On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, August 2, 2010


WHAT A NIGHT!  WHEW!  TEAM ALEX... YOU ROCK!  Sooo proud of all of us.... especially me for finishing without dying lol!  The best part of the race was coming down over the main street bridge and seeing Alex there cheering me on, waiting for a high five.... Gave me the inspiration to finish hard and not walk the rest of the race, hahahahaha!  He soooo wanted to do the race with me and have me push him thru the race... I tried to explain in terms he could understand that I had a hard time getting MYSELF thru the race .... let alone push his tater tot behind up and over TWO bridges, lol!  Heck, I could barely push myself up and over!  BUT I DID... and now can check that off of my bucket list!  Next in line... THE TOUR DE PAIN.. Yes I must be crazy!  I'm only doing it for the T-Shirt...hahahhaha!  Here are a few pics from the race.... I am putting a slideshow to the left to get them all in:


Granny and Alex before the race finding their spot to cheer us on!

It was a great night.... ending at Chicago Pizza at the Landing then home to shower and snooze.  

Today poor Chad had to get up and go to work... I wouldn't ......probably couldn't have gotten up to do that.  I got up around 9 which is LATE for me... I must have really been pooped.... jumped in the shower and headed to church for some good ole one on one with JESUS!  I am feeling refreshed, rejuvenated.... stronger than ever to face the challenges of this week.... until TONIGHT... when the electricity went out and Alex went into full fledge.... FREAKOUT, crazy mode.  Erratic is a subtle description lol.  He just couldn't grasp that the breakers did NOT control why the lights wouldn't come on.  Insisting on being in his chair so he could roll around and flip light switch after light switch, break into the pantry and try to eat everything in there because his brain still does not tell him when he is full.... he just got the best of me tonight and I really thought I had it all together today!  It didn't help that I was in the middle of cooking a nice little steak meal for our FAMILY night.... Sunday is our family night where the boys pick what they want to eat, we cook and make it a point to all sit down together, eat and catch up.... bonding time if you will.  I go out to cook the steaks on the grill... it lit but wasn't getting hot... the steaks sat on there for 20 minutes and didn't change one bit, lol.  As I go to take them off and bring them in house to broil in the oven... the electricity goes out and Alex freaks out... all simultaneously.  Chad gets this bright idea that we can cook over our firepit, lol.  We break out the ONE firelog we have... I'm paranoid we will have some toxic crap cook into our steaks from the log... he has me get a cookie sheet and begins to cook the steaks on the fire pit, hahahahah.  then as me get the olive oil... yeah that will make it better.... sizzle sizzle... slowly cooking....  all the while Alex is inside.....He went into 4 year old mode... and if took a sip of a drink, had to pee.  Wanted in his chair, then back on sofa, then back in chair, back to sofa... finally we got tired of playing his game and he decided he was going to show us he was going to get into his chair by himself... NOT... down he went, on his knees.. crazy kid!  Gotta love him for trying but always learning the hard way!  Begging me to flip the breakers and the lights would come back on..... turn the ceiling fan on...it's hot in here... turn the TV on, it's boring... just not grasping the concept that JEA had to fix it before it was going to come back on.  Giving orders... " I AM STARVING", "I NEED A DRINK", "I HAVE TO PEE".... "no Alex"... "WELL THEN I HAVE TO POOP"...take him to the bathroom... of course he didn't have to poop, just had a drizzle and because I wouldn't get the urinal jug that was his way of manipulating the situation to get what he wanted.  Even though I put my armor on this morning and got a GREAT dose of my Lord and Savior... Alex got underneath every ounce of my skin and pushed my buttons till I thought I was going to crack.  So I walk outside to see if the neighbors have electricity and they don't :0), as if I didn't know, lol.... but none the less a reason to get out of the house... neighbor drives by and we chat... in conversation I catch myself telling him... how thankful I am that I have him to get pissed at, lol.   How blessed I am that he is still here with me and it all just seems to dissipate..... until the door opens and he yells " MOM... COME HERE".... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, lol.  I am human... every day is a challenge at best.... not only the physical aspects of this but the MENTAL craziness we all endure.  One minute he is 17.... in the blink of an eye .. he is 4.  You almost have to have multiple personalities to play the game, lol.  Please don't get me wrong....  I know how lucky and blessed I am to have this precious boy of mine alive... but we go through everyday trying to get thru the mental issues and it is exhausting trying to get your point across to a 17 year old with a 4 year old mentality and who doesn't understand the word NO.  Brooks was getting a full dose of it today in the backseat on our way back from Target and ended up just breaking down in laughter!  Thank God!  It's funny but it's not funny at the same time.  Long story short.. electricity came back on midway thru cooking the steaks, we came back inside and cooked them in the oven on broil.... I started dinner at 5:00pm we sat down to eat at 8:30pm... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

The BOTOX apparently will take days to kick in..... I haven't seen any differences yet, maybe we will see something at therapy tomorrow.  We have an appointment at 8:30am here at the house... someone from the hospital homebound school re-entry program is coming to asses his vision... of which I already know is going to be a problem in school.  Anywho... she is coming here to do her own evaluation and Alex told me to tell her she could come after 9 and no earlier, lol... of course I had to explain that we are on her schedule she is not on ours.  This should be interesting at 8:30 am with Alex Michael Ross... she is certainly in for a treat!

Please continue to pray for the family of Austin Baker... my heart aches for his momma.... Miss Elizabeth I am here for you... we love you guys and we are praying hard for peace and comfort.  Lean on HIM... he wants you too!

Lord... you and I had a great talk this morning... I loved our bonding time in your house.  I ask that you please give me strength and help me to cope with Alex's brain injury.... some days are harder than others... I want to be in control of my emotions and not let them get the best of me.  Let my light continue to shine... keep that smile shining bright on my face.... let YOUR words flow from me.  Please hold my hand and walk with me as I want to walk with you...I pray that those who don't know you or believe you exist, hear of Alex's story and realize the TRUE MIRACLE that you performed on my precious boy.  Thank you , thank  you, thank you a million times over for the many many blessings in my life... my husband, my family, my friends, my new friends that you have brought into our lives since this.... for the many blessings yet to come that I know are in store for us.  Alex is your vessel and he will do great things for you!!!!  I feel you all around me and I am lucky ... soooo lucky to have you in my life.  My hope is for many to follow in suit and have  you in their heart.  There is no greater joy... no better feeling... I know this after leaving your house this morning.  You are an awesome God and you just wait and see.... ME, ALEX AND YOU.... WE GOT THIS.... EVERYONE I KNOW WILL SEE IT, BELIEVE IT... AND RECEIVE YOU AS THEIR LORD AND SAVIOR.  In Jesus name I pray... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEN!