On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011



Alex has been busting his butt and working extremely hard practicing getting ready for prom!  March 25th is the magical day and he has a countdown on his iphone for that and Hawaii which is 2 days after prom.  I am..  so proud of how hard he has been working.... superman speed recovery.  Dreams Come True has set our Celebration of Life Party with them for March 21st ... Big Day for us where they announce our trip and tell Alex all what they have planned for his dream.  MUCH DESERVED... for the whole family and all we have been thru this past year NO DOUBT!  Big stuff coming up ahead... can't wait!

I don't have the site up and running for those of you that were able to come out to our Celebration this past weekend and take a picture with Alex.  I will have it done by this weekend so please forgive me that it is not done as of yet.  Just a tad busy with Mr. Alex, school and getting in the routine with the whole new therapy schedule.  We are some busy busy bee's with little down time.  We met with his psychologist on Tuesday and I am excited to report that THIS IS WHAT HAS BEEN MISSING.... the missing links if you will.  I truly have a great feeling about his new day therapy treatment plan and think that he will be really benefiting and getting the most out of this for a FULL REVCOVERY!  He will be in this program for 16 weeks and he is going to learn what is appropriate and what is not...what he can say and what he can not.  She asked him and I both 3 things that he needed to work on.... PATIENCE, IMPULSIVITY and FILTER.  If we can just get one of those things worked out it will be a HUGE impact on our everyday lives.  I was told he had a GREAT day on Tuesday which is a big difference from last week.  Last week he was kind of all over the place.... a big change in his normal routine and anxiety galore.  Crazy how our brains work and what triggers certain things.... my quirkly little brain injured boy how you amaze me so!

Today we had a visit with Alex's neurosurgeon a post cat scan visit if you will to discuss what she saw in the scan.  She popped in for a second before she had to leave for an emergency meeting.... I caught bits and pieces of what she was saying... the right side of the brain...evidently dead...ventricles smaller, brain on top of ventricle ...something about possible collapsing....did I notice swelling a little more?...... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh I'm still lost, lol.  I need to call her and ask her what she was saying because I'm kinda freaked out a little.  The last things I  do remember were... Alex...NO ZIP LINING, lol and then he said..."No more surgeries right?"... she said... "Heck NO".  Sooooooo, I guess my mind was eased some but she ordered another cat scan for April and said... "I'm not going to treat the cat scan...I'm going to go by how he looks and feels.  If you see any personality change or headaches or swelling let me know, but other than that...I'm going to treat him and not the cat scan."  WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST?!  If you remember in the beginning of my blogging days.... Dr. Tepaz made that statement the day after the left side of Alex's brain stroked in the front and the back and I was told he wouldn't make it past 7 days.  LORD.... it's all in your hands... we have come so far and I know you have a plan... great things are in store for Alex and his testimony of your miracles.  Please continue to heal Alex from head to toe and whatever is going on inside that brain of his.... heal it and make it right.  We have come so very far to take any steps backwards and I ask you right now to please take any worries off of my shoulders and give me peace of mind that we are still marching in a forward direction.  Thank you so very much for your many blessings on a daily basis.  We are living proof of what you are capable of Lord and I give you all the glory, honor and praise for the miracle of Alex Ross and his second chance at life.  AMEN.

If anyone got a video of Alex going down the snow slide at the celebration will you please send it to me?

We are going to get fitted for his tux tomorrow after therapy.... so exciting... I can only imagine what the heck he is going to want to wear, lol.  He has already insisted he wants the top hat and cane....hahahahahaha.... Don't be surprised if he wants to wear one of the dumb and dumber tux's from the movie with all the ruffles and everything, lol!  I'll take pics and post.... you know you wanna see!!

Have a great day!!