinating everywhere... he couldn't control that thing to save his life!  He was laughing, I was laughing... pee was going everywhere... OMG.... in a 2X2 inch space.... terrified it was going to get on my shoes as it was getting on his, lol..... terrified that Mr. Long was still outside the portalet and would see the damage that had been done....there was nothing that I could do to contain it!  He finishes, pee is everywhere... I open the door to find sweet Mr. Long waiting on us... OMG!  Mr. Long... I apologize to you whole heartedly... I had NO IDEA what we were getting ourselves into by taking him to the portalet :0)  He helped us out  and down into his wheelchair.... grabbed hold and wheeled him across the dirt road back to our VIP area.  Words can't express what I feel when each of you who meet us...take the time to get to know Alex and carry on a real conversation with him.  It is in that moment that I see God working in and through Alex, no matter what crazy thing that comes out of his mouth..... He is living proof that God works miracles and PEOPLE SEE THAT and GET IT!  Mr. Long plans to attend the Celebration and we are very excited to have them join in OUR special event.

Me and Miss Rhonda... our personal photographer :0)

Miss Rhadisha Drummond, one of Alex's fans

 Miss Linda and John Long


Mr Long and Ryan

 As we were leaving... a pic of the awesome house and volunteers in the background!
 Meeting some of Alex's fans in the spectator crowd :0)

WHAT AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE last night was and thank you to the builders and many many many volunteers that donated their time and materials to make such a wonderful dream come true for this precious family!  YA'LL ARE AWESOME!

This morning we travel to Wolfson's Childrens Hospital for another Botox injection on his left leg.  He is not a happy camper at this moment as he cannot have anything to EAT until after his procedure which is not until 1:30!  Please say a quick prayer for Alex as he is a little over stimulated this morning with anticipation of the procedure because he always has to be put to sleep with anesthesia for the injections would be too painful with the sensitivity in his left side.  His little brain is going 90 to nothing right now!

Wishing you all a great day.... if you are out at the Extreme Makeover site tonight.... please come and introduce yourself....it's the hi-light of our days to meet a prayer warrior!!