On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Alex woke today with quite a lot of tone in his left side today and has had a headache all day today for some reason.  He tested me at lunch today when he asked me to flush his g-tube..... which when he eats.... food from his stomach that he has eaten comes up into the tube, looks grosse and he just wants it flushed back into his stomach.  Well when you open the top of the tube, it smells like throw up...and guess what... YUP... you guessed it... he took the tube and dumped it on himself... NICE!!  He thinks he is hurting me or bothering me when he does this.... well... I had enough and told him he better call the nurse to clean him up... I was leaving and not cleaning him up.... as he thought I would... and WE LEFT, lol.  I had to take some of his clothes back that I bought him because "roley poley" here.. can NO longer wear size 16!  For his party he had to wear his new white shorts unzipped,lol... you couldn't tell because we pulled his shirt over them but I couldn't even come close to getting them zipped let alone buttoned lol!  Well... as soon as I got back and up the stairs... no longer had i been here when Nick called , he was on his way home and his tire blew out somewhere on 301 in the middle of nowhere!  First thing I said was... Lord please watch over Nick until I can get there.  He tried to change the tire but the jack was only sinking into the dirt and not lifting the car so He decided he was going to try to drive it to the nearest store, place or whatever he could find and try to get it fixed.  He calls 5 minutes later... donut is on the car and he is headed my way... whew ok great!  I was already on my way to meet him but ok, I'll turn around.  No sooner had I got back to the parking lot, he called again because now his passenger door wasnt closing, the latch was broken and it wouldn't even close at all! Oh yeah, and the donut is FLAT!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?    WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS! That's all I need is for some crazy to pick him up or stop at his car in the middle of nowhere and he was by himself!  Soooooo, here I go.. Mom to the rescue!  Randi stayed here, I picked up Poppa Dillard and we headed to save Nick!  I don't have enough on my plate as it is... now I am worrying about Nick being safe, thankful he was ok and didn't wreck when the tread blew off of the car.....worried that Alex will be mean to Randi while I am gone.... not wanting to leave but wanting to leave all in the same breath..... why can't I just be a genie and make it all better with the blink of my eye or snap of my fingers, lol?  Orrrr, maybe we can clone me and I can be with all three of my boys and husband at the same time... yeah that's it!  We drive thru stark and realize that we passed a tire place, turn around.... they have a tire, but no rim.  Well we can't show up with a tire and no rim because we have no way to get the tire on his rim of his car!  Guy tells us to go to WalMart ...ok... cool ... they have tire & lube express.... maybe if they don't have a rim, ATLEAST they will have a donut that we can put on the car right? WRONG!  They have tire, no rim, no donut tire. No Good! Ok God.... are you testing me again, lol?  You threw me for a loop yesterday, you could atleast take it easy on me today, haha!  The guy sends us across the street to some tractor tire place... yes... I said tractor tire place, lol.  What the heck.. at this point we will try anything!  Guy has nothing for us...thank you very much and have a nice day! NOT!  Soooo at this point... we decided just to head to Nick and we will asses the situation when we get there because we were having NO luck with getting a tire before hand!  We finally get to Nick about 6:30... 2 hours later when he was only like an hour away  poor thing.... his tire is still full but all of the tread is completely gone... THANK YOU GOD for keeping him safe with no accident involved because it could have been ugly!  We follow Nick to WalMart and get the tire changed out... $.150 later we are on our way back to Jacksonville.... Nick is home for Alex's 17th birthday!  HAPPY HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY SWEET HANDSOME BOY!  We get to sign him out for dinner tomorrow... well today being it is 12:09am!  Taking him to his favorite restaurant with the family and he is looking forward to eating... IMAGINE THAT, HA!  Randi and I have to start packing up this room... we will need a UHAUL to get all this stuff home lol!

Sorry not much info on Alex today.... Nick just so happened to be today's focus, lol! Always an adventure in our family and never a dull moment!

Randi tells me that I get to learn to walk with alex and he quad cane today.... should be interesting lol.  signing off for some much needed sleep as I was so wound up yesterday with all my drama that I didn't get to sleep till 2am and Alex was up at 7!  I am tired :0/