On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Friday, July 30, 2010


WOW.... what a crazy crazy morning with Mr. Alex!  We were up and out just like I planned... thanks to Carly and Kristen helping me pack the boy up, dress him, wheelchair in trunk on the road.... right on time... 7:30am.  In we go... nurses were awesome, as always Alex charms them with his uncanny wit and dazzling smile!  GraceAnne  "GRAY" was our nurse this morning and Alex may have captured her heart forever.... she was a sweetheart!  Of course he shared his story and she was simply AMAZED and in awe of what a true miracle Alex is.  After being admitted Gray, she found us a room in the back with a tv and a curtain :0)  We got settled in for our 2 hour wait and in walked Miss Nurse Kelly Johnson....Alex finally met his match, lol.  SHE WAS AWESOME and whatever he dished out, she gave right back, lol.  He told her of all his demands... where the IV was to be placed, how they were to put him to sleep first before sticking him with the IV, not to give him a catheter... etc.  In comes Dr. Collins, the anesthesiologist with Michael Heart the other nurse assisting in the procedure.  He again informed Dr. Collins what he was to do and with a smile and great bedside manner, he agreed to Alex's wishes.  Alex was a trooper going in and Nurse Kelly gave him a Gator Surgical hat to wear into surgery and as a keepsake!  HE IS SPOILED ROTTEN, always has these nurses at his beck and call!

Thank you Kelly for your sweet disposition and giving Alex heck back when he so deserved it!  You made his anxiety go away and had him smiling and laughing the whole time we were in pre op!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

We waved goodbye to Alex as she rolled him into the back.... "I love you"... "I love you too mom".... a 15 minute procedure... I have time to go to the new chick fil A downstairs in Wolfsons as I am starving at this point.  I get my food, sit down and my phone rings.  It's my girlfriend Cindy Young... "Girl, where are you?"... "I'm in chick fil A, why?"..."THEY HAVE BEEN PAGING THE FAMILY OF ALEX ROSS".... OMG... are you kidding me!!!  A bit of a little scare... wrap it all up, head back up stairs... all sorts of things running thru my mind... Alex's is freaking out? The medicine made him sick? Could he be done already?..... I get back up there... I had not signed the consent form!  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  Minor heart attack for nothing!  Anyways.... i signed the paper... procedure was done quicker than I imagined .... they come and get us..... we go back there.... ALEX'S MIND AND WORDS ARE ALLLLLL OVER THE PLACE, LOL!  

"I made it, I'm Alive".... "Botox procedure was a success, my arm feels fantastic, thank you God for letting me wake up and for making the procedure a success, give me a hug, I love you, *9 kisses to forehead, then 9 to left cheek then 9 to right cheek*.... *sit up in the bed rocking back and forth stating he was doing his abs..... waving at everyone passing by the room calling them in there to give him a hug .... even people he did not know, lol.... CRAZY, ERRATIC.... ALL OVER THE PLACE LOONEY!  He had us cracking up.... I guess he was still coming down from the anesthesia!  He is already over the top without adding anything else, lol.

Soooo All in all it was a very successful day with Alex's procedure.  Doc says it will take 2-3 days to kick in... he had a total of 11 shots.... I think 8 in the arm and 2 in his ham string all left side.  Time will tell... prayers needed that this is what it is going to take to get that left side back in working order!

Once we got home... it was time for date day with Chad... movies and shopping :0)... Kristen and Boo watched Alex... THANK YOU!  We went to see Dinner with the Scmucks..... I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars..... wait for DVD... but I REALLY enjoyed my time with my hubby and it was nice to get away.... away from the everyday hustle and bustle.... just relax and enjoy time much needed together!

This is where my happy blog... turns to a more serious note with MANY MANY MANY PRAYERS NEEDED TODAY!  
Two very very precious people passed away today and my heart aches for the families involved.

MRS. HAGAN....Precious Mother, Wife and GMA to some of my favorite peeps... ,slowly drifted into eternity without any suffering with the comfort of her family this morning.  May God comfort you with the many awesome memories that I know you have and bring peace to your heart knowing she is walking on streets of Gold with our Heavenly Father.  I LOVE YA'LL!

AUSTIN BAKER, 13/14....  neighbor of ours and friend of Brooks', passed away this morning as well.  I got the phone call while I was on my date with Chad and all I could do was cry!  Although I didn't get to know Austin on more of a personal level... in passing he always waved and smiled, very courteous, beautiful smile and hair like Alex and Boo.  Brooks knew him from class however became closer since we moved in our new neighborhood and would play basketball sometimes.... walk together from  bus stop, I even gave em a ride a couple of times.  You know how close this hits to home with my situation with Alex.  My heart melts for his parents and little sister.... I cannot fathom the pain they are feeling this very minute.  I don't even know what to write as I sit here with tears streaming down my face.... I am deeply saddened and truly sorry for the WAY TO EARLY loss of a son.  I want to run over there and hug his momma and cry with her!  I wanna be there for her.... even though I don't know what to say.... she was so kind when we came home from the hospital... always saying if there is anything anyone can do, please let them know... glad to see we were back from the hospital.... always asking how Alex was doing.... It just doesn't seem fair!  I never questioned God about Alex's incident... never asked why just trusted that he was going to let me keep my son.  I sit here tonight, tears streaming... asking God why?  How crazy I never questioned him about my own.... but want to understand this tonight?!  Please pray for their family.... give them peace and comfort..... such a short life which makes it hard to understand or comprehend why things happen the way they do.  We take life for granted... I can't say it enough.  Hug those babies... hug them again..... and when you think you have done it enough.... DO IT AGAIN!  Say I love you as many times a day as you want!  This family was always together.... always doing things together... tight nit.... always laughing and enjoying life.  GOD BLESS YOU BAKER FAMILY.... words cannot express how much I feel for your family tonight and how sad our family is by your loss.  You are in our thoughts and prayers today, tomorrow and always!  WE LOVE YOU AND WILL CERTAINLY MISS AUSTIN! xoxoxo

In closing tonight.... of course I am feeling more blessed than ever to be able to look over and see my handsome boy sleeping... breathing... alive.  I don't have the answers to any of this craziness today... why my son was spared and other loved ones taken to be with our Father.... but I do know that God has awesome plans for my boy ..... this plan was set in motion before he was born.... God has a plan for each and every one of us.  I am truly sorry for the loss of these loved ones and my heart goes out to the ones left behind.  God Bless you all..... you are in my prayers and my prayer warriors will be busy praying as well.  

