On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Friday, April 30, 2010


We woke up, Doctor Vitarbo's PA,  Amanda had a look at the shunt....drainage area....  all looked great with the new setting, fluid seems to be draining as it should.....so we were discharged.  Crazy but Alex wanted to stay!  Too bad... sorry boo... we are outta here, lol!  So got him dressed, outta bed, in the wheelchair..... annnnnnnnnnd picture time, lol.

Alex with Nurse Melissa who has been with us since the very beginning!!  I think this is why Alex didn't want to leave lol! 

Doesn't he look great!  He was a bit sore today and has been... his stomach seems to be really really tender.... I guess where the drain / stitch area is..... is just painful.  We loaded up in the car and headed home!  Once we got here, Alex's new toy was awaiting him!  Two very precious followers of our blog, contacted me, Linda and Dick Walker,  they wanted to donate Alex a Hover Round electric wheelchair....HOW AWESOME is that???  Two snow birds from VA, travelling back from Florida on their way home!  Again... people we do not know that have once again blessed us!  God is AWESOME how he touches peoples hearts!  I cannot tell you what a blessing this is and has been today!  Besides the fact that he has run into every wall and moved the sofa and loveseat with it.... it is very very handy and nifty for Alex to get around the house in!  He also took a stroll with me down the street which was awesome for him as he hasn't really been able to go outside much or even have the desire to do so!  Once he gets the hang of it.... we will be in business!  It is a huge blessing to me as now I do not have to constantly load and unload his wheelchair out of my car!  Now I can leave in my trunk and just use when he goes to day treatment or wherever else we have to go.... no more unloading and loading 4-6 times a day!  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!  THANK YOU LINDA AND DICK WALKER..... you have given Alex a bit of joy back in his life and he thinks it is WAY COOL!!!  SO THANK YOU!

We went for a stroll in the neighborhood and he couldn't wait to come back in and tell my mom that he smoked me..... yes...he left me in the dust, lol!

Thanks to Mom.... she came home with me today and helped me clean out Randi's room :0(.... it had a lot of boxes and stuff still needing to be sorted out from when we moved in, back in November that I never finished unpacking.  Well... Alex is having a hospital bed delivered tomorrow, YAY... no more worrying about him falling out of his bed!  This room will now become Alex's room as this is where we have to put the bed because he can't get in his room with the new chair, plus Builder's Care will be coming in the near future to make some adjustments for Alex so that he can maneuver better in his wheelchair and be more independant with showering....toilet.... sink all of his own, built right into this room!  Soooo we got all that taken care of today and the room is ready for Alex to move in!

He will be taking next week off from day treatment so he can recover and be ready to rock n roll next Monday where he can focus on getting that left side back to normal and WALKING!  Looking forward to a lazy weekend and maybe sleeping in a little :0)

Alex and I are missing Randi and know she will be back for a visit hopefully sooner than later, ha ha.  It's really weird not having her here.... a part of me is missing.... she was the closest thing to a clone as I'm ever going to get, lol.  Prayer warriors, please pray for her, gma and the family.... there is alot going on right now and they all need to be lifted up in prayer! 

THANK YOU GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY....for the many miracles you have performed in our lives over the past 4 months and for all that you continue to do in our daily lives now.  Alex has one heck of a story to tell and I can't wait until he is fully recovered and your light can shine thru him for all to see and BELIEVE exactly what you are capable of!  SEEING IS BELIEVING!

Hoping you all have an awesome weekend..... hug and kiss those babies...even the grown ones! :0)



ps.  Special thanks to Sher and Dar.... you two are awesome and I can't thank  you enough for all you have done for Randi, Alex and I!  I LOVE YOU and please know that nothing you do goes unnoticed or unappreciated!  Thank you for always thinking of others and giving so much of yourselves for our entire family!  Alex sure loves his Aunti Kami Cakes and Aunti MeMe... lol!  Kristen... I suppose you will get your nickname next time you visit!!  Randi has many nicknames... some she is not so fond of lol!! (smile Randi)... LOVE YOU SISTERS! xoxo

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Alex's bandages removed today... still swollen with fluid.... so they had to adjust the shunt to drain a little bit faster.  He is in alot of pain today.... trouble turning his head...his stomach is sore from where tube was put.... just uncomfortable today.

Below you will staples at the back of his head and this is where the shunt was placed.

 He looks good but isn't feeling well...nausea and such.  Hopefully by this afternoon he will begin feeling better...hate to see my boy in pain.  He said this surgery has hurt worse than all the rest!  WOW!

So Randi is leaving today... flight leaves at 8:33pm... just a gloomy day all around in this room... yuck!  We are going to be staying another day atleast till Friday.... monitor the drainage flow.... rather be safe than sorry and have to come back. 

I'm not much in the mood for writing... just wanted to keep you all updated as to what's going on in the life of Alex Ross today, ha!  Missing Randi already and she hasn't even left yet!



Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A TRIBUTE TO RANDI....earlier than expected...I WILL MISS YOU!

So our day has finally come that my sweet savior little sister Randi must travel back home earlier than expected!  Her gma is not doing so well and she is needed back home.   She is graduating college and walking on May 13th, getting a degree in teaching and specializing in special ed.  Sooooo I have known that she would be leaving before May 13th.... but unexpected circumstances have called her away sooner.  I have dreaded this day for awhile now....knowing it was going to come knowing I would not be ready to let her go. Not only for the extra hand, morale support and selfless acts..... but because we have been together 24-7 for almost 4 mos now... inseperable... together thru the good times and the bad times with Alex's recovery journey.  We have shared the brunt of the blow together.... weathered the storm together..... thick and thin.... a part of me will be lost when she leaves.  All of you have grown to love her as our own family does and I'm sure a little sad yourselves.  Randi... what you have given of yourself is one of the most selfless things a sister could ever wish for.  Words cannot express how much I appreciate all you have done, encountered, suffered thru and endured on this journey with me.  You have become like a twin to me, in the womb side by side.... you will truly be missed.  Thank you so very very much for staying and helping me out in every single step of the way!  Even though Alex has been the evil Alexander at times... you know that this is not "our" real Alex and alot of it... part of the brain injury itself.  He loves you heart and soul and you know there will be one day when he understands and appreciates all that you have done for him.  It has been a thankless job and you are truly a special someone to take on the challenge with me.  You put your entire life on hold for me and my family and I can never give you that back!  There is no way to ever repay you for what you have sacrificed for me and Alex. There is a special place in heaven for you and if there is ever anything you need or in some way down the line when you have children of your own... i am hoping that I can repay the favor.  You deserve the very best that life has to offer and I can't tell you how proud of you I am!  You have had to grow up so much in the past 4 mos and are such a beautiful young lady inside and out!  I am so very lucky to have had the time with you that I have been blessed with.... God has worked miracles in Alex's life.... but mine as well.  He has provided everything we have needed thus far as well as making it to possible where you were able to be here for me and Alex.  Please thank your boss for me.... what an awesome blessing she has been as well.  I know you are stressing about going home, bills, student loans, grandma... but please don't.  If I have taught you anything.... it is to have FAITH!  You have seen what "Letting go and Let God" can do!  You will be blessed in more ways than you can possibly imagine.... things will fall into place and God will provide for you.  HAVE FAITH.... don't worry... I know.. easier said than done... but if you do it.... this too shall pass and He will be there to carry your load!  I LOVE YOU LITTLE SISTER....NEVER DOUBT HOW VERY SPECIAL YOU ARE....NEVER SETTLE FOR ANYTHING ...... YOU CAN ACHIEVE WHATEVER YOU SET YOUR MIND OUT TO DO... DEMAND THE VERY BEST..... SET YOUR GOALS HIGH....PUT GOD FIRST AND TRUST....TRUST HIM WITH EVERY OUNCE OF YOUR BEING....YOU ARE LOVED!!!  NOT ONLY BY ME....BUT MANY MANY HERE IN JACKSONVILLE AND BELIEVE HOW VERY MUCH YOU WILL BE MISSED BY ME AND ESPECIALLY ALEX!  I can't wait to call you and say... he's already asking for you and wants you to come back, ha ha!  NEVER DOUBT WHAT A BIG PART YOU HAVE PLAYED IN THE SUCCESS OF HIS RECOVERY....WE COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!

