On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Friday, June 11, 2010


We started out day out at the ENT office for a one week post op appt to see how the healing is progressing and make sure nothing is going wrong in there :o)

We got a great report as Dr. Beck looked in his throat with a light and this mirror headpiece thingamabob!  He says that all the mucus secretions that Alex has been coughing up is totally normal because of the large amount of tissue that was removed in order to form a bigger airway so he can breath.  He capped him today, (covered the trach) to show me that his breathing was soooo much better (his words exactly) and said that he is almost positive that the trach will be coming out as soon as healing is complete! HALLELUJAH... CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!  THANK YOU GOD!  It has been a miserable week for Alex as well as everyone of us having to take care of him for he is obsessed with the whole rinsing and spitting thing and it will drive an insane person crazy!  Miss Amy, Dr. Becks assistant... whom Alex loves dearly and admires her daughters pics everytime we go into her office lol.... insisted she take his number and have her daughters text him! hahahaha!  She tried a couple of things with him today... so sweet and very concerned with Alex and how he is progressing... always puts Alex at ease when we are in the office for our visits.  She and Dr. Beck seemed very pleased with Alex's healing at this point and gave me such a sense of relief that this operation is worth the cause.  She also stated that because she could hear noise in his cough... she is positive he will have some voice once it is all healed up.  As of now... you can only hear a whisper.  His eating and drinking are still not where they need to be... I have to threaten him getting another G-tube to get him to eat... which is crazy because you all know how much he LOVES to eat!  They assured me over the next couple of weeks it will get easier and he should be back on track.  Our next visit is July 8th (Randi's birthday) ;0)

Speaking of Randi... yes she is back and we are sooo happy to have her!  Today was pamper day for Alex who insisted on going to the mall to shop for me and my birthday and to get a pedicure with the girls.... me, Randi and Carly... Aaron my nephew is staying with us also and was Alex's butler for the day... bless his heart.. he works hard for Alex!  So off we go... Carly met us at the Avenues mall and the 4 of us got pedicures... what a trip Alex was.  OVERSTIMULATED is not the word... he was driving all the ladies in there crazy until I decided to tell them his story.  Once they saw the blog picture... they all knew who he was and suddenly you could see their patience and understanding come out.  I couldn't enjoy my pedicure because he was so intense in the chair with his water, and spitting and moving his feet knocking towels in the water....etc.  At one point.. she had a zip lock bag of m & m's on the shelf next to him and he just grabbed them and was going to start eating them... I think,lol.  I told him to put them back, he said "NO, I can have them"... I said "Alex, they are hers"... He said.. "She don't care".. he looks at her and says.. "Can't I have some?"... OMG... I need to video him one time so all of you can see what I am talking about and experience it with me,lol.  Randi as well as Carly , cannot believe the change in his irratic behavior but it all comes with everytime we have an operation... we take a couple steps backwards until the pain is gone.  He doesn't complain... he just acts out.. it's the craziest thing.  But we made it thru the pedicure... of course she was only able to work on his right side, he asked her not to touch his left leg, lol... it is still hypersenstivie...but he did allow her to clip his toe nails, thank God!  In the picture Alex looks so at ease.... that was before the pedicure began, lol!

While I was getting my nails done, he went shopping in the mall for mom.... he was soooo excited he bought me a present he comes in the salon... and puts this wrapped jewelry box on his lap.  He then begins unwrapping it... I said "Alex.. wait till Saturday for my birthday...."  he said "NO" , close your eyes you are opening it now" as he continues to open the present with his one good hand and mouth, lol until he has totally unwrapped it... and then tells me to close my eyes.  It is a diamond tennis bracelet.... HE IS SO PROUD and was very insitant with me as well as the sales lady I am told... that he wanted REAL DIAMONDS for his momma... "No fake $hit" as he so boldy put it!  HOW PRECIOUS IS HE!  Funny thing is...once he gave it to me, the thrill was over and he looks at me and says... "Now, give me some more money please"... I asked for what... "So I can go buy ME something now"... hahahahahaha... LOVE HIM!

From the mall we venture to Fran's Boutique and Salon on the westside where I get my hair did when I can find the time....  Miss Rhonda treated me last time with a gift certificate....precious :0)  Alex decided on the way home that he wants to get his hair did at Miss Frans..... he wants a "fade"... whatever that is for crew cuts???  Anywho... we roll up, get him out... Miss Brandi Cope is the lucky lady who gets to tackle the task!  She was awesome with him... Miss Kim and Jessie.. jumping hoops for alex to get him some water and spit cup, lol... CAN YA'LL COME HOME WITH ME, LOL!   We get him to the shampoo bowl...HE LOVED IT!  he was actually the most RELAXED I have seen him yet... other than sedation, ha ha!

As he is getting his shampoo that he insisted on having.. he decides he no longer wants his hair cut... he wants to sit under the dryer!  WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST???  Where does he conjur up these things???  So we get him under the dryer... 1 minute later... "I need to get outta here... this dryer is making me dehydrated"... hahahahaha... THAT BRAIN IS A QUIRKY THING.  That was our adventure for the day... Aaron and Randi are both tuckered out and in the bed... I'm right behind them!