With a heavy heart.....
Peace~Love~N~Thumbs Up!


Thursday, July 29, 2010


It's 11:15pm, I have to be up at 5:30am, out the door by 6:30am, at hospital by 7:30am for procedure at 9:30am!  WHEW!  100 times Whew .....because I have to include Alex in all that, hahahahahha.  Lord give me strength tomorrow am!!  Thank God Carly and Kristen are coming with!  Thank you my little angels!!!

Going to get some shut eye.... it takes me awhile to wind down and fall asleep so I just wanted to get on here and let you know that I will blog tomorrow after the procedure.  He will be put to sleep for the injections as it can be pretty painful, especially with him being hypersensitive on the left side.  ONE MORE STEP FORWARD for superman speed recovery.

Need your prayers for him going under general anesthesia and for the procedure to be a success PLEASE.  He is a pro by now at having anesthesia.....this is his 8th time thus far, however... A LITTLE PRAYER NEVER HURT ANYONE, lol!  8 surgeries/procedures.... since January 6.... how crazy does that sound.... unimaginable!!!


PS.  Alex completed his compass odyssey course and is now classified a SENIOR!  MOMMA IS PROUD LIKE A PEACOCK!!!  WAY TO GO ALEX MICHAEL.... I LOVE YOU!  I can't wait to take him for his senior pics... WOW! I like the sound of that!



School Committee meeting today!

Alex working hard today at physical therapy.  He was walking for 5 minutes and resting for 2 minutes at the rate of 1.2  He was exhausted today once the hour was up and I couldn't be more proud of how awesome he did!

Sorry video is sideways... don't know how to fix this.... Kristen videoed it today and not sure why it isn't fixin itself when uploaded to you tube.  His Occupational therapist said he did FANTASTIC today and you can see by the video above how hard he was trying to get his left arm and hand to respond!  SO PROUD OF HIM!

We met with the school committee today to figure out the best plan for Alex and the upcoming school year.  He has to have several evaluations prior to entering the school system.... vision, psychological academic, physical, occupational and speech... NONE have been completed as of yet so we put a motion into play.  Monday he will have the vision and then on August 9th the psychological.... then the others will fall into play hopefully asap.  I may be looking to get him a homeschool teacher because the probability of him starting on August 23rd, realistically .... probably won't happen.  Hospital homebound can provide about 4 hours a week but with a full schedule.... 9 classes he has to complete to graduate and walk with his class... 4 hours ain't going to cut it!  Any homeschool teachers out there that can give me an idea on how much you charge and help me figure all this out??? Please email me.  Alex is bound and determined he will walk and graduate with his class and I will do everything in my power to make it happen! Two special friends of Chad's and mine that are teachers, Bachir and Kinlin have stepped up and said they would help him with his part II Geometry and American History classes on Compass Odyssey.  Thats 2 of the 9 classes to complete and on our way to graduating.  THANK YOU GUYS... we couldn't do it without you!  However... I will be needing a homeschool teacher to accomplish a much more rigid schedule on a daily basis with more subjects and longer hours.  Whatever it takes..... Alex is ready to take on the challenge to complete the mission.

Also I need to know who is taking the senior pics for Ed White... Alex needs some pics so that he is in the year book.... please email me with any information you have.

Please keep us in your prayers... Alex has ALOT of different things coming up and is working very hard at therapy.  I am keeping the FAITH and know that God will get us through it all.  If I have learned anything from all of this... it's that God's love is never ending and that if you LET GO and LET GOD.... it will take care of itself!  THANK YOU GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY!



Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Countdown begins!

So Alex is buckling down and finishing up his last week of assignments to complete and be classified a Senior and pass the 11th grade!  He completed two assignments today  and got 9 out of 10 on both!  HE IS KICKING BUTT!  Today we had no therapies but like I said he had to complete two assignments today.  Because he has Botox on Friday and will be put to sleep, we want to make sure all of his assignments are done because the 30th is the deadline.  Alex will be finished on Thursday the 29th so that he can rest after his Botox injections Friday morning.  Still hoping that I can slide my face in while the injections are going on, hahahahaha!

Got a new vaca pic in today:  COLLIN AND RYAN YOU ROCK!

Today we took a field trip to the court house.... Alex has been very anxious about the trial ... nightmares, insomnia, overstimulation, erratic behavior... just all over the place.  I needed to put some of his anxieties to rest with a visualization of things and how they will be once the trial begins.  To him, in his mind...he will be facing his biggest nightmare and I want him to be at ease, feel safe (thats a big big issue he is having these days)... because he has NO PERIPHEAL vision.... he can't see the whole scope of a room and therefore is paranoid if he hears a door open or a creak in the floor or ice maker making ice... any sudden different noise spooks him.  The cognitive therapist says this is normal and understandably so with his type of injury.  He wanted to know how he was going to get out of the court room, where was he going to be sitting, how many guards there would be and so on.  Like I explained last night... the Alex I knew prior to January 6th is forever gone and no matter how hard I try to make him feel safe.... this is something hopefully he will be able to conquer later on in life as time goes by.  God has already done so much... who knows what the future holds for Alex Michael Ross.... the skies the limit!  My handsome boy is ALIVE and getting better every day.... superman speed recovery... leaps and bounds.

Tomorrow is a LONG day... meeting with the school board about Alex re entering the school system and how all that is going to happen and if it is even possible.  Alex will need some special assistance as he has trouble reading..... he can read ... it just has to be REALLY BIG, lol.  I'm not sure they can accomodate with poster size books... just kidding!  There are issues... it's not going to be a bed of roses....of course he wants me to be there with him... ummmmm, it would be nice if I could go back to work, lol...but of course I will do whatever is in the best interest for Alex and probably my worst nightmare is they say...HOMESCHOOL....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!  I will really need God's strength then, ha!  I couldn't do school work with Alex on a normal day... let alone with a brain injury! OMG!

So tomorrow we have school meeting at 11, Occupational therapy at 1, Speech and Physical therapies at 3 and 4... won't be home till 6!  WHEW!  I will welcome the weekend for sure!  We have one more week with Kristen so I will need to make her last week something fun since she has been working her butt off this week.

All of the hard work everyone has put in with Alex will payoff when we see him WALK with his class and GRADUATE in 2011 with all of his classmates!  GOD IS GOOD TO ME!