Prayer warriors... please pray for Randi as she travels home to what she put on hold for me.  Pray for her gma....pray for safe travels.... pray for the family to have strength to get thru this difficult time with gma..... pray for finances to fall into place.... pray for peace and comfort for Randi as leaving us will be difficult as well.  Pray for me that I have the strength to get thru each day without my sidekick...knowing the load is now ALL ON ME....pretty overwhelming and scarey all together rolled in one.

Alex is in some pain tonight as I sit and write this.... he has been very docile and quiet.... not the Alex I have been writing about lately, lol.  He is on morphine and percoset today.... hoping he rests good tonight.  Doc says we are outta here tomorrow, however both Alex and I would feel better staying and being observed for 24 hours making sure everything is as it should be before we venture home and then have to come back for some unknown reason!  I will keep you all posted tomorrow of the progress and when we are going home.

Randi.... I love you...thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  Congratulations on graduating... those students and parents have no idea just how lucky they will be to have you as their teacher!  I wish me and the family could be there....you know if it was possible we would be!  Please know we are there in spirit and rooting you on every step of the way.  You will always have a home here in Jacksonville... your bedroom will always be waiting for you to come visit...long or short stays!  We will see you again soon... for Alex's homecoming party... waiting until he is a little further along in recovery.... hoping he will be walking for it... hoping for end of June!  God Bless you little sister.... whether you realize it or not... you too are one of my many MIRACLES!  LOVE YOU SO MUCH....in fact... I love you more than band music and cookie making!! :0)  xoxo



ps.  If anyone would like to bless Randi with words of encouragment or send a card.... you may send to the PO Box on the website or email the alexrosstrust@gmail.com website and I will forward to her.  So many of you have already written awesome things about her and I forward them.... she sure could use it now!  Thank you!



Alex had to have x-rays after coming out of recovery so he didn't get back to the room till about 2:30pm.   He is in a little pain but doing great!!  He slept a little bit but has been awake and talking with us today, not wanting me to leave his side so sorry it has taken me so long to get on and give news.  They say we get to go home tomorrow but I'm not counting on that until we are walking outta here, lol!  Sooooo, he looks great, sounds great and seems to be recovering like a champ! 

Thanks to all of you who have kept him in your constant thoughts and prayers.... don't stop..... we still have a LONG road ahead of us!  I'll blog more tomorrow  and keep you updated with what's going on!



Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Thought I would give you guys a little knowledge on the procedure for tomorrow :0) 

Ventriculoperitoneal shunting

Ventriculoperitoneal shunt - discharge Ventriculoperitoneal shunting is surgery to relieve increased pressure inside the skull due to excess cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) on the brain (hydrocephalus).


This procedure is done in the operating room under general anesthesia. It takes about 1 1/2 hours

The child's hair behind the ear is shaved off. A surgical cut in the shape of a horseshoe (U-shape) is made behind the ear. Another small surgical cut is made in the child's belly.

A small hole is drilled in the skull. A small thin tube called a catheter is passed into a ventricle of the brain.

Another catheter is placed under the skin behind the ear and moved down the neck and chest, and usually into the abdominal (peritoneal) cavity. Sometimes, it goes to the chest area. The doctor may make a small cut in the neck to help position the catheter.

A valve (fluid pump) is placed underneath the skin behind the ear. The valve is attached to both catheters. When extra pressure builds up around the brain, the valve opens, and excess fluid drains out of it into the belly or chest area. This helps decrease intracranial pressure.


The valves in newer shunts can be programmed to drain more or less fluid from the brain.

Why the Procedure is Performed

In hydrocephalus, there is a buildup of fluid of the brain and spinal cord (cerebrospinal fluid or CSF). This buildup of fluid causes higher-than-normal pressure on the brain. Too much pressure, or pressure that is present too long, will damage the brain tissue.


Ok so I wasn't worried about the procedure listening to the doctor explain it to me... however.... THIS FREAKS ME OUT, LOL!  This whole thing .....since January 6th ..... seems so surreal!  Randi and I were just reminiscing today...thinking about everything and how he is now and WOW..... he truly is a miracle and there is no if, and's or but's about it!  THANK YOU GOD FOR MY MIRACLE IN ALEX MICHAEL ROSS!  It still just doesn't seem fathamable that he is here... that he is sharp as a tack, responsive on the dime with every comment.... no hesitation in thought process.... memory... thinking, reading, writing..... MIRACLE PERIOD!  I met a gentleman this weekend at the fundraiser who was in a bad car wreck 6 years ago, his friend was drunk and slammed the car into a cement wall going 85 miles an hour and suffered a brain injury.  His speech was slurred somewhat and thought process a little slow.... Alex has NONE of those symptoms.  It has been 6 years for this young man and only 4 mos for Alex and mentally Alex seems to be sooo much better.  Again... so surreal and truly a miracle when I think of all we have been thru!

Alex has been really relaxed all day....just chillin out....thank God! He fights sleep so bad... he shared with my sister Dar last night that the reason he fights his sleep is that he is afraid he won't ever wake up!  :0/
So I am glad he is resting now as it is 7:00pm and he has actually been sleeping for 2 hours... guess I won't be sleeping tonight!  Prayer warriors get busy.... I know this too shall pass but it's still freaky looking at the pictures!  Knowing he is in God's hands... I know he won't let me down....again... we have a story to finish!  I will keep you all posted tomorrow and update the blog  with the outcome and progress.




Monday, April 26, 2010



Doctor came in and scheduled surgery for Wednesday at 10:15am to put the shunt in!  Get busy prayer warriors.... never a dull moment in this family...that's for sure!!





Alex's head is still swollen with fluid however the drain has been removed.  They want to watch and observe for a couple of days... naturally, lol!  Probably going to have the shunt put in which is another 2 hour surgery.... GREAT!  Of course nothing is ever easy in my life... always have to take the scenic route on things and enjoy the finer things in life such as my awesome Shand's nurses!!  This too shall pass.... just another bump in our road but we will come out on top..... WE ALWAYS DO! 

Alex is still in great spirits... chippery, full of questions, getting ready to watch RAIN MAN, LOL!  How can the movie Rain Man be 12.99 ???? what the french toast??? I was thinking it would be like a 5.99 movie, lol!  It must be considered a classic!

Please just send up some prayers for the swelling to go down.... maybe we won't need the shunt!  However, if we need it.... I know that things will all fall into place!  ME, ALEX and JC.... we got this!!!



