On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, February 22, 2010


I have so many thank you's to give out for today's events!  Because there were two events... I need to give a good bit of shout outs so I am going to list them below... that doesn't make them any less significant... just easier for me to do:

Thank you for hosting the two fundraisers on behalf of Alex today... As I could see, the bowling was a huge hit and from what Chad tells me... so was the Golf tournament.  Next I want to thank you to all those that donated gifts to raffle off and such... I don't have the list from Miss Jill just yet to give full recognition so I will do what I can remember today from the bowling alley and fill in the rest with tomorrow's blog.  Let me not forget ALL THE PEOPLE that showed up to participate in both of these events.... we couldn't have done it without your support!

Special Thanks to: The Gainey Family, Jaguars, Kathy's Creations, Trade Secrets, Hooters, Ruth Chris Steak House, Rhonda Wright/Fran's Salon and Boutique,The Garcia Family,Vinnie Le, Jay Davis, Fredie Girgis, Chad Greene, Rachel Trimble, The Loop/OP Wells Road, Firehouse Subs/Normandy Blvd., Terry Roundtree/Treemendous BBQ,Longhorn/OP Blanding Blvd, Amelia National, Amelia River,Queens Harbor Charles Raulerson/OP Country Club.  THANK YOU!

I may be adding to this list tomorrow so if I have missed you please forgive me as it is late and I am trying to get everyone thanked that names were given to me.

I had an awesome time at the bowling alley and when I got back here and told Alex what I bowled he cracked a smile big enough to see his dimple!  I stunk but had a GREAT TIME!   It was great to meet and greet so many people.... alot of old friends that I haven't seen in awhile but need to make sure I do better at staying in touch with in the future.   I was amazed at how every lane was full and enjoyed seeing everyone with their kids... having some good ole FAMILY FUN!  Alex would have LOVED to have been there... he loves to bowl....and would have been the center of attention even before this all happened.  THANK YOU ALL....FOR COMING OUT TODAY AND SUPPORTING... AND HANGING OUT WITH ME!

Chad shared that he was "moved by the turnout of people who were at the golf tournament  just to give or help out in supporting Alex's needs".  He said there were people there not even keeping score... just playing for the cause and the fun of it!  "I was amazed at the people willing to take time out and give on behalf of our little superman".... he said.  He stated that he really enjoyed spending time with his dad and brother Chad Greene.....family time for the others in our life... that is hard to find these days.  He also enjoyed meeting new friends and was really touched by the people that said they were following our story on here and shared how inspired they are and are all pulling for Alex.  Chad and I are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends that were so fired up in doing these fundraisers to help our family out this weekend.  YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME AND WE THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!  Saturday and Sunday's events have truly touched our hearts because of the outpour of love and support not just from family and friends... but by people we don't even know but have now grown to love!  Jacksonville has now become part of our family... as well as many other cities and states across the country.... and that, we want you to know, is a GREATER WEALTH to us.... and one that will be with us for the rest of our lives!!!  So thank you.... so very very much.... you will never ever know just what you have given to this family .... outside of your donations..... way much more than that!

As far as Alex today... well he is showing more and more personality and emotions today than ever!  VERY VERY SWEET and SPICY today at the same time!!  He insisted on having me IN his bed tonight to lay with him.... then proceeded to put his arm around me to hug me and puckered up those sweet angel lips to kiss me!  And then when I say " I love you" he comes back with "I love you more"!  He told Chad he wanted him to bust him outta here....I said " you gonna leave me here?"  He said " NO, you are coming with us!"  He has become a vanilla pudding junkie and probably eats about 4-5 a day, lol!  He wants no other kind.. we have tried to fool him with banana cream and tapioca and he ain't buying it.... he just wants vanilla, lol!  While we were out today he had physical therapy... yes on the weekends too.... they basically just worked with stretching his lower extremities out.... that left leg was bothering him again today.  This afternoon he had recreational therapy...this is his fun therapy session... he played "Outburst" with his big brother Robert and some other patients here.  Robert said Alex was kicking butt and coming up great words like "clarinet".  Brett, Brandi and Rachel stopped by for a little visit tonight and he rapped some "Lil Boosie" song for them that he had downloaded on my iphone.  They were in awe!  How crazy that he remembers some of the things he remembers when we all think he shouldn't be remembering anything!  He is an amazing little fighter and we just keep telling him how proud we are of him and that he will be going home soon.  He even said he was proud of himself tonight and that he is trying but that therapy is really hard and it sucks...lol.  I will tell you that Alex is speaking nothing but the truth these days... he doesn't hold back what he feels and will tell you exactly how it is.  He tells us to stop talking.... he tells Randi she is annoying... he told Nick to get away from his bed.... he tells us he is the boss, he told Chad that he is his number 1 and mom is number 2 and vice versa to me about Chad......and everyday I ask him...."When are you going home Alex?"  He always responds with... "TOMORROW"!!!

He will never give up.... he gives it 110% everyday .... even when he doesn't want to.  I AM SO VERY PROUD OF YOU.... YOU ARE MY #1... YOU ARE MY HERO...TODAY, TOMORROW AND ALWAYS!




PS.... a special little shout out to the Brannan Family for continuing to parent Brooks and be his family away from home!  You guys are the best and we thank you for all that you do every day without expecting anything in return.  WE LOVE YOU, appreciate you and nothing you do goes unnoticed!  THANK YOU!  Chad says you have SUSHI for life, lol.... just let him know when you want it... you now have your own personal Sushi Chef!!  xoxo