Getting sleepy eyed... going to shut down and recharge for my long day tomorrow.  Keep those prayers and encouragement coming.... it goes a LONG way!  xoxo



Monday, July 26, 2010


It has taken me all day off and on to finally get on here and finish this blog up!  Where does the time go?  I am totally slacking at my blogging duties and I apologize if I have left you hanging by a thread.... certainly not my intentions and as always... remember... NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS lol!

We had an awesome day at therapy on Friday with Alex getting on the treadmill and doing fantastic!  This was his first time on the treadmill since we left Brooks Rehab inpatient therapy and I was really really impressed with how far he has come since he was on the treadmill there.  OMG what a HUGE difference.  It's one thing to see him daily because its harder for me to see just how far he has come, but when he got on the treadmill... WOW!  He has really really come a loooong way and his stamina has improved as well.  

Below are some videos showing his hard work:


VACATION PIC: .. Submitted by the Jeffords family... mission trip to Nicaragua.. Blaine... I love the THUMBS UP!  Thanks so much!

We had our pre op anesthesia appointment today at Wolfsons.  Alex cracks me up... he makes himself right at home... chatty kathy with the ladies... passing out his bracelets.... sharing his story.  We meet with a nurse to discuss Friday's procedure and Alex right off the bat says... "You aren't sticking me with any needles today"... she looks at Alex and says... "Well, no, today we are not sticking you with any needles"...He extends his hand and says..." Well let me shake your hand in that case"!!  What a ham!  He charmed all the ladies around there and made several new friends and he even showed off how good he is doing at walking with my little bit of assistance these days.  I told him... a couple more weeks on that treadmill and I totally think he will be walking on his own! FINGERS CROSSED AND PRAYERS SAID!  We are scheduled for the 9:30 appt on Friday am for him to receive his BOTOX injections which will relax those muscles in the left arm and hopefully he will be able to start really working out that left arm and hand and finally get it up and back to life!  

Alex is almost complete with his English III class that Kristen has been so diligently working with him on.  He is doing fantastic and he will be done on Thursday with all assignments completed! He will be classified a SENIOR...YAY!!   A HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to my little sister Kristen for taking her free summer to come down here and get Alex caught up.  WE couldn't have done it without you and I am so grateful for your help and appreciate you more than you could ever possibly fatham.  You are one of our angels and I love you with all of my heart.  THANK YOU TIMES A MILLION AND THEN SOME!  love you sistaaaaaaaaa!

Here is an essay that Alex wrote today as part of his schooling:  TIM TEBOW... YOU SHOULD SEE THIS :0)

In order to be a good leader, a person should have qualities that are positive and uplifting.  These qualities include an ability to motivate people, compassion, a strong will to succeed, and determination. When I imagine these qualities, I picture Tim Tebow.  He is someone who in my eyes is an excellent leader.
Tim Tebow is a good motivator.  He plays quarterback so he’s the one that calls the offensive shots on the field.  As a Florida Gator, he lead his team to the championship almost every year.  He pushes his team to win by telling them to never give up or quit.  He also influences the fans to be good people and live an honest life by being a good role model himself.  These characteristics make Tim Tebow a good person to have in charge because he is who I think of when I hear the word “leader.” 
Tim Tebow is also compassionate.  He has a foundation that helps kids in need, which is called the Tim Tebow Foundation.  He does missionary work in the Phillippines as well, where he shares his love of Christ with the children he works with.  Tim is a Christian man who values religion and family more so than football. All of these admirable values show me that Tim Tebow is a superior leader.
Finally, Tim Tebow is a determined athlete.  No matter what the score is, he always plays like the score is zero to zero.  He doesn’t quit; he works hard and practices every day.  He always gives 110%.  Tim has a strong will and a desire to succeed, which are both qualities of a good leader. I look up to Tim Tebow because he clearly is someone who knows how to guide people to success.
In conclusion, I think good leaders are hard to come by, and I definitely think that Tim Tebow is one of a kind.  He contains all of the qualities I see in a leader.  Tim has an ability to inspire everyone around him.  He also has a soft side that helps him to be a good leader. Tim is a very determined man who helps those in need. Tim Tebow is a phenomenal man and leader.

Ummmm... I don't know about you... but I am WAY IMPRESSED!  Can we say AWESOME JOB ALEX!


Nick Clark - for his mom she is having a single Mastectomy for her breast cancer
Jessica and Ricky Glass
The Hagan/Guerra family 

These families are in need of our prayers, please add them to your prayer lists... Lord wrap your arms around these families and bring them peace and comfort.  Meet their needs as we lift them up in prayer.  You  are in charge and we humbly bow at your feet and sit in the passenger seat.  You are in control and I have total faith in you that you have a plan that was already set in motion before we were born.  Thank you God for the many blessings you bestow upon us and thank you for the HUGE miracle of Alex Ross' life.  We can do all things thru YOU Lord and I pray that you give these families the strength to get thru whatever it is that they are needing at this time.  I love you and I give you all the honor and the glory....THANK YOU..AMEN!

I feel like I am leaving things out... if I remember I will certainly add them to my next post.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers... we still have a very long way to go.... the trial is coming up and I imagine it's going to get worse before it gets better.  I stand strong behind my boy and will continue to focus on the positives in our lives.  The storm will be over soon and then EVERYONE involved will be able to begin the healing process and try to regain some sense of normalcy.... if that is even such a thing anymore.  I have come to realize that my son will NEVER EVER be the same person he was prior to January 6th.  Mentally, the Alex Ross that I knew and loved passed away on january 6th, 2010.  HOWEVER... the pieces of Alex Michael Ross that I do have.... I am so very very thankful for and God... WOW... you amaze me as well as Alex on the miracles daily that I see before my very eyes.  ALEX.... MOMMA LOVES YOU AND I AM SO VERY PROUD OF YOU AND THE MIRACLE THAT YOU ARE!  KEEP WORKING HARD.... God has great things in store for you and you will be running around before you know it!



Friday, July 23, 2010


DEAR GOD, Today I wanted to thank you FIRST before carrying on my writings.  I am so thankful for the consistency of your love along with our many friends and family.  I am feeling so very very blessed today and very thankful for all that you have blessed me with in my life.  You are an awesome God and I pray that those that don't know you will soon find you in their hearts.  Thank you for the life of Alex Ross.  Our journey hasn't been an easy one and I know that you never give anyone more than they can handle.  You have great things in store for Alex and have touched the hearts of many with the miracle that you have created.  Please continue to let your light shine in me as I start each day with a smile and give me the strength to project a positive attitude as you have done thus far.  The storm is coming and it may get rough, but I know that with you by my side.... This too shall pass.  THANK YOU GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY!