Sunday, April 25, 2010


Soooo there is a cat scan scheduled for tomorrow am to see what is going on in there, check on the fluid... it has hardly drained at all today but remember it was more swollen today than yesterday so I'm not sure if that is good or bad!  He has been in great spirits just hanging out today.... we watched "The Other Sister" again... the sister's hadn't seen it and he loves it for some reason.... seems to be the only movie that keeps his attention!  He can almost repeat it... word for word... my little RAIN MAN!  It's really been nice to have Dar and Sher here because they get ALL THE QUESTIONS for a change... Randi and I are getting a break, lol!  He is big into role playing these days.... "what did you say"... then what did he say.... why did he say that.... how did you react.... what words did you use?.... did you cry? ... were you happy?..... then back to... well what did he say... then what did you say.... OMGGGGGG!  I think he asked them 40 questions within a 15 minute period when they first got here and they have been answering questions ever since, lol.  Sherry is talking to him now and they are talking about Lou, my nephew... about how he either talks real loud or real low... this is the conversation:

How does he sound when he talks loud?
How does he sound when he talks low?
What does he say when he talks loud?
What does he say when he talks low?
How old is Lou's oldest friend?
How old is Gus' oldest friend?
What do they play when they play together?

All these questions within a 2 minute period!!!  As soon as she answers a question he is moved on to the next and ready with another question!

His brain wheels are spinning around constantly and he is always processing information.... soaking everything up like a sponge!  We told him about the movie Rain Man as he portrays several of the similar mannerisms and have been on the hunt to find it at Red Box only to have no luck!  Going to WalMart and Target tomorrow to find it.... we have had to you tube several of the parts of the movie and he wants to watch it so that's my mission tomorrow since we will still be here at the hospital!

Once I get the cat scan results back and speak with Dr. Vitarbo I will keep you posted as to what the next step is.  He just asked me to google ANALGESIC so I gotta run, lol!




Yesterday afternoon we had the grand unveiling of the head dressing!    I cried when they took it off because IT LOOKS FANTASTIC!  My boy is finally all put back together and just as handsome as ever!



Yesterday we just spent the day at the hospital with Auntie Dar and Auntie Sherry as they got in around 10:30am.  Kinlin, thanks for cleaning my house so that it was presentable for their arrival, lol!  Thanks to Mom, she picked them up at the airport and they all headed our way.  Cousin Aaron has been with us since Friday night and catering to Alex's every need!  Around 5:30 Randi, Chad, Carly, Brooks and I headed to the fundraiser at the RocBar Cafe and had an awesome time!  Thanks to Sher, Dar and Aaron for babysitting so we could go and represent!  Thank you to all of those who donated prizes, time, effort, the bands who donated their time.... those who bought tickets and came for the event and the ROCBAR for hosting the event!  A very special thanks to Jessica and Mason... you guys are truly amazing and we appreciate all you have done to contribute to Alex's Recovery!  Viki, and Rhonda... thanks for helping Jessica out... you two rock!  


Ohana shaved ice
Sticky Fingers
Embassy Barber Shop
Mellow Mushroom
Salt Life Food Shack
Cruisers Grille
Luxe Hair Salon
California Trends
Phillips Signs
Lotus Salon
Coach Pizz
Gators-Billy Donovan
Solo's Hair Salon
European Street Cafe
New Orleans Saints
Square One Skate Shop 
Inland Ocean Town Center
Rita's Italian Ice
Five Guys Burgers
Smoothie King
Yoga Berry
Dwights Bistro
E-Scapes Lawn Service
Bold City Pressure Washing
Fran's Boutique
It's Eclectic 
Sutra Hair Salon
Hooters Orange ParK
Fiji Tan
Peterbrooke Chocolatier
Jaffi's Boutique
Kyds Boutique
Tijuana Flats

They just came in to unveil dressing again and see if swelling had gone down and it has not so we won't be going home today and probably not tomorrow.  They may end up deciding to put the shunt in to where the fluid drains back into his body because we can't leave here with it still draining as it is.  Maybe some prayers are in order to get the ball rolling to get outta here, lol!  

I'll keep ya updated as to what they say today once the PA has relayed the information to the doctor!  Fingers crossed, prayers headed to heaven.... this too shall pass!  Although.... you know I am in no hurry to get outta here because I kinda have a break, lol!!!  



Friday, April 23, 2010


Alex has been doing great today... the pain has eased only he seems to have a greater urge to pee every 10 minutes and ask 900,000 questions more than he did before the skull repair, lol!  Speaking of skull repair... Dr Vitarbo gave us the mock up skull with repair piece that was submitted by BIOMET.  See pics below:

This is the part of Alex's skull that had to be cut out to allow the brain to swell outside the skull to relieve pressure

This is the repair piece that was created and put back in with screws and plates... ouch!

And how cool he has this replica of his skull!

Sisters, Darlene and Sherry are coming back tomorrow for another visit.... mom picking them up at the airport and they will be here around lunch time.. YAY!  They have offered to stay at the hospital with Alex tomorrow so that Randi, Chad and I can go to the fundraiser and get away for a little bit.  They have NOOO idea what they are in for, lol.  They will be exhausted from answering questions ... hahahaha!

They are pulling the drain out tomorrow and we will be unveiling the turban wrap as he calls it.  Once we do this and they see what it looks like and what happens once they pull the drain... this will determine when and if we get to go home.  She thinks as of now it looks like Sunday if nothing goes array... soooooooo please pray all works out great when the drain is pulled.  It is still draining today.. a lot clearer today, not so much blood... but nonetheless.. still draining.  If it continues to drain for a bit or it seems there is alot of fluid inside... he may have to have a shunt put in which means it will drain from brain to inside his body.  Right now there is an external drain....but he can't walk around with that!  I'll keep you posted tomorrow how all this pans out!

Overall he is in great spirits... and of course FULL OF PISS AND VINEGAR.... fiesty little buggar!  NOT being Alexander... just being a handful and majorly repeating things over and over and asking a million questions.. one right after the other!  It's awesome, yet aggravating as heck at the same time. He is also very curious as to what is under the bandages and is steady trying to scratch under there and pull gauze out... OMG!  I keep threatening to have his hand tied down, then he screams NO and says he is just playing with his sideburns... OF WHICH HE HAS NONE, lol. Taking myself back to day ONE... over and over again! THANK YOU GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY!  Thank you for the many blessings in our lives and for the Miracle of Alex Michael Ross!




Well Mr. Alex is still sleeping... slept thru the night with just 2 minor wake ups to pee :0)

He seems to be doing fantastic.... drainage from the brain has slowed ...thank God because it was flowing pretty regularly yesterday in the first couple hours after surgery!  We have a cat scan scheduled for 8am this morning so please say a quick prayer that all looks good and that he takes some pretty pictures, lol!

We will more than likely be here thru Sunday.... but all seems to be going according to plan.  I will blog later as to how he progresses today... comfort, pain, attitude... thinking positive that today is going to be a good good day for him!

We watched the draft... his friend Tim goes to the Broncos!  I asked him if he was happy about that... his response... "No, I wanted him to go to Minnesota to play with Percy!" ha ha  I guess I will have to get him a Broncos jersey now because I am sure he will be a big fan no matter where Tim plays!  Tim... Congrats to you... God will bless you wherever you are and we wish you a long and happy career in the NFL!

Keep those prayers coming... we still have a long journey ahead of us but I thank you GOD that we are on the downside of the hill.... FINALLY!

Have a great Friday!  A smile is worth a thousand words... so just do it! :0)



Thursday, April 22, 2010


Surgery was a success and Alex has still NOT slept since he came out of surgery!  His brain has been working double time and the questions still keep coming lol!  He is in alot of pain but is hanging in there like a trooper!    He did throw up today once up here in the room... I guess from all the meds and feeling like he was dizzy... however tonight he seems to be doing better and even had 2 chicken nuggets, ha!  I bet if we had brownies up in this joint he would be eating them, lol.  

