On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Friday, July 30, 2010


WOW.... what a crazy crazy morning with Mr. Alex!  We were up and out just like I planned... thanks to Carly and Kristen helping me pack the boy up, dress him, wheelchair in trunk on the road.... right on time... 7:30am.  In we go... nurses were awesome, as always Alex charms them with his uncanny wit and dazzling smile!  GraceAnne  "GRAY" was our nurse this morning and Alex may have captured her heart forever.... she was a sweetheart!  Of course he shared his story and she was simply AMAZED and in awe of what a true miracle Alex is.  After being admitted Gray, she found us a room in the back with a tv and a curtain :0)  We got settled in for our 2 hour wait and in walked Miss Nurse Kelly Johnson....Alex finally met his match, lol.  SHE WAS AWESOME and whatever he dished out, she gave right back, lol.  He told her of all his demands... where the IV was to be placed, how they were to put him to sleep first before sticking him with the IV, not to give him a catheter... etc.  In comes Dr. Collins, the anesthesiologist with Michael Heart the other nurse assisting in the procedure.  He again informed Dr. Collins what he was to do and with a smile and great bedside manner, he agreed to Alex's wishes.  Alex was a trooper going in and Nurse Kelly gave him a Gator Surgical hat to wear into surgery and as a keepsake!  HE IS SPOILED ROTTEN, always has these nurses at his beck and call!

Thank you Kelly for your sweet disposition and giving Alex heck back when he so deserved it!  You made his anxiety go away and had him smiling and laughing the whole time we were in pre op!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

We waved goodbye to Alex as she rolled him into the back.... "I love you"... "I love you too mom".... a 15 minute procedure... I have time to go to the new chick fil A downstairs in Wolfsons as I am starving at this point.  I get my food, sit down and my phone rings.  It's my girlfriend Cindy Young... "Girl, where are you?"... "I'm in chick fil A, why?"..."THEY HAVE BEEN PAGING THE FAMILY OF ALEX ROSS".... OMG... are you kidding me!!!  A bit of a little scare... wrap it all up, head back up stairs... all sorts of things running thru my mind... Alex's is freaking out? The medicine made him sick? Could he be done already?..... I get back up there... I had not signed the consent form!  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  Minor heart attack for nothing!  Anyways.... i signed the paper... procedure was done quicker than I imagined .... they come and get us..... we go back there.... ALEX'S MIND AND WORDS ARE ALLLLLL OVER THE PLACE, LOL!  

"I made it, I'm Alive".... "Botox procedure was a success, my arm feels fantastic, thank you God for letting me wake up and for making the procedure a success, give me a hug, I love you, *9 kisses to forehead, then 9 to left cheek then 9 to right cheek*.... *sit up in the bed rocking back and forth stating he was doing his abs..... waving at everyone passing by the room calling them in there to give him a hug .... even people he did not know, lol.... CRAZY, ERRATIC.... ALL OVER THE PLACE LOONEY!  He had us cracking up.... I guess he was still coming down from the anesthesia!  He is already over the top without adding anything else, lol.

Soooo All in all it was a very successful day with Alex's procedure.  Doc says it will take 2-3 days to kick in... he had a total of 11 shots.... I think 8 in the arm and 2 in his ham string all left side.  Time will tell... prayers needed that this is what it is going to take to get that left side back in working order!

Once we got home... it was time for date day with Chad... movies and shopping :0)... Kristen and Boo watched Alex... THANK YOU!  We went to see Dinner with the Scmucks..... I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars..... wait for DVD... but I REALLY enjoyed my time with my hubby and it was nice to get away.... away from the everyday hustle and bustle.... just relax and enjoy time much needed together!

This is where my happy blog... turns to a more serious note with MANY MANY MANY PRAYERS NEEDED TODAY!  
Two very very precious people passed away today and my heart aches for the families involved.

MRS. HAGAN....Precious Mother, Wife and GMA to some of my favorite peeps... ,slowly drifted into eternity without any suffering with the comfort of her family this morning.  May God comfort you with the many awesome memories that I know you have and bring peace to your heart knowing she is walking on streets of Gold with our Heavenly Father.  I LOVE YA'LL!

AUSTIN BAKER, 13/14....  neighbor of ours and friend of Brooks', passed away this morning as well.  I got the phone call while I was on my date with Chad and all I could do was cry!  Although I didn't get to know Austin on more of a personal level... in passing he always waved and smiled, very courteous, beautiful smile and hair like Alex and Boo.  Brooks knew him from class however became closer since we moved in our new neighborhood and would play basketball sometimes.... walk together from  bus stop, I even gave em a ride a couple of times.  You know how close this hits to home with my situation with Alex.  My heart melts for his parents and little sister.... I cannot fathom the pain they are feeling this very minute.  I don't even know what to write as I sit here with tears streaming down my face.... I am deeply saddened and truly sorry for the WAY TO EARLY loss of a son.  I want to run over there and hug his momma and cry with her!  I wanna be there for her.... even though I don't know what to say.... she was so kind when we came home from the hospital... always saying if there is anything anyone can do, please let them know... glad to see we were back from the hospital.... always asking how Alex was doing.... It just doesn't seem fair!  I never questioned God about Alex's incident... never asked why just trusted that he was going to let me keep my son.  I sit here tonight, tears streaming... asking God why?  How crazy I never questioned him about my own.... but want to understand this tonight?!  Please pray for their family.... give them peace and comfort..... such a short life which makes it hard to understand or comprehend why things happen the way they do.  We take life for granted... I can't say it enough.  Hug those babies... hug them again..... and when you think you have done it enough.... DO IT AGAIN!  Say I love you as many times a day as you want!  This family was always together.... always doing things together... tight nit.... always laughing and enjoying life.  GOD BLESS YOU BAKER FAMILY.... words cannot express how much I feel for your family tonight and how sad our family is by your loss.  You are in our thoughts and prayers today, tomorrow and always!  WE LOVE YOU AND WILL CERTAINLY MISS AUSTIN! xoxoxo

In closing tonight.... of course I am feeling more blessed than ever to be able to look over and see my handsome boy sleeping... breathing... alive.  I don't have the answers to any of this craziness today... why my son was spared and other loved ones taken to be with our Father.... but I do know that God has awesome plans for my boy ..... this plan was set in motion before he was born.... God has a plan for each and every one of us.  I am truly sorry for the loss of these loved ones and my heart goes out to the ones left behind.  God Bless you all..... you are in my prayers and my prayer warriors will be busy praying as well.  

With a heavy heart.....
Peace~Love~N~Thumbs Up!