Prayer warriors... I am sorry I have not been online to blog in a couple of days.... with family visiting and Brooks' birthday yesterday... time has certainly slipped away little by little.

Wednesday morning we had to be at therapy at 9am which is too early for Alex and our 40 min drive to get there.  His schedule is never the same now as it is hard to fit 3 therapies in back to back so we have to take what we can get.  We had recently changed our appt times to the afternoons which gives Alex more time to get motivated and be on track at therapies.  I find he was progressing better and getting more out of afternoon therapies.  So we started out a little rough on Wednesday with the occupational therapy and speech therapies with Alex not really wanting to cooperate.  In speech with Miss Alison whom he loves.... he was very uncooperative and steadily declined the Vitalstim electrode testing insisting that she was NOT going to shock him today!  Being the awesome person she is.... she knows how to handle Alex and gave him an option of "You ARE going to do testing today however I will let YOU tell me how long I can put the electrodes on for"... being the smartypants Alex is he says "ok, 2 minutes".  Alison says "OK, Alex... but you will give me a full 2 minutes of exercises and then we will make a deal for Friday as well".  Well, he ended up making her give him a stop watch so he could see 2 minutes and no longer, lol!  Little turkey!!!!  However... we did get him to agree to 25 minutes of therapy on Friday!  so we will see how that goes today!  Below is some of his testing he did on Wednesday:

At one point his cap popped off of his trach and we just died laughing .... it was hilarious after all we had been thru that morning with him!

From there we did occupational therapy where Alex the therapist puts on an aircast and it enables Alex to be able to move his arm up and down without being in pain as he is hypersensitive on the left side.

Even though he was uncooperative with the speech therapist he was really really trying hard in occupational therapy to move that left arm.  He still really doesn't have any feeling in the left arm and is still very weak on the whole left side of his body.  You can see how hard he is trying with his hand shaking.... I was sooo proud of him and how he kept on going for the whole hour without giving up!

Yesterday was Brooks' 14th birthday and we took him to Dave N Busters.... what a great time we had!  Below is Alex playing a driving racing game against Brooks and he did pretty good actually!!!

Alex has been doing great with his schooling and yesterday made a 9 out of 10!  He is really on track and actually gets mad at Kristen if she is 1 minute past the time that they agree to start an assignment!  I meet with the schoolboard on the 28th to see if he will be able to reenter the school system or if he will need to be home schooled.  Next week will be a busy week with pre-anesthesia appt for the Botox on the 30th, school board meeting, the Bridges run on the 31st (LORD HELP ME, LOL).... I will try to keep up with my blogging and keep you all informed as to what transpires.  Tomorrow we are taking the family to St. Augustine as Pop Pop and Gma have never been to the oldest city so we are making a day of it!  I may not get back on here till Monday, until then I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and if I get a minute I will post of our adventures this weekend and his therapy today!



Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I jump up bright and early today as I have to get to Home Depot to get paint before the plumbers get here to finish the bathroom.  Lot's to do today, family visiting this week, my house looks like a tornado hit it, crap everywhere...900 loads of laundry.... I have a sink, granite bathroom countertop, light, mirror, light bulbs all strung out in dining room floor waiting to be put in Alex's bathroom to be completed.  PLEASE Lord let this be finished tomorrow before my family gets here on Wednesday and we have 8 people using one bathroom!  The floors have been complete and he is like speedy gonzales around here... we have to put all food off of the counter because he's like a little creeper around here and shoves food under his legs, clothes etc... CRAZY!  He acts like he NEVER gets to eat, lol!  He puts food in places and then forgets he put it there, hahahahahaha!  So anyways... I am up early to get the paint...run to publix to pick up a couple of things and leave with $200 worth of groceries because Alex has been texting me the whole time I am in the store... get bacon, get gatorade, get pudding etc.  I couldn't WAIT to get out of the store lol!  Rush, Rush, Rush... have to meet the father in law to pick up his bed frame.... by now it's like 12:30 and the guys never showed up to finish the bathroom... I give a call.... not feeling good today will be here tomorrow. :0(  Dang... I could've slept in... story of my life!  Doctor calls on my way home from getting the bed.... they had to change BOTOX treatment to the 30th because we have to meet with anesthesia people prior to surgery and they can't get us in before the scheduled treatment date of the 22nd!  SCENIC ROUTE!  He has been so anxious about this... and the trial.... I just can't wait to put it all behind us once and for all and focus on NOTHING but the recovery.  It's really hard when his brain is going in a million different directions to concentrate on the tasks at hand or the things that are necessary at the present time. It's like his brain is on constant demand with questions needing to be answered about anything and everything coming up.  Most of which... I don't have the answers!

Kristen did school with Alex today FOREVER!  It was a 20 page story.... with a quiz of which he made a 9 out of 10 for the first time today!  HIGH FIVE ALEX!  And then he had to write an essay!  There are two assignments like that where he has to read a story, take quiz and then write essay.  I think she spent 4 hours with him today doing school!  She said it was one thing after another with having to pee, then cleaning out his trach, needing something to drink, to fixing his pillows.... his OCD kicked in big time today and it seems to get worse with his anxiety.  Understandably so but Kristen is experiencing it first hand and I think it is wearing her out, lol.  It's one thing to read about it and try to visualize it... it's a whole nother ball game when you are in it living it!    THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU Kristen.... there is NO way I could sit with him and have the patience you do with his school work!  I think I'm crazy now.... I WOULD BE DELIRIOUS FOR REAL!  Alex Michael... I'm so proud of you and all that you have accomplished thus far... YOU ARE AMAZING and God is really working in your life....What a great story you will have to tell about God and his Miracle!

Girls night tonight at Theresa's ... we watch the Bachelorette on Monday's.... only Alex insisted on coming this time, lol.  Cameron, Brooks and Skylar kept Alex entertained for the most part... of course Creeper came in rolling around looking for food on the kitchen counter lol... he would roll by us with his little crooked smile... eyeing the counter looking for the chocolate chip cookies :0)

Alex.... still the Life of the Party, lol!

 Hoping to have new videos of Alex tomorrow during therapy and of the completed bathroom. Tomorrow we have therapy... Alex up early to start his school work.... get house ready for the fam.... signing off for now and I will leave you all with this:

“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, the education, the money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company... a church... a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past... we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes.”




Sunday, July 18, 2010


The Alex we all know and love.... I miss YOU kid and hope to see you soon!