He has had his sponge bath, meds and we are watching the NFL draft as I look over and see his eyes shut....WOW!  Finally!  With that note... I am going to close and get some shut eye myself as I am tuckered out emotionally from today's adventures.  I just wanted everyone to know that he seems to be doing great... talking, cognitively intact just in alot of pain and praying that he does get some much needed rest tonight.  He just got a dose of morphine so that must be what is kicking in and taking over for the shut eye.  Say some prayers for comfort and ease of pain for him.... I hate to see my handsome boy in any kind of pain.

GOD.... YOU ARE AWESOME AND I TRULY THANK YOU AGAIN TODAY FOR MY MANY BLESSINGS WHERE ALEX IS CONCERNED!  You continue to WOW me with how far we have come thru this and how close we are to finishing the story!  Dr. Vitarbo....THANK YOU!  You have an awesome bedside manner and a way about you that puts parents like me at ease.  I am thankful for your expertise and we couldn't have asked for a better surgeon!  Thank you for making it easy to trust you with our precious boy..... I love ya!  Nurse Alisa... THANK YOU.... you are truly one of the best and you know how to handle Alex... no filter and all.... I have loved you since day one and am so lucky that you are working the next 3 days with Alex...you gave me those words I so longed to hear.. "I love you" from Alex  and we share a special bond.....we have surely missed you!!!  Nurse Tracey.... THANK YOU for your tender heart, patience and SPONGE BATH, lol!  He has taken to you as well and I'm so glad you get to meet somewhat of my Alex since he wasn't himself at all when we last saw you!  I am so blessed in so many ways.... God has a way of taking care of us in the smallest ways!  We have gotten the best care.... Shands and Brooks... hands down.. no doubt!  Thank you to all who have taken a part in Alex's recovery....an email, a card, a donation, a fundraiser, a meal, a phone call... family, friends and the medical field.....  we couldn't have done it without all of you!  To my immediate family.... Chad, Randi, Nicholas and Brooks......THANK YOU..... thank you for your patience, understanding, love, selflessness but most of all... thank you for your love for Alex.  We have proven that we can do all things thru Christ and we are a family that sticks together!  We are on our way to a FULL recovery... TODAY IS THE BEGINNING OF A WHOLE NEW JOURNEY!




Dr just came out and gave great news!  All was successful and even looked and worked out better than she expected!  He is in recovery and probably will be for another 45 minutes.... he is already cussing out the nurses down there.... saying.. "this is bullshit"...... HE'S BAAAAAAAAAAAACK, LOL!  Thank you all so much for many many prayers and support.  I will blog later on his progress today.... just wanted you all to know he is out and doing great!




Alex was ready for surgery this morning giving us a thumbs up before taking him to the OR!  Tears of mixed emotions trickling my face as I left his side..... staying positive yet still apprehensive as they put my precious boy under anesthesia.  Sad and happy all at the same time..... surely you can all understand.  Today is a big day for us.... my baby will be put back together in one piece...FINALLY!  He slept thru the ENTIRE night with no wake ups which is a first since we have been home.... maybe that's a sign that things are looking up for us!  First thing he said to Dr. Vitarbo this morning..."Did you drink your coffee?".... LOVE IT!  Take note of the hair in the picture today as it will all be coming off again to his disliking but I told him we are going to look at this as a NEW BEGINNING!  Baby steps... one day at a time.... as he stated to the times union.... one day he will be normal again.  Thank you all for the love, support and prayers... I will be back to blog about the surgery once I get the 411 from the doc.  He went in at 8 so I am thinking I should know something around 11:30-12 ish when he is in recovery......



Wednesday, April 21, 2010


WHEW WHAT A DAY!!  We started out our day at Shand's for our pre op and pre test appointments and then to the 5th floor PICU to visit our nurses and see if our old room was going to be available for our stay :0)  Alex has had alot of anxiety today along with a million questions as to what, where, when, why and how all will be going down tomorrow!  Dr. Vitarbo and PA Amanda were not available for all 100 questions this am so Mr. Alexander showed up today around 1:00pm once we left the hospital!  WOW!  Once it starts it is like a roller coaster ride that you cannot get off of and unbearable to say the least!  We still had a 2pm appointment to attend with the school system to figure out a plan of attack for alex's schooling once this last surgery is completed.  He will begin a series of evaluations to determine the best possible plan for his re-entry into the school system being he has lost 6 months of his junior year and how we get him back on track to being able to graduate and walk with his senior class!  I am not sure how all that plays out... hopefully evaluations come back at the level they need to be, he is able to get back on track and in the groove so that he is able to walk and graduate with everyone!  So we made it thru the appt and as soon as we got in the car.... ALEXANDER began his evil ways again!  I basically had to take away all rewards from him... and as soon as we got into the house, he was sent to his room for his "down time" only to have him beating on the walls, yelling and screaming.... aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh... Randi and I had to step outside and let Chad take over, lol.  We finally got him calmed down... time out was over... got him in the shower and our Alex was back for the rest of the night!  Miss Bonnie brought us dinner...thank you so much... so nice not to have to cook especially tonight with all that we have to get together for our stay at the hospital.  Miss Rhonda is in his room now, reading to him putting him to sleep so that I could get on here and blog a little and he is still calling my name to go in there, ha ha!

Alex left a message for Dr. Vitarbo to call us this afternoon when she had a free minute so that he could ask her some questions in regards to tomorrow's surgery.  She called us and this was his conversation:

" Why did you schedule my surgery so early tomorrow?"
"Sorry Alex... I don't like those early surgery times either"
"Are you going to be awake?"
" Yes Alex, unfortunately once I wake up I can't go back to sleep"
"Well, you better drink A LOT of coffee tomorrow to make sure you are awake for the surgery"

That was basically the jist of the conversation, lol... none of the questions he was asking me and Randi did he ask her, lol.... he just wanted to make sure she was going to be fully awake while she was operating on him!  LOVE THAT KID!

I have mixed emotions for tomorrow's surgery... always a scary thing when your kid is being put "under".... but as I was saying to my step mom  a minute ago.... God has taken us this far... he won't let me down now and we have a story to finish!  The miracle is another step closer to being completed!  Even though I too have alot of anxiety about tomorrow, I am at peace with this surgery and know that it is necessary to complete his recovery.  The surgery begins at 7:15am and will last approximately 2.5 hours... I will say 3 to ease my mind in case he isn't out in 2.5 lol!  I will have my computer and will get online and post a short blog on the surgery when he comes out and I get the 411 from the doc.  As always... i ask that you pray for Alex and his peace of mind.... we have stayed positive thru this whole ordeal and will continue to think nothing but positives for this surgery.  He is a trooper and a fighter so I know he will come out of this one like a shining star!  Not to mention... put back together in one piece!  I pray that he has superman speed recovery from this and that he is able to come home atleast by Saturday.  If he is up to it... we hope to attend the Benefit Raffle for him out at the RocBar Cafe to meet and greet some of our prayer warriors :0)
If you can make it... they are going to have alot of really cool stuff in the raffle, you don't have to stay the whole time... you don't have to be present to win and tickets are only $1.00 for the raffle items.  There will be a silent auction as we have had some cool football items donated from the jags.... two tickets to Monday Night football game against Tennessee on Oct. 18th, Autographed leather football by Jones-Drew and another ball signed by Mike Sims-Walker.... along with Drew Brees replica superbowl signed jersey that was donated by my Coach Pizz from high school!  Soooo, if any of you know any big Jags or Saints fans.... they may want to get in on that silent auction for some cool stuff!  There will be two teenage bands playing.... apparently they were on battle of the bands?  Also cool, ha!  Plenty of food to order and family fun so I am really hoping Alex recovers well enough to atleast make an appearance for a bit!

