On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, July 26, 2010


It has taken me all day off and on to finally get on here and finish this blog up!  Where does the time go?  I am totally slacking at my blogging duties and I apologize if I have left you hanging by a thread.... certainly not my intentions and as always... remember... NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS lol!

We had an awesome day at therapy on Friday with Alex getting on the treadmill and doing fantastic!  This was his first time on the treadmill since we left Brooks Rehab inpatient therapy and I was really really impressed with how far he has come since he was on the treadmill there.  OMG what a HUGE difference.  It's one thing to see him daily because its harder for me to see just how far he has come, but when he got on the treadmill... WOW!  He has really really come a loooong way and his stamina has improved as well.  

Below are some videos showing his hard work:


VACATION PIC: .. Submitted by the Jeffords family... mission trip to Nicaragua.. Blaine... I love the THUMBS UP!  Thanks so much!

We had our pre op anesthesia appointment today at Wolfsons.  Alex cracks me up... he makes himself right at home... chatty kathy with the ladies... passing out his bracelets.... sharing his story.  We meet with a nurse to discuss Friday's procedure and Alex right off the bat says... "You aren't sticking me with any needles today"... she looks at Alex and says... "Well, no, today we are not sticking you with any needles"...He extends his hand and says..." Well let me shake your hand in that case"!!  What a ham!  He charmed all the ladies around there and made several new friends and he even showed off how good he is doing at walking with my little bit of assistance these days.  I told him... a couple more weeks on that treadmill and I totally think he will be walking on his own! FINGERS CROSSED AND PRAYERS SAID!  We are scheduled for the 9:30 appt on Friday am for him to receive his BOTOX injections which will relax those muscles in the left arm and hopefully he will be able to start really working out that left arm and hand and finally get it up and back to life!  

Alex is almost complete with his English III class that Kristen has been so diligently working with him on.  He is doing fantastic and he will be done on Thursday with all assignments completed! He will be classified a SENIOR...YAY!!   A HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to my little sister Kristen for taking her free summer to come down here and get Alex caught up.  WE couldn't have done it without you and I am so grateful for your help and appreciate you more than you could ever possibly fatham.  You are one of our angels and I love you with all of my heart.  THANK YOU TIMES A MILLION AND THEN SOME!  love you sistaaaaaaaaa!

Here is an essay that Alex wrote today as part of his schooling:  TIM TEBOW... YOU SHOULD SEE THIS :0)

In order to be a good leader, a person should have qualities that are positive and uplifting.  These qualities include an ability to motivate people, compassion, a strong will to succeed, and determination. When I imagine these qualities, I picture Tim Tebow.  He is someone who in my eyes is an excellent leader.
Tim Tebow is a good motivator.  He plays quarterback so he’s the one that calls the offensive shots on the field.  As a Florida Gator, he lead his team to the championship almost every year.  He pushes his team to win by telling them to never give up or quit.  He also influences the fans to be good people and live an honest life by being a good role model himself.  These characteristics make Tim Tebow a good person to have in charge because he is who I think of when I hear the word “leader.” 
Tim Tebow is also compassionate.  He has a foundation that helps kids in need, which is called the Tim Tebow Foundation.  He does missionary work in the Phillippines as well, where he shares his love of Christ with the children he works with.  Tim is a Christian man who values religion and family more so than football. All of these admirable values show me that Tim Tebow is a superior leader.
Finally, Tim Tebow is a determined athlete.  No matter what the score is, he always plays like the score is zero to zero.  He doesn’t quit; he works hard and practices every day.  He always gives 110%.  Tim has a strong will and a desire to succeed, which are both qualities of a good leader. I look up to Tim Tebow because he clearly is someone who knows how to guide people to success.
In conclusion, I think good leaders are hard to come by, and I definitely think that Tim Tebow is one of a kind.  He contains all of the qualities I see in a leader.  Tim has an ability to inspire everyone around him.  He also has a soft side that helps him to be a good leader. Tim is a very determined man who helps those in need. Tim Tebow is a phenomenal man and leader.

Ummmm... I don't know about you... but I am WAY IMPRESSED!  Can we say AWESOME JOB ALEX!


Nick Clark - for his mom she is having a single Mastectomy for her breast cancer
Jessica and Ricky Glass
The Hagan/Guerra family 

These families are in need of our prayers, please add them to your prayer lists... Lord wrap your arms around these families and bring them peace and comfort.  Meet their needs as we lift them up in prayer.  You  are in charge and we humbly bow at your feet and sit in the passenger seat.  You are in control and I have total faith in you that you have a plan that was already set in motion before we were born.  Thank you God for the many blessings you bestow upon us and thank you for the HUGE miracle of Alex Ross' life.  We can do all things thru YOU Lord and I pray that you give these families the strength to get thru whatever it is that they are needing at this time.  I love you and I give you all the honor and the glory....THANK YOU..AMEN!

I feel like I am leaving things out... if I remember I will certainly add them to my next post.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers... we still have a very long way to go.... the trial is coming up and I imagine it's going to get worse before it gets better.  I stand strong behind my boy and will continue to focus on the positives in our lives.  The storm will be over soon and then EVERYONE involved will be able to begin the healing process and try to regain some sense of normalcy.... if that is even such a thing anymore.  I have come to realize that my son will NEVER EVER be the same person he was prior to January 6th.  Mentally, the Alex Ross that I knew and loved passed away on january 6th, 2010.  HOWEVER... the pieces of Alex Michael Ross that I do have.... I am so very very thankful for and God... WOW... you amaze me as well as Alex on the miracles daily that I see before my very eyes.  ALEX.... MOMMA LOVES YOU AND I AM SO VERY PROUD OF YOU AND THE MIRACLE THAT YOU ARE!  KEEP WORKING HARD.... God has great things in store for you and you will be running around before you know it!