Alex is doing remarkable at therapies and I am sooooo proud of him and how much he has been pushing thru this last week!  Not only has he been busting his butt for therapy but also in school work.  He is determined to get his Compass Odyssey class out of the way and today he did 3 assignments... they take about 1.5-2 hours each.  We have had a great weekend... Kevin and Renee had us over for dinner last night and Alex had fun playing with KK and Zachary, lol.  The masks actually talks like a transformer, ha!  At one point Carly took him to the bathroom for me  (you'll love this) and she said he was just sitting there on the toilet and she said " look at you, half naked just sitting there, hanging out talking .... are you going to do something?"  Alex's response... "  I know... why am I the only one naked... why ain't you naked?"  HAHAHAHA.... she packed him up and hauled him outta there, lol!  He loves to push the envelope!  THANK YOU Kevin and Renee for having us over and feeding us... it was nice to get out and hang out like old times... a break away from our real world!  LOVE YA'LL!

We are training for the bridges run on the 31st and then the TOUR DE PAIN.... WHEW AM I CRAZY!  Ran Saturday morning 4.4 miles... WOW... I can't believe it myself, lol!  The Acosta bridge is UNBELIEVABLE  after you have run 3 miles, lol!  I figure running is a great stress reliever for me and I can take out all my aggressions on the wide open road, ha ha!  Not looking to be a top runner or anything... just checking off some things on my bucket list!! :0)  WE KNOW THAT TOMORROW IS NOT PROMISED so I am LIVING FOR TODAY!  A big thank you to my woooonderful hubby who talked me into doing the Tour De Pain and bought me new running shorts and a visor to match for motivation, lol.  He knows how to get to my heart :0)  LOVE YOU BABE!

The below video is Alex doing his vital stim testing where they put electrodes directly under his chin (you can see where they bandaged it during testing) and it actually sends electrical shocks (feels like it's hugging his throat) and he has to do certain exercises to strengthen his voice so hopefully one day he will be able to talk normal again!

The below video is Alex learning how to stand up by himself... something I think we all take for granted is very difficult for him!  He was a trooper on Friday and did some great walking once again and is getting the hang of it to where he barely holds on to us when we walk in front of him.  GO ALEX!!


Submitted by Karen Cox::
Hey Lisa,

So Alex went to Wrigley Field in Chicago last night to see the Cubs play the Phillies...And he made us Lucky as the Cubs (who have not been hitting this year) won 12-6!  Thanks Alex!

Donna, Collin and Ryan sent in this one from Cake Boss from the TLC show

HEIDI LEE.... thank you.... thank you.... thank you for bringing us dinner tonight!  CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS...faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic!  It's the little things that mean so much and you and your family are a true blessing to me and my family!  LOVE YA'LL!!  Skylar and Cameron... thanks for coming to hang out with Alley Pooh today... he loves hanging out with his friends and you two are some of the best!!  

Thanks again to all who continue to write, pray for us and inspire me daily!  YOU ARE GODS ANGELS sent from above!  God... thank you for giving me the strength to get thru each day as some days are tougher than others and I know it is you who gives me strength!  My faith is stronger than ever and I know I can always count on you no matter the challenges that may come my way.  THANK YOU FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY... I know there is a light at the end of this tunnel and I can't wait to get there! :0)

Brooks' Birthday and BOTOX injections on THURSDAAAAAAAAAAAAY!  Please keep us in your prayers as he will have to be sedated to have this procedure!

Keep the bracelet pics coming and those that need them can get them at Fran's Boutique and Salon on Normandy Blvd. :0)  For those of you out of town that requested them... I am hoping to get them in the mail to you this week... sorry for the delay... I always think I will do it in my free time and that is few and far between!


Friday, July 16, 2010


Alex and I tried sleeping in his room last night in his new bed... he didn't sleep one wink in there!  We are still facing issues of feeling safe and feeling comfortable in his surroundings without being scared and I am hoping at some point that this is just part of the healing process and we get past it!  I am going to try to get his room all spruced up and make it a safe haven for him where he is ok with being alone because now... HE IS NOT!  He is still going thru a phase of not being able to be alone in a room... ANY ROOM... if a door opens or he hears a noise he immediately has to know who has entered the room or what the noise is.... he is still very fearful at all times.  Understandably so with his type of injury, I just hate it for him.  I don't leave his side for very long and always try to make sure someone is with him if I have to do laundry, take a shower, clean... etc.  Once his trach comes out we will be back on track for more therapy, physchological and cognitive, I just don't want another setback with another operation so I am waiting to see what happens on August 19th when we go back to see if growth has gone away.  PRAY IT DOES... we don't want anymore operations!!

I had an early start this am... did some laundry and my girlfriend Angie came over and we had YARD DAY.  OMG... we busted our butts today in my yard and planted a boat load of plants and flowers and my flower beds are beeeeeeeeautiful!  Brooks and Nick were a HUGE help with digging up bushes and digging holes... moving things etc... GREAT DAY and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my pretty yard!  We still have alot to do, I just can't get it all done in a day, lol... as much as I would like too!!  We ended up scrambling at the end as the rain came... lightning was CRAZY and we had to stop.  MISS ANGIE... THANK YOU...THANK YOU.. THANK YOU!  I can't wait till we get it ALL done and then maybe I will win Yard of the Month, hahahahahaha!  We don't even have that here I don't think but I'll make a sign that says I won, lol!

Alex and Kristen did schoolwork while we played in the yard only when Kristen started... Alex fell asleep because HE DIDN'T SLEEP LAST NIGHT , lol.  They finally got it done and Alex scored an 8 out of 10 today!!  If anyone knows anything about compass odyssey and how to keep it from timing out so that they don't have to go back thru the entire lesson again and again... PLEASE LET US KNOW!  We waste MORE time with having to go back thru the assignment and he has alot of assignments to get completed by July 30th.  Tomorrow we don't have therapy until 3 and 4 so Kristen is going to try to get two assignments in!  Funny story is the "present day Alex" is very serious about taking notes while doing the courses online... He told Kristen that "a good student ALWAYS takes notes"... the "old Alex" probably NEVER took notes a day in his ADHD life, lol!  she also told him that they would begin classwork today at 1pm and even though Dax and Terry were here visiting him... he told her it was time to start his work at precisely 1pm!!  I LOVE THIS about the present day Alex, lol!  He is like a SPONGE soaking up everything and wanting and craving information and details about anything and everything. THANK YOU GOD FOR MY LITTLE BLESSING.... ALEX MICHAEL ROSS and the miracles that you continue to perform in our lives daily!  We are keeping our focus on just that!