THANK YOU GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY and for allowing us to make it this far with such awesome recovery progress!  I ask that you guide the doctors hands tomorrow so that every aspect of the surgery goes smoothly as planned and every T is crossed and every i is dotted!  Wrap your arms around Alex, hold him tightly... let him know you are there with him every step of the way.  We thank you for all that you have done and all that you will continue to do in the future with this precious child of yours.  We give you all the honor and glory for the miracles that you have performed over these past 4 months and can't wait to finish the story you have created for all to believe and know that you are VERY REAL!  You have shown the world that miracles do happen as we know Alex should not be here today according to the clinical world.  3 hours to 105 days today!  WOW!!  WHAT AN AWESOME GOD YOU ARE!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU LORD....In Jesus name I pray.... AMEN!

Alrighty prayer warriors... get busy and I will post as soon as he is out!!




ps.  Thank you to those of you who have contacted us wanting to donate items to be raffled off!  This couldn't be a success without you and we truly appreciate your generosity!  Hope to see ya there!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Jessica Skaggs contacted me soon after we got to Brooks Rehab and his story touched her heart and she and her son Mason really wanted to do something and help Alex out!  They came to see him, bearing gifts and smiles and told him they had this idea of doing this "benefit raffle" to raise money for his recovery and soon began her journey.  I have posted the above flyer that she has been working on with various companies to donate items that you can buy raffle tickets for.  Yesterday she got a phone call from an Old High School Coach of mine, Coach Richard Pizzolatto, that donated a signed Drew Brees replica jersey that they will be auctioning off!!  WOW!  Coach Pizz.... thank you so very very much... I just can't believe it!  I have had two other girlfriends from high school that I have not seen in over 20 years... Marlayna and Rachelle that sent generous donations to Alex shortly after it happened!!  It's just amazing how people I haven't talked to in forever and people that I don't even know have just stepped up to the plate wanting to help out in any way, shape or form and words just can't express my gratitude!  I am in awe of the generosity of people's time, efforts and money for my handsome boy!  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!  This fundraiser that Jessica has put together is going to be one that the whole family can enjoy!!  It's a CAFE not a BAR of which I thought it was and so I thought people couldn't bring their children.  WELL YOU CAN!  It's going to be a great family fun time for all with lots of good things from various companies all over Jacksonville have graciously donated.  There will be the "Pray for Alex Ross" bracelets and "Our Hero" tshirts for sale as well.  Alex wants to go really bad... his surgery is Thursday... not sure how his recovery will be or how he will be feeling or even discharged from hospital... if he is ok and up for it... we will be there as well.  JESSICA....THANK YOU AND MASON.... for doing a carwash and for putting this together for Alex.... WE LOVE YOU FOR IT and can't thank you enough for all your hard work!  When Alex is able to walk again... that will be the biggest reward of all!!  Viki... thank you for handling my end of things... you've been a great public relations manager for Alex and we are so thankful to have ya!

Today we spent the day with Alex and were able to go and listen to the "Central Park Jogger's" motivational speech today on traumatic brain injury and how she dealt with it. http://www.centralparkjogger.com/ It gave Alex and I both hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel and he said "it gave me excitement to know that I will be normal again one day"!  Aweeeeeeeeeeeeee! I wanted to stay and meet her and chat but I had a meeting with his psychologist today at 1 and we had to skidaddle outta there fast so I could get there on time.  We got a lot accomplished Thank God!  We now have HOUSE RULES and REWARDS... also some "Down Time" basically time out but we don't want to call it that lol!  It's going to be a rough couple of days till he see's that he won't be getting away with as much as he has been and whose buttons he can push and whose he can't!  He told her that he knew he needed the boundaries and guidelines.... but as we were leaving he told her...."I don't like these rules", lol!  Our goal is to get him to be his normal 17 year old self.  Spending time by himself, not having to be entertained 24-7.... no more outbursts... no cursing... trying to get him to control his bladder instead of having me take him every 15 minutes (where's me out!)  ... getting him to control his fits and tempers of banging on the walls, trying to get him to understand that we can't jump everytime he says jump that he may have to wait sometimes if we are in the middle of something.  Trying to get him to understand time... the essence of time if you will because to him 2 minutes seems like an hour and he wants something.. he expects it right then and there no matter what.  Sometimes it's just not feasible or possible so he needs to understand that.  you know how you feel when you put your kids on restriction... you are basically putting yourself on restriction as well, lol.  That's about what we are going to encounter... an intervention if you will!  LORD BE WITH US!  We may be pulling his bed in the middle of the room again.  His latest thing is that if we don't do what he wants at that moment... he threatens to throw himself on the floor or get himself out of his chair!  Well, Mr. Alexander confessed today that he only does it to get our attention and that he would NEVER do that because it really didn't feel so good when he fell out of his bed the other night, ha!  We just needed to understand what is part of his brain injury and what is Alex.  Kids will push you as much as you allow them too... so in order to HELP Alex we will  now have to crack down and he will have to earn his brownies, ipod, head rubs etc.  REWARDS if you will!  My little Alex is putting on the weight... we weighed him today... he weighed 126.5!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!  When we left Shands he weighed 98lbs!  CRAZY!!

I have alot of you asking me about Surgery on Thursday and I'm sorry but I don't have alot of information at this point.  Tomorrow is our pre op and pre test clinic visits so I should know alot more tomorrow.  I do know that we have to be at hospital at 7am and I think surgery is at 9am and takes approximately 2 hours... but I am not 100% certain.  I remember her saying 1-2 days in hospital once surgery is over... we may just have to wait and see on that deal.  PLEASE LIFT ALEX UP IN PRAYER FOR THURSDAY... FOR MOM TOO, LOL... I WILL BE PARANOID AND A NERVOUS WRECK!  I am excited and apprehensive at the same time!  As soon as I have more information on the surgery I will post for all to see!  God has been GREAT to us thus far and i know he will take care of my boy once again....we have come too far to go back now. THANK YOU GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY!  Thank you prayer warriors.... you keep us going strong and we couldn't do it without ya!



Monday, April 19, 2010


Got to our appt on time this morning and the cat scan out of the way..... Dr. Vitarbo reviewed it and said everything looks OK so surgery is still a GO for THURSDAY!  THANK YOU GOD!  One step closer to putting all the pieces of the puzzle back together to make Alex whole again!  NO MORE HELMET....YAY!  Even though he hates it... he knows that it is his signature hat that people recognize him wherever we go and come up and talk to him and give him encouragement!  He thinks it's cool the way people come up and tell him how proud of him they are and tell him what a Miracle he is!  He'll say... "Mom... who was that?".... and 99.9% of the time... I have no idea!  It's awesome to know that there are  sooo many good, caring and compassionate people still left in this world and that we live in an awesome community!

Today was a great day for both Alex and I!  Randi and I got alot of boxes unpacked today and things put away as the weather was NOT permitting for the beach... we came back home and got to work!  Alex on the other hand.... busted butt today at therapy and was all smiles when we picked him up today!  He was soooo excited that in occupational therapy today he got to wear some type of an "air cast" that allowed him to keep his elbow steady and he could move that left arm up and down and side to side with NO assistance!  He was beaming from ear to ear and so excited to tell us of his accomplishments today.  He also walked around today in physical therapy with the therapist helping.  So all in all... we all got alot accomplished today!

