On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alex gets evaluated for reentry to School!

Duval County School Board sent a physical and occupational therapist to evaluate Alex to see where he is at with his recovery and what special needs he will need upon going back to school.  Special needs such as.... bathroom facilitation, transferring from wheelchair to desk, assistance with walking, an assistant to help with reading/explaining assignments, etc.  I'm not quite sure Alex is ready to be in a classroom setting as I have said before... I think it will overstimulate him and he will not be able to focus...too many things going on in the classroom for him to question or cut up, lol.  I am going to speak to his doctor to see if we can't get him back onto his ADHD meds and see if that helps him focus a little more.  With a traumatic brain injury, I am told it intensified his ADHD by like 100, lol!  NICE!  Those of you that have known him since he was little... you can only imagine what I am talking about, ha!  He did great at therapy yesterday... as always... he was showing out a little because he knew he was under observation... imagine that!  Below are some of the video's I was able to take after the evaluators left. 

The below 2 videos are of him trying to learn to balance, strengthen and trust that left leg.  This part of the therapy was a little uneasy for him as this was a NEW thing introduced to him yesterday.  By next week we should see a huge improvement as she works with him more.  He still had a great attitude... always with a smile...THANK YOU GOD!

This is my favorite and I could watch it over and over.... he has come such a long way since January!  So proud of you ALEX MICHAEL ROSS!

It looks as if Alex will be taking 5-6 classes online from the house this first half of the school year.  My goal is for him to be back in school by January so that he can experience Prom and graduation with his friends.  NORMALCY!  In speaking with the evaluators... we all agreed it is beneficial for him to have some social interaction with kids his age, his friends, and get him back on track as he was before this happened.   As it looks now he will be taking, Geometry, Chemistry, Ecology, English IV, American History and possibly Algebra II.  LORD HELP US ALL!  This is where my TOTAL faith in GOD kicks into OVERDRIVE, lol!  He's bringing me to it..... He will bring us through it!  We get 4 hours of a hospital homebound teacher a week.  Tuesday and Thursdays from 9-11.... God Bless her, she is certainly in for a treat, lol.

We are heading to Tampa Friday for Nick's 21st birthday and looking forward to seeing all my college children that I have adopted since he began at USF!  Alex is always the life of the party when we go down there.... of course back then he was running up trees and walls doing back flips and jumping out of trees and such, but everyone is looking forward to seeing him and I think they will all be amazed how far he has come. You gotta see it in person to really appreciate and comprehend the gist of it.  The short videos that I post don't even come close.  It's to have a conversation with him.... and revel in his wit and the spontaneity of it and his humor..... GODS TRUE MIRACLE!

I probably won't blog until Sunday or Monday.... depending on what time we get back Sunday.  Thanks again to all those who continue to send me encouraging emails..... you are my little angels sent from Heaven!  LOVE YA'LL!

Please continue to pray for us.....THE PRAYERS ARE WORKING.  School is going to consume me and stress me out completely, lol!