Here are some more VACA PICS:

Alex visited St. Patricks Cathedral in NY with Miss Donna and family!

Alex went fishing in the Gulf Stream with Brian and Dana... same boat Brian took him and Brooks on almost a year ago to date!

Amelia, Travis' little girl, LOVES her Uncle Alley!




PS... Thank you to the many of you that continue to send me smiles and sunshine in emails that make my day and give me that push that I sometimes need to get me thru to the next day.  God is using you as my little angels.... he sure knows how to keep my light shining!  WHAT AN AWESOME GOD! :0)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


What a whirlwind of a day!  Initially we had therapies at 11, 2 and 4 however an 11am appointment and living 45 minutes away just seemed unattainable today.  I had to cancel the first appointment and we barely made it there in time for the 2pm one, lol!  WE load everything up in the car... Alex, wheelchair, cooler with gatorade, water, backpack, leg brace, quad cane, pillows, hat, computer so he and Kristen can do schoolwork etc and are on the road at 12:50pm we are ahead of the game and will be there on time.  NOT!  We aren't on the road 10 minutes and "I HAVE TO POOP".  He and Kristen are right in the middle of a school session....OMG... what I haven't told you is that he has already had two MAJOR accidents in my car where I have actually had to get out the trashbags and spray him down out of the car, lol.... SOOOO, I don't want to take any chances with this!  I pull off at the next exit, we stop at Daily's Shell gas station... "HURRY UP"... I am freaking out, not even going to get the wheelchair out...this kids gonna half to walk in there... we pull up in the handicap spot (thank GOD we have one of those handicap parking permits)... get him out, HE WALKS THE WHOLE WAY to the bathroom God Bless his heart.... we get in, I get him in the bathroom, pants down ... we made it and it wasn't a false alarm  :0)  So here we are, taking care of business... the door opens and in walks someone and into the next stall.  BRAIN INJURY comes into play...in a VERY loud whisper.....he begins to talk to whoever is in the next stall... his new favorite thing while we are in the bathroom now.... "HEY... I'M ALEX ROSS".... me: "Alex please stop"... "I'M ALEX ROSS"... me "Alex please stop... you are sounding crazy, just hurry up we are going to be late for therapy"...  "I WAS SHOT IN THE HEAD IN JANUARY"...me: "ALEX, you are sounding like a nut case please stop ".... "I WAS SHOT, BUT I'M OK".... all the while I am struggling to get him cleaned up and out of the bathroom as soon as possible!!  We never came face to face with the unidentified bathroom friend THANK GOD lol.  I know that person had to think we were coo coo for cocoa puffs!  So I was ahead of the game UNTIL we got on the open road and then of course we had to take the scenic route and now had about 15 minutes to get to Brooks on time.  We arrived at 2:05 and I'm still  not sure how the heck we accomplished that!  I think he and Kristen got half way thru the school assignment on the way down.  WE are some multitasking fools these days, lol!

Alex has finally gotten to where he can drink thin liquids at a very small pace but nonetheless he can get them down if he drinks slow enough with small amts of liquid.  So he is drinking alot more but ALSO going to pee every 15 minutes again so I foresee going back to the urologist to check out that misfire that was going on before.  It's a bit hectic to have to take him to the bathroom every 15-30 minutes for a trickle of pee and for sure wearing me and Kristen OUT!  Dehydration is a thing of the past, praise the Lord but now peeing is our new hobby, lol!

He did great in speech today, Ms. Alison says that his voice is coming thru clearer and louder with the vitalstim method and he still continues to do his exercises every so often when away from Brooks.  Physical therapy is where he kicked butt today and got two thumbs up from his therapist Ms Ali.  She came in and said " I don't know what you said to him before you brought him here, but he is doing AWESOME!"  Music to my ears!!!  So I snuck around back while he was walking away and shot this video:  Notice how he is flowing and walking at a faster pace.  She is only walking in front of him and he is resting his hands on her arms for support!  He is getting better with straightening that knee and I am beaming proud like a peacock at how far he has come... just in the last two weeks!

Alex had an hour break between therapies today so he and Kristen buckled down in another room and worked on the assignment.  Almost done and then the connection got lost... for the 3rd time today... frustrating much lol???  Compass Odyssey is set up to where you can't fast forward thru anything so Alex had to start over on  his assignment 4 times today and go thru the entire story that he had already been thru..... before he could get to the test!!  Talk about a distraction... but he was a trooper and in the end made a 7 out of 10 and passed!  Each assignment takes about 2 hours without all this other crap going on so I am very proud of him and his participation in wanting to get these assignments completed so he can begin school with everyone else!!!

I have another funny story to share before I close... Alex was doing some cognitive testing with his therapist and he had to complete a maze WITHOUT crossing over the lines.  She made it very clear... do not cross the lines:

He was being timed and started to stress out so he decided to take a short cut ... hahahahaha... it's not funny but if you were there you would have laughed!  Alex's wit has not changed and GOD I THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THAT!  I had to take a picture of it so I could share it with ya'll and I wish I had been videoing him.  He is surely a ham and makes us laugh on a daily basis... never a dull moment around Alex Michael Ross... that has not changed!

He has the BOTOX injections scheduled for Thursday the 22nd, Brooks' birthday, and is getting VERY VERY anxious and nervous about it.  Even making statements that he doesn't want it... doesn't need it, etc.  Please pray for his anxiety to subside... I really feel this is a step in the right direction and will try anything at this point to progress.

We go back to Dr Beck, the ENT on August 19th and pray pray pray that the growth is gone so that we do not have another surgery!  Its pretty much a make it or break it appt where if the growth is there... he has to remove it... if not, maybe juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust maybe the trach can come OUT!  Really need that trach to be out before school begins on August 23rd... one less distraction for Alex!

For those of you sending me encouraging and uplifting emails... and prayers... THANK YOU.  IT IS KEEPING ME GOING and is a huge part of our success!!  XOXOXO



Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Last night I felt horrible once we got back from therapy and went straight to bed! I think my body and mind finally shut down completely and my body had taken it's toll since January and said..'THAT'S ENOUGH"... time to shut down, rest and recharge!  I woke up about 4:30am and had to force myself back to sleep, lol!  A BIG thank you to Kristen as she cleaned the kitchen, did school work with Alex and slept out in the living room with Alex so I could actually sleep in my own bed for once and get the rest that I needed!  What many of you probably don't know is that since the last surgery I have been sleeping on a blow up mattress next to the sofa so that when Alex wakes up in the middle of the night I can hear him as he can only speak with a whisper at this point.  Soooooo, it was AWESOME to sleep in a BED for once, lol!