Tomorrow Randi and I will be spending the day with him at the day treatment program..... there is a special speaker coming... "the jogger in Central Park"... not sure if you have heard of her... you can GOOGLE her as Alex would say.  She actually heard Alex's story when we first got to Brooks Rehab from Shands and mailed him a card there.... IMPRESSIVE!  So, tomorrow she is giving a motivational speaking and his day treatment group is going and Randi and I are tagging along as well... might motivate me as well right?!!!  I can always use a pep talk, lol!  We also will be meeting with the psychologist of which I cannot wait, ha!  We gotta get a grip on Mr. Alexander and get him gone!  Looking forward to our chat and notes that Randi has been taking of certain attitudes he displays and at what times.... WE GOT THIS, lol!

Alex has been in an awesome mood today... I feel like maybe today was a booster for him as well and that helps with the attitude.  I think he saw some progress today and started to feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel and have a little confidence that he will be able to walk again and do things for himself!  We have been laughing and cutting up all afternoon with him.... nice to have him smiling again.  I still can't wait till that day when I have my ole Alex back.... and I know Brooks can't wait either!  However... until then.... with lots of love, encouragement and the word of God.... we ARE and WILL beat this battle!  Alex is still tenacious and he won't stay down for long!  Thank you for the continued prayers for this week.... hoping and praying that anxiety doesn't set in too much with him and that Alexander stays under control.  Looking forward to Thursday's surgery.... Nick is coming home for a couple of days as well.... sisters... Darlene and Sherry coming back in on Saturday.....  GOING TO BE A GREAT WEEK AHEAD!!

Wishing you all sunshine and rainbows this week.... even though the weather says the skies will be grey!  Keep your chins up.... count your blessings twice.... look for the positives and don't sweat the small stuff!



Sunday, April 18, 2010


WOW!  What a great get away day/night we had yesterday!  We had the privelege of being invited to Erin and Rio Robinson's wedding and I can't thank you two enough for having us witness such a match made in heaven celebrate their new beginning as husband and wife.  You two are truly one of the most compassionate and endearing couples that we have grown to love more and more each time we all get to hang out.  Chad and I wish you all the best life has to offer with many blessings headed your way..... God Bless your marriage... put HIM first and you will be blessed beyond measures.  Thank you so very much for giving ME a reason to get away and have some down time.... away from my real world!  WE LOVE YOU TWO AND ARE SO HAPPY FOR YOU AS YOU BEGIN YOUR NEW JOURNEY AS HUSBAND AND WIFE! Chad thought I wouldn't make it to I-10 before turning around, lol.  Honestly... I thought of a million different reasons as to why I SHOULDN'T go.... but in the end... i more so did this for Chad and some married time for once since January 6th.  It actually took me about 10 minutes before I called to remind Randi of something else I thought of, haha. Chad said he told her I wouldn't make it out of the neighborhood before I called... PROVED HIM WRONG, HA!  I made it to about 9:00pm before I actually broke down, called Randi crying.... missing Alex... feeling like I should be here, not there....feeling guilty because I left.... she gave me a quick pick me up and told me not to worry, he was fine...go have fun... enjoy myself.. so I hung up and took myself to the dance floor, ha!  Anyone who knows me... I like to dance... my happy place if you will :0)  Our night lingered till about 3am, Erin and Rio invited us out after the wedding....not used to that and fading fast tonight! 

A BIG THANK YOU to Randi, Carly and Rhonda who tried to keep Alex entertained while we were away so that Chad and I could go and spend the night on the Amelia Island Plantation with some of the wedding party after the blessed event.  YOU GIRLS ARE AWESOME and Chad and I can't thank you enough for taking on that challenge as I know it wasn't an easy one.  Alex tried them ... of course... why would I think he wouldn't???  He got them to give him ANOTHER shower... and trust me when I tell you this... that IS NOT an easy task!  You get drenched... it takes about 30-45 minutes and it can wear you out!  He began his beating on the wall again last night when he was told that word he loves so much..."NO"... this is where he turns into Alexander... or the equivalent of a "terrible 2-year old".  Sooooo, ladies... thank you...I know how much it takes out of you... I know the challenges....I know the patience you have to sustain in order not to beat him, lol!  THANK YOU... I owe ya one!

Tomorrow we have another cat scan scheduled for 8:15 am as Alex's head seems swollen this week and I just want to make sure everything is fine before we go into the surgery on Thursday.  I forsee Alexander coming out this week as he has A LOT of anxiety going on in regards to Thursday.  He wanted to call Dr. Vitarbo today to ask her questions about the surgery.  It took all I had to convince him that she didn't work weekends and that we would talk to her this week.  Please say some quick prayers that everything in that brain of his is ok.... that the surgery will go fantastic and that we will be on our way to full recovery with this last surgery out of our way!  So tomorrow... cat scan... then day treatment....Randi and I are going to try to sneak to the beach after we drop him off because this week is going to be stressful and we better jump on it while we can!

I will keep you posted on what the cat scan says... if they tell me, lol.  Sometimes no news is good news and if surgery is still a go for thursday then I will know everything is ok!



Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today Randi and I got to go over to our friend Shelley's house and lay out by her pool while she entertained Mr. Alex inside!  THANK YOU MISS SHELLEY SOOOOO VERY VERY MUCH... that was just what the doctor ordered!  One of his childhood buds, Colby, came over and they both kept Miss Shelley entertained, lol!
He lasted a couple of hours before he got restless and tired and then we made our way back home but it was really nice just to have those couple of hours of NOTHING to do.  :0)

We made it back home and Heather, Jon and kids came over again and cooked Chicken Marsala... YUM YUM YUMMY!  Again... thank you so much for taking the time out of your families busy day to come and let Randi and I get other things around this house accomplished while you cooked and catered to Mr. Alex.

Alex's head is a little swollen and I'm not sure if it is part of the healing process with fluid moving around in there or if it's from the anesthesia from the surgery  or if it's from falling off of the bed.  He says he didn't hit his head but he may have jolted something.... it's never ending saga around here I tell ya!  Any ways... I called the neurosurgeon today and they have scheduled him another cat scan for Monday to make sure all is ok to go ahead with the cranioplasty on Thursday!  Please say a quick prayer that all is in tact and that it's just part of the healing process.

Tomorrow Chad and I have a wedding in Fernandina... Randi, Carly and Rhonda are in charge.... BEST OF LUCK LADIES, lol!  I know I will be a nervous wreck, checking my phone every 10 minutes... this was planned before all this happened and not to mention some much needed time away for me and Chad so I pray all goes well.

I probably won't be blogging tomorrow... too much going on so I will catch u all up on Sunday as to what transpires on Saturday.... praying all goes smoothly for the girls with Alex and that I am able to relax and actually enjoy my time with Chad.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend..... hug and kiss those babies....those teenagers too!  I take myself back to day one on a DAILY basis....LIVE FOR TODAY, count your blessings twice and remember to thank the one above!




Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well.... after last nights episode of Alex falling out of the bed at 1:00am... yes,  I said FELL OUT OF BED and lack of sleep.... I decided today we would stay home for a day of rest!  The bedrail that we have set up for Alex apparently doesn't hold 117 pounds.... not the way I wanted to find out but he is OK... just freaked him out a little.  He was trying to roll on his side... to bang on the wall to get our attention and the bed rail gave way.  Needless to say.... my new place of rest is now right beside Alex....atleast for a little while until his fear subsides of falling out of the bed!  GREAT! :0/

Since I had 2 hours of sleep from the night before surgery... last night I took half of tylenol pm... got up with Alex at 1 then finally got him back to sleep at 2 and we slept till 10 with a couple of wake ups between to fix his leg on a pillow.  He rested today.... we did not, lol.  If you remember I said that we just moved in the house in November so there is still lots of unpacking to do.... well we finished in his room today... sorted through his drawers and Brooks' drawers to condense clothing and get it all put away.  Alex accumulated alot of stuff while in the hospital for almost 3 months!  Miss Bonnie brought us a 5 course amazing dinner tonight...THANK YOU!  You will never know how much we appreciate that and how much of a blessing that is to me as I do NOT have the time nor the energy to cook right now!  Heidi thank you for the spaghetti Monday night... it was faaaaaaaaaantastic!!  It's the little things in life that mean the most right now!  Kinlin came over and she and Randi went to town on putting a TV console table together so we can unpack all of our dvd's that some of you bought Alex in the hospital and the ones we already had that are all still in boxes sitting in my living room... driving me nuts!  THANK YOU GIRLS!

