On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yucky Rainy Day!

Back to the grinding stone today.... actually a somewhat peaceful morning at home, getting ready and out the door... our usual routine with no dilemmas ....thank you God!  We actually left a little early, Alex wanted some cini minnies at BK... we got to Brooks by 8:30am ...TOO EARLY... he got a little anxious when he realized no one was there.... even though I sat with him... for some reason he became all RAINMAN on me with a million questions... all over the place... very anxious... nervous... wanted me to stay with him today... just weird.  Originally we had planned to go to a luncheon at Shands but none of our nurses that took care of him were going to be there so I didn't want to pull him out of productive therapy to sit with people we didn't know (no offense to anyone that went that we missed)... he just has had sooooo many appointments that we haven't gotten a FULL WEEK of therapy yet, I don't think!  So I left thinking I was going to pick him up at 11am.. and so did he.  I got a phone call... no nurses I knew were going to be there so I decided to come back home and get some house work done while he was away!  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Of course, I called Brooks to let them know he would now be staying all day... and naturally he called me back ....HOWEVER... was ok with staying... just had his questions of who, what, where and why not kinda thing.  So I go back to pick him up.... he is all excited to show me how far he walked today with his new shoes and brace... with assistance of therapist of course and I WAS VERY IMPRESSED!  I'm telling you now if he keeps that up... he will be back to walking in no time!  Miss Debbie brought us dinner...POPEYES at Mr. Alex's request:0).... THANK YOU.. Travis brought Amelia by to see Alex because she can now say his name... funny she was scared to death of him the whole time she was here, lol.  So my company leaves and I check my voicemails... A CALL FROM DAY TREATMENT... His psychologist.... apparently Alexander showed himself at therapy today!  Well because it was so late... I didn't have a chance to call her back so this is what I have to look forward to first thing tomorrow as we walk in... PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE... ugh!  Can't wait to fill you all in on this one... not looking forward to hearing how bad he was today:0(  Can I blame it on the rain?  

Heading off to bed... early rise in the morning.... it will be cereal for Alex until his behavior improves at school.  Consequences and guidelines.... I'm putting my armor on tonight and getting ready for battle tomorrow!  Alexander.... you will be going home for good this go round!

Positive thought for tonight... TRACH COMES OUT WEDNESDAY! Yay... IIIIIIIII have something to look forward too, lol!


This is the sweet Alex I am going to picture as I lay my head on my pillow!