Builders Care was going to be here at 8:30am this morning only I got a phone call at 8am saying that the floor guys were on my street... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  Jump out of bed... wake Kristen and Alex up in the living room... we gotta get all the furniture moved outta the living room and dining room so that they can begin putting the laminate floors down!  Alex wasn't too impressed with having to get up and wanted another 30 minutes, lol... not gonna happen.  Up and at em we put him in my bed.. and Kristen and I began moving stuff with the guys to get it all out of the way!    Builders Care showed up with 4 pretty girls from NC who go somewhere every summer to volunteer and they came to help out here today with moving furniture and ripping up the carpet.  ALEX LOVED THAT, LOL!  Of course he got their phone numbers before they left and has been texting them, ha!  Thank you girls for being a part of our journey!!!

Here is a before pic:


The one thing I DON'T like now is that he eats while he rolls around and so now I need someone or thing to go behind him sweeping up the CRUMBS! 

Once the girls left he was ready to hall butt outta here as there was alot of banging, sawing and noise that he wasn't up for!  So we headed out to meet Shelley and Sarah for lunch at the towncenter!  Thank you ladies.... we really enjoyed that!  Much needed FRIEND time today! xoxo  We also were very fortunate to meet one of our followers Miss Joye Hampton... Thank you Miss Joye for coming up and introducing your self, it was awesome to meet you!

We got back home and Alex had an hour to nap and then it was school work!  He and Kristen buckled down in my room because the floor guys were still here and today he made a 7 out of 10 on his quiz.  So far he has done really great and I am soooo sooooo sooo proud of him and how well he is retaining information and staying on course! 

Tomorrow is another long day  11, 2 and 4pm appts..... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.  Not looking forward to that at all!  The Yawning has begun... going to sign off for now... get some shuteye.... More updates tomorrow and film of him walking.




Monday, July 12, 2010

Long day, trach not coming out :(

Hi all ~ Lisa isn't feeling so well and asked me to fill in on updating the blog tonight, hope you don't mind.

We weren't quite sure how the day was going to go, as Alex woke up this morning complaining of nausea.  Although there were a few times throughout the day where he asked for a wet towel for his head or for us to get a basket because he felt sick, overall Alex had a great day.  He started with physical therapy at 12:00, where he worked on improving how he moves his left leg.  He can walk when he has a person standing to his right side, but is working on making sure he straightens out his left leg more so that when all is said and done, he can hopefully walk without a limp.  We were told to remind him whenever we can to "straighten that leg" as he walks, so he can improve both in and outside of physical therapy.  We got some videos of him walking today, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for those, because I don't know how to do the fancy stuff on here!

At 1:30 it was off to the ENT, where we learned what was going on with the growth they had found behind Alex's vocal chords last week.  Dr. Beck informed us that the growth is a benign polyp, and we have to wait 6 weeks to see if it goes down on its own.  If it does, great - Alex should be able to get his trach out then.  If it does not, Dr. Beck will have to go in and take a closer look at what is going on, as we do not want that polyp to eventually effect Alex's swallowing.  As much as we were disappointed to hear he has to keep the trach in another 6 weeks, we would much rather be safe than sorry! Alex seemed to be okay with this decision - he gave Dr. Beck about 4 high-5's as he was sharing the report! Lol.

After the ENT we had to head back to Brooks for more therapy. As is customary, however, Alex needed us to first bring him to the bathroom.  Lisa and I take turns with this throughout the day, but hoped having us both go in to help him this time would make things go a bit quicker - boy were we wrong! I'm not quite sure who inspected the bathroom we were in and labeled it "handicapped" - but it took us 10 minutes just to position Alex's wheelchair in a way that it would fit into the bathroom.  By the time we realized how cramped it was, the 3 of us were jammed into the little stall hysterical laughing. Realizing there was still a job to be done, Lisa and I did our best to assist Alex.  We were doing fine until another person entered the stall next to us and peaked Alex's interest.  Being not at all bashful, Alex shouts out, "Hey! How's it going over there?"  Well, this did not help our laughing fit any, and we eventually gave up the bathroom endeavor until we could try again at Brooks. It's the little moments like that throughout the day - where you find yourself in a situation that you never dreamed in a million years you'd be in, laughing with your family - that keep you moving one foot in front of the other!

Back at Brooks Alex had occupational therapy where he was re-fitted for a splint for his left hand, and ended with speech therapy, where he did a few exercises to see how he's doing cognitively.  He did a great job working through mazes on paper, and connecting shapes together with lines.  We were given some exercises that we can work on with Alex at home to help improve his voice, and I'm sure it will not be long before Alex puts them to use.  Every now and then when we are out, without being asked to, Alex starts making noises that sound like either coughing or singing - both of which are exercises he learned at speech. We were walking around Home Depot the other day and he was singing up a storm all up and down the aisles.  I'm convinced he wants his voice back just so he can be certain all of his jokes and wise cracks are heard loud and clear!

Once we got home, Alex rested for about an hour and then it was time for his school work.  I'm happy to share that he once again got 8 out of 10 questions correct on his quiz! I was nervous this time though- we didn't get to start his work until about 7:30, and I was worried he might be too drained from the long day he had - it seemed as if he initially was choosing the incorrect answers.  After I would click on the incorrect one though, he would say "wait, go back- I don't think that's right." Well, he did that about 3 or 4 times, and fortunately, each time he went back he picked the correct answer.  Thank goodness, because as he will tell you, he does not want to have to go back and do any of the lessons over!

In the last 3 days, he's already formed a strong dislike for anything we have covered.  For example, if you want to know the way to Alex's heart, do NOT buy him chrysanthemums - we read a story by that name, and at the end of it he said he never wanted to look at another chrysanthemum again!  Today's lesson was about how television advertisements try to persuade you - and he said he wants nothing to do with t.v. commercials.  I can't say I blame him - the program he's using is terrific - it's very thorough and definitely ensures that the student will learn what is necessary- but talk about beating a dead horse! One of the questions he answered the other day - I didn't even have to read him the multiple choice answers- he just shouted out "IMAGERY! The answer is imagery because they said it 42 freakin' times!"  Lol. Okay then Alex, imagery it is!