Alex has been laying around all day.... eating chicken noodle soup and brownies, lol.  Saying he only trusts that food not to hurt his throat ...however....He did attempt to eat Miss Bonnie's dinner tonight!  He watched "The Other Sister" and loves to repeat all the lines of the movie... over and over and over... aaaaaaaahhhh!  If you have been around him lately you know what I am talking about when I say he repeats himself constantly and sometimes I feel like I am dealing with "RAINMAN" lol!  He will sit there and have a conversation with us and ask question after question after question.... and go from A-Z! EXAMPLE:  "What is your favorite color?" "Why is that your favorite color?" "When did that become your favorite color?" "You don't have that many shirts that color, so why is that your favorite color?" "Your car isn't that color?... Why didn't you get a car that is your favorite color?" "Why isn't your favorite color the color of your car?"  "Why did you pick that car?"  "I thought you were looking at a different kind of car?"  " Did you know the sales lady at the car place before you went there?" " Didn't she say she has kids?"  "Does she have 3 boys like you?" "Do you think she drives a Nissan too?"  "Why don't you know what she drives? Didn't she tell you while you were there buying the car from her?"  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!  Try sitting there in a conversation with him for 5 minutes.... you will be pulling your hair out, lol!  THE BRAIN IS A QUIRKY LITTLE THING!  He used to do it to his nurses at Brooks everytime they would come in to give him medicine... sometimes I would have to tell them to just WALK AWAY FROM THE CHILD or he would have them standing there forever hopping from question to question, lol!  He will have you answering EVERYTHING!  I was laying with him tonight before he went to sleep... I had to walk away from the child!  He's so stinking cute... you want to kiss him one minute and get away from him the next.  He is like a sponge soaking up every little thing around him!  When he starts that... we call him Curious George... that's his other personality when not Alex or Alexander, lol! He told his cognitive therapist the other day..." I think I'm smarter now than I was before because I remember everything so much easier now".  You know what's funny.... I THINK SO TOO, LOL!  Maybe he just pays better attention now than he did before, ha!  NOW he wants to know everything... before he could probably care less!  You know how we are able to drown out noises in the background... example... you could be on the phone with TV on in the background... well.. Alex can't filter that... so what he hears is EVERYTHING all jumbled together... so if he is in living room having conversation and I am on my phone talking or someone else is having conversation... he is like BIONIC MAN and can hear it all and wants to be in everyone's conversation at the same time... asking who, what, when where and why!  THE BRAIN... quirky!  Maybe he can be like a spy or something now?  He might be too smart for CSI, lol!

The surgery seems to be a success... I feel like not as much mucus and junk are in his trach canula when I clean it.... he hasn't coughed up any blood... his throat is just a sore and he drinks a TON of water and is peeing A LOT! ha.  He is having some anxiety about his upcoming surgery .... asking a million questions... please pray for some peace of mind for him.... this will be the last surgery and he will finally be ALL PUT BACK TOGETHER!!  One week from today.... we will be at Shands.... our last step to full recovery!  THANK YOU GOD FOR CONTINUING TO BLESS ME ON A DAILY BASIS WITH ALEX MICHAEL ROSS..... ALIVE AND WITTED!  He is a trip.... and there are peaks and valleys with him... but never doubt how grateful that I am that he was given a second chance!  I may cry and vent and get extremely aggravated... but it's all part of the healing process with him and his stages.... I will take it all....good days and bad... to have Alex Michael ALIVE!  Baby steps... one day at a time.... WE GOT THIS!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am exhausted... LONG DAY... just wanted to get on real quick and thank you all for the prayers, love and support today as it was a very successful surgery!  They did laser surgery on the scar tissue, separated the vocal chords and there is a balloon in between them so they can heal apart.  They also downsized the trach from a 6 to a 4 and hopefully if all goes as planned the trach can come out in about 6 weeks!!  YAY!  He was a trooper today and once again... GOD IS GOOD!  We got to come home today and he has been in bed since... resting and asking a million questions and having us google every thing under the sun, lol!  His throat hurts pretty bad, on a scale of 1-10 he says 10.... he had chicken noodle soup for dinner and one of Miss Bonnie's brownies... go figure!  LONG DAY... I had 2 hours of sleep so I am heading to bed at 9:40 pm... hoping Mr. Alex sleeps as well!  Will keep you posted on his progress tomorrow... for now... G'NITE and THANK YOU...your words of encouragement always come at the right moment and have a way of bringing sunshine into our days!

THANK YOU GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY and for a successful surgery today!



Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So the alarm goes off at 5:30am, I make the coffee, get my clothes out and then wake Brooks up at 5:45... jump in the shower, get dressed and am on my way to wake Alex up when I realize that Chad is in there.  Apparently Alex woke up and was calling for Brooks or Chad because he had to pee.  Weeeellllll.... they didn't make it in time and Alex peed 5 gallons, or so it seemed lol... all over him, the bed, the comforter.... and on his new MEMORY FOAM... aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.  Sooooooo, Brooks finished getting ready so I can take him to the bus stop, I am cleaning Alex up, changing clothes, transfer him to his wheelchair to take him to Brooks' bed, get him in the bed situated, go back to his room to get all the bedding to wash, throw it in the washer, go back to his room and take off the memory foam to clean, put that in garage, go back to his room to scrub the mattress... Brooks is hollering to go... I jump in the car to take him to the bus stop... we get there... NO ONE... we missed the bus.  I now have to drive him to Baldwin to school, get there at 6:30 have to wait because he can't get in school till about 6:50ish.... sit there and wait... I DON'T HAVE TIME TO WASTE like that, lol... so I get Brooks off to school, drive back to my house, get Alex up, transfer to the wheelchair, take him in the living room to get dressed, make me some coffee that I never got to drink, get his shoes on, take him to the bathroom to brush his teeth, get a hot wash cloth to wash his face that he insists only the bath water will be hot enough, not from the sink..... back to the kitchen to take the 5 meds that he is on now... wait... where is his military dependant ID that I need to get on base today for his 3:20pm appt?... dig here and there... his room, my room, his wallet, my other purses... we just moved in this house in November... I still have boxes to go thru... WHO KNOWS WHERE IT IS???... No more time to look.....time to go....open the door to put him in the car... it's too cold, he wants a jacket.. another 10 minutes to get that put on... transfer from wheelchair to the car, load his bags, brace, tennis shoes and wheelchair.... WE ARE OFF TO START THE DAY and had every intention of leaving the house by 8am.... not happening it's now 8:30am..... get on I-10 hit 8am traffic... get to about McDuff... HE HAS TO GO NUMBER 2.... OMG...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  "Mom, I can't hold it... I'm about to go, it's coming out"... I am thinking... NOT IN MY NEW CAR... not to mention he had 5 Oats N Honey nature grain bars at Brooks game the night before... I can only imagine what is about to come out!  HOLD IT... PLEASE.... I manage to get over to McDuff, exit.... SPEEDRACER to find somewhere to take my handicap child to the restroom... pull over at some jiffy mart, park, run in... "My son is in a wheelchair... is your bathroom big enough for that?"... NO... OMG... running back to the car like an Olympic Runner... Randi is about to get the wheelchair out, I'm yelling..."no bathroom, get in the car!"... Alex's response..."Are you shitting me?"...was that pun intended or not? lol.... NO FILTER... he wasn't trying to be funny he just needed to go lol... so I see Burger King sign... "Alex... will you go in here?"... "yes, as long as you clean the bathroom, I ain't sitting on no dirty toilet".... SERIOUSLY??????  ok... the wheelchair has been possessed and we can barely open and close it lately... so Randi looks at me and says "I'll go clean the toilet... you get the wheelchair"... OK.. FINE BY ME, LOL!  I'd much rather fight the wheelchair than clean BK toilet anyday, hahahahaha!  Soooo, I fight the wheelchair, while Alex is screaming to hurry it's coming out... I sling him in the chair, race up the ramp... hollering for Randi to open the bathroom door... scoot him up, love Randi... she has toilet papered the seat so he doesn't have to sit on the toilet....get him in and on in the nick of time!  NOW THAT MY FRIENDS... IS TEAMWORK!  And thank you God because it was like liquid honey and oats bar!  THAT IS HOW MY DAY STARTED OUT.... can we say... MELT DOWN... STRESSED OUT????  CRY AT THE DROP OF A HAT????  You betcha!!!  Well.... from there we finally roll up to his day treatment at 9:25 of which starts at 9... but it's better late than never.. right?  I kiss Alex bye... have a great day... turn the corner.. look at Randi and say .... RUUUUUUUUUUUN, lol!  We laughed... and ran, lol!

Now... get in the car, call the base to see if I HAVE to have ID to get on base because I do have a legal guardian card that I got to be able to get on base without him if need be for prescrips..... I have a pass that I got for my car to stick in windshield when I go on base.... OH WAIT... I got a new car!  BUT...yes, as long as you have car registered in your name and insurance sure... ummmm,. problem... it's in Chad's name... better interest rate,lol... AAAAAAAAAHHHHH..."here is the number to the security desk, call to see if they will make an exception for you today under the circumstances"... after what I have been thru this morning already.. I am thinking I can only imagine what she will say, ha! So I call... lady was very nice and it's not a problem ... they can give me a day pass to get on... just not a permanent one like I had before where I don't have to get out and sign in to get on base every time.... I'LL TAKE THAT! Soooo now off  to Walgreens to drop off prescriptions that I will need for after tomorrow's surgery... they'll be ready in 30 min.. ok fine, we'll go run more errands...be back later.  TEXT MESSAGE.... "Lisa... how about lunch with Alex tomorrow at the stadium with some of the players"... THAT WOULD BE AWESOME... but we have surgery tomorrow.... BUT " How about today after I pick him up from therapy and before his appt on base?"... YES!  Ok... now we are on a mission to get all our tasks done that have to get done before surgery tomorrow because who knows when I will be able to get away again!  Onto postal store, bank, gas up, car wash, vacuum and Sams for peroxide that I didn't get the 3 times before when I was there!  Find 9 other things I DON'T really need... never finding peroxide.  Find store personnel... we go look.. ooooooh.. it's being discontinued let me see if we have any in stock somewhere... FOUND IT... it's on a pallet, it will have to be brought down... now mind you, I think I am getting a CASE of peroxide.  They finally get it down and here comes a gentleman with 2 bigger bottles of peroxide for me because we were already in line.  Is that it?  "Well mam, I took these out, he will be bringing the rest in a minute if you need more"... ok forget that... I'll get more another time... maybe if I don't forget again!  I looked at Randi and said... "I am not letting the Devil win today"!!  HE TRIED... he gave me breaks in between but he kept on knocking!  From Sams... back to Walgreens to pick up prescrips,   Get to Alex, load him up and we are on our way to the Stadium!!!  THANK YOU RYAN....YOU ARE AWESOME!  Exactly what IIIIIIIIIIIIII needed today... a break from the real world that I live in!

Ryan took us ALL OVER!  What an amazing visit today was!  Alex got to roll out the tunnel onto the field...
Rolling out the tunnel

Ryan and Alex

WOW!  WAY COOL!  He would go up to anyone and everyone and say..."hey.. what's your name"... stick out his hand and say..."HI, I am Alex Ross"... shake firm.."Alex Ross"...another firm handshake "Alex Michael Ross"... hahahahahaha... He wanted to make sure they all KNEW WHO HE WAS... and what's crazy... is he remembered EVERYONE'S NAME!  Like a little parrot!  We were amazed... I am truly amazed because I couldn't tell you half of who I met today... and I don't have a brain injury!!!

MR. ROSS with MR. WEAVER :0)
He told Mr. Weaver today to "DRAFT TIM TEBOW!" 
Alex acts like he is just one of the guys shooting the bull with him, lol!


He got the grand tour from Ryan and felt like he was a superstar himself today!  Ryan... thank you so very much because with tomorrow's surgery coming up...it has certainly created A LOT of anxiety and this is just what we needed to get his mind off of both of his upcoming surgeries!  He got to meet the physical therapist, Mike I believe his name is??? Please be the right name, lol... Alex is asleep or I would ask him!  We got to meet the trainers... I know one of them is Luke... Alex got his full name and we were told his wife was an olympic medalist.  Of course, Alex asks... "Where is she"... he said she is probably picking up the kids right about now... Alex says... :" you make the money while she picks up the kids!"... NO FILTER... gotta love it!  
The best part of Alex's trip was probably when Reggie Nelson gave him his game jersey and signed it!  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!  Ryan took him into the locker room with the guys... who Alex came out later and told us were pretty much all in the buff so it was a good thing we didn't go in, lol!  We sent Ryan in with Rhonda's camera to capture anything we might miss!

I can only imagine what Alex is saying here... and I probably don't want to know, lol!  REGGIE... if you are reading this... THAT KID LOVES THE HECK OUT OF YOU!!  Thank you a million times over for what you continue to do for Alex and for the big heart that you share with him!

The ROAR locker room where Alex said... "Dang... there isn't anything in here!  I was hoping to find a scrunchie or something in here!" hahahahahahha!

Well... We got a full two hours in and it was AMAZING... everyone was awesome.. Alex got Reggie's jersey and an official NFL ball... WOW!  Thank you to RYAN for making it possible... and a big thank you to all whom we met today.. especially "Cub"... thank you for taking the time to personally introduce yourself, meet me, share some of who you are and just give encouragement... it meant alot to me today so thank you!  We certainly felt right at home and of course.. Alex is already asking when can he go back and use the jacuzzi, lol!  THANKS RYAN, lol! 

We packed up... loaded Alex up, the wheelchair... turned the car on and ALEXANDER CAME OUT!!!!  What the french toast????  Off to the base and so it goes.... I couldn't get him home and outta the car fast enough!!  Well... I am not even going to ruin the rest of my amazing day by sharing what the devil trys to do to tear me down....... so I will end this on a good note tonight... TOMORROW IS GOING TO BE A GREAT POSITIVE SURGERY DAY!  

I have to be up at 4am... Alex up by 4:30.... this will make for an interesting day!  PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR US... FOR ALEX... FOR GOD TO GUIDE THE DOCTORS HANDS DURING SURGERY....  Pray that when he gets in there... God has somehow miraculously made it al ot better than they thought and they can downsize trach and begin the process for eliminating it all together!