Well, that's about all I can remember from today - there were a number of other funny tidbits here and there, but Lisa's much better at remembering them than I am - I'm still just trying to take everything in!  Hopefully after a good night's rest she will be feeling better and back to sharing her sunshine.  Today was a hectic day - therapies, appointments, and school work are just the tip of the iceberg- it's putting on and taking off the brace, putting on and taking off the splint, taking out and putting away the wheelchair, going to the bathroom every 20 minutes, sometimes every 3 minutes because last time was just a "false alarm," and all of the other tiny little things that go on a hundred times throughout the day that add up.  God bless anyone who is a caretaker or who works with the disabled community - my hat's off to each and every one of you for the patience and strength you have, my sister especially! And thank you to those of you who continue to share your love, prayers, and support with my sister, nephew, and family ~ you'll not soon be forgotten. Thank you God for another day with Alex Michael, and goodnight to all!

Peace, Love, & Thumbs Up ;)



Last night Chad and I finally had a date night, THANKS TO KRISTEN, NICK AND BROOKS watching Alex so we could go! Naturally Alex kept saying... "Don't leave me"... always pulling at my heart strings that hasn't changed, lol. We  headed out to a double date with Tom & Viki at La Nopalera and then out to movie "Grown Ups".  Dinner was nice, we actually ran into Vik's family.... gpa, who I adore, Daddy L and Miss Sandi, Vik's sweet momma... LOVE YA'LL and it was great to see you out!  We headed out to the movies and once we got there.. SOLD OUT... IMAGINE THAT!  ugh!  Sooo, we opted to head back home with our bellies full, lol.  Date night was NOT all the way successful but nice to get away with Chad and some adult conversation without repeating myself a million times or up and down waiting on someone hand and foot.  I actually got to relax at dinner!

While we were out, Kristen was working with Alex on his English III class on Compass Odyssey and did AWESOME!  This is her thing with him and she and Alex have completed TWO assignments..... One last night and one today. He is doing waaaay better than we could have hoped for and I am very very optimistic about his senior year and reentering the school system with his 2011 Senior Class!  I asked Kristen to write about her experience with Alex and fill you all in on the details.... I will let her be the bearer of GREAT NEWS :0)  WAY TO GO ALEX... MOMMA IS SO PROUD OF YOU!


Hi all :)  I'll be honest- I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I got here. As much as I knew Alex was doing well with his therapies throughout the week, I was keeping my fingers crossed that he would do just as well when working with me on school work at home.  I do not want to jinx anything, but so far, so good!

To give you an idea as to how the program works, each lesson is made up of 2 parts - a mini-movie, and reading passages. Alex is able to watch the movies with ease, and I read the passages to him aloud.  Alex worked through his first lesson yesterday, which was followed by a quiz - all together, he spent about 2 1/2 hours "in school." Fortunately for the both of us, his humor is still fully in tact, so we were able to have a few laughs as we went through his work!

Two concerns that I initially had were 1) whether or not Alex would be able to fully retain/comprehend the information being covered, and 2) whether or not he would be able to maintain his focus for the duration of the lesson. Well, to say that I am proud of what Alex achieved yesterday is quite an understatement! I stopped often throughout the lesson, because I wanted to ensure Alex was understanding both the literal and inferential information being shared. It did not take long for me to recognize that, considering what he has been through, Alex is cognitively in a terrific place! He can not only identify the "what" in a story, but also the "why." For example, Alex was not only able to identify that the character within the story was feeling sad - but beyond that, he was able to explain what events led to the character feeling sad, as well as how the author used different objects in the story to symbolize that sadness.  After a while, I found that we were moving through the lesson more quickly than I expected because Alex was able to understand so much of the lesson and story on his own- he needed little, if any, prompting.

When the lesson was done, Alex took his quiz - there were 10 questions, and boy did he make it hard for me to keep my mouth shut! He, like any clever kid, would ask things like, "do you think that's the right answer?" -- "Do you agree with that?" --"How am I doing so far?" -- I told him that he'd get my opinion as soon as his quiz was done, but fortunately his score spoke for itself - he got 8 out of 10 questions correct! Alex wore a big smile and gave me a high 5 - and then it was time to relax and watch a well-deserved movie.

Today was the same thing - another lesson and a quiz, with the same score - 8 out of 10 questions correct!  Alex realizes now that he will not be getting any help during quizzes, so instead of asking me if I agree with his answer, he gives his answer, and then simply says "you would agree with that." I guess it's his way of reassuring himself, which is okay with me! I'm most impressed with how when he gets stuck on a question, he talks it out to himself - once his picks his "final answer," he tells me his reasoning.  It's one thing to be able to answer a question, but it's quite another to be able to explain WHY you chose the answer - Alex is able to do both, and I can't help but be extremely proud of how far he has come, and how much he continues to achieve!

We currently have 4 out of 43 lessons done, and have until July 30th to finish the rest.  I'll be the first to tell you that no one wants to be "in school" in July, but the blessings that we are given each day are vastly different than the fears we had 6 months ago, and for that we are beyond grateful!

More vacation pics... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM!!

Alex went scalloping in Crystal River, Florida with the Brannon/Vlacos families

& to

St George Island, the St. Joseph Peninsula & Mexico Beach with Ellen & Joe Oconnell

LOOK CLOSELY.. it says


Tomorrow we have a very busy and hectic day... Therapy at 12-1, ENT at 1:30, Therapy at 3-4, Therapy at 4-5!!  Plus Kristen has to get in a lesson tomorrow so that we are still on track with getting all assignments completed by July 30th!   Praying that the ENT visit will go smoothly with no reports of the growth needing to be removed and MAYBE... JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUST MAYBE that trach will come out tomorrow... fingers and toes crossed... BIG PRAYERS TONIGHT.... GOD WILLING IT WILL COME OUT TOMORROW, LOL!

Inspection tomorrow on the remodel of the shower that COMFORT PLUMBING SERVICE, 904-545-0030, contracted out by Builders Care, is hooking Alex up with.  Flamur, the owner, is Alex's new BFF.....GREAT GUY and does great work if anyone is in need of plumbing or 48 hour bathroom remodel!  They can do it all.... can't wait for ya'll to see the finished product!  Hopefully all goes as planned with that and it will be complete by Wednesday?!  One bathroom with 6 people gets a little tricky... especially in the mornings, lol! 

Alex has been eating and drinking much better lately..... of course eating more than drinking lol.... his newest love is the chocolate chocolate chip Otis Spunkmeyer muffins ... OMG... and they are like 440 calories so I really have to watch him and how many he tries to sneak in when I am not around, lol!  He does not understand the word NO.  Imagine that!

Hope you all had a great weekend...wishing you all a fantastic week!