On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back from Vacation... Back to Reality :0(

First of all I have TWO prayer requests

First:  Please pray for Jocelyn Battisti, she is the 17 year old girl that was shot in the head on sunday and in stable condition.  I can only imagine first hand how her parents and family are feeling at this point.  LORD PLEASE PLEASE wrap your arms around this beautiful girl and heal her from head to toe as I do not know what is in store for this young lady.  You are in control and we all know you have a plan.  Please bring a peace over this entire family and let them trust you and lean on you in this time of doubt.  If anyone of you are in contact with this family, please let them know that we are and will be continuously praying for them.  Alex is very concerned and wants to visit her and the family for some encouragement and optimism. 

Second:  Pray for Nicholas' fraternity brother, Doug Young's dad.  He has been in ICU for 2.5 weeks from a heart attack.  Nick asks that we pray that everything stays well and that he gets out of ICU soon.  Lord, you are capable of many things and we ask that you bless this man with your saving grace and continue to heal his heart and give him the strength to pull thru this.  Thank you Lord for your many many blessings... in Jesus name we pray... AMEN!

I feel like I haven't been on here in forever... my apologies!  I started this whole blog thing out to keep people informed with the TRUTH of his progress as many rumors were flying around school that he had passed or he was brain dead... paralyzed... you name it... it was being said.  So then it was more of an outlet for me... therapy if you will... to be able to talk about it and let all of his followers know how he was doing.  I have handled myself with class, or so I am told anyways, lol..... but sometimes you hear things or see things and it just wants to send me over the deep end and break my chain of class.  I refuse once again, to get off track and stoop to their level and respond..... so sometimes it is best for me to step away from the computer before I say things that may have me in a tailspin.  We decided to get away for the weekend with the boys and use our Seaworld vacation package that was given to us and what a GREAT weekend it was!  JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED!

We got there Saturday evening and hung around the hotel and watched some LSU football :0)
For those that don't know me, I am a huge LSU fan so it was nice to have a W... even if it was only by one touchdown, lol.  A win is a win!

Sunday we got up early, had our breakfast at the hotel and headed to Seaworld!  Alex was great... he enjoyed the day as did we!  We saw the Shamu and Dolphins shows... sat in the splash zone and didn't even get a drop of water on us, lol.  Chad and I rode the rollercoasters... Krakeen and The Manta.... OMG.  The Manta is NO JOKE and the G-Force was incredible!  I have never been scared on a coaster.... but that had me freaking out!  Of course, Alex told every single person he came in contact with his story.... from workers at the park to visitors from other countries that didn't even speak english, lol.  THOSE WERE THE BEST and there was A LOT OF THEM.... HA HA!  

I had taken Alex for his checkup with his Neurosurgeon, Dr. Vitarbo and got clearance to fly on airplanes but no clearance for roller coasters! Sooooooo let me tell you what happened at Seaworld, lol.  We see the "Journey to Atlantis" ride... I'm thinking ok this is cool... this is something that Alex can ride... It's a water ride... not really a roller coaster, sooooo let's do this!!!  We get rock star treatment with the wheelchair... fast pass if you will.... roll up, Chad lifts him up over and in the back seat with me.  Lap bar down and we are off!  Nice sweet little ride on the water in the tunnels... here comes the ramp to take us up for the drop.  Alex's face was priceless and he was excited that he was actually on this ride and the infamous drop was about to go down.  Hold on tight with your one hand... here we gooooooo.... down the drop, splash... we didn't get wet until we came around the bend where people can pay money to squirt you!  YES... Alex got the brunt of it and was cussing them out.... (not funny, but kinda, lol)  they don't know him... I can only imagine what they were thinking lol!   So the ride is over... NOT... I thought it was, but I was wrong.  Next thing I know the water is gone and we are on a track... A ROLLER COASTER TRACK... OMG!  I immediately start to freak, said a few choice words and kinda try to brace Alex's head from being jilted or thrown around.... Alex is laughing at me... hand in the air, doing his little "woot woot"... "Hell Yeah" dance... EXCITED it was now a roller coaster... I on the other hand.. WAS NOT!  So it brings us up into this dark tunnel and shoots us out and round about.... just a smidgen of a roller coaster so it wasn't anything what I thought it would be, lol.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack on the ride... stressing about Alex, lol.  Alex talks me and Chad into letting him ride again... hahahhaha.  We pull up to get off and Alex begs the guy to let us stay on and go one more time... HE DID!  Rock star treatment baby!  I wish I could have captured his face for all of you to see.... THE JOY... the excitement.... He was normal for 10 minutes on that ride... AMAZING FEELING for all of us!  I was glad I could give him that ONE THING that day that made him feel like he was his old self with no deficiencies or worries.  THANK YOU GOD FOR THAT!  We had an amazing day and we owe it all to Michael Munz from the Dalton Agency for giving us this incredible weekend!  THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH for giving us one of the most precious gifts we could ever ask for... TIME AWAY FROM REALITY!  MUCH MUCH NEEDED!

You know Alex thinks he is BFF's with Tim and Robbie Tebow... funny story I must share.  Alex was talking on his phone today and I walk up to see who he is talking too and I notice it's Robbie Tebow's name on his phone... OMG... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  He called Robbie to ask him if he could hang out with Tim when Tim came home this weekend for the game. HAHAHAHAHA.... LOVE IT!  I love the fact that he has that confidence that he can just pick up the phone and call Robbie Tebow, lol!  LOVE THAT KID!!  Thank you Robbie for giving him the time of day and asking him how he was doing and engaging in conversation that shows you care and what an awesome person you are!  

We began some schooling today.... wowewowwowowowow.... PRAY FOR ME. PRAY FOR HIS HOSPITAL HOMEBOUND TEACHER MISS ZEMBER.... we are getting way more than we bargained for.  Overwhelmed is not even the word to describe what we are about to endure.  In 2.5 hours they were able to get thru questions 9-30 and STILL have to go to 53!  Kinlin, bless her heart, she spent 2 hours and 15 minutes with him and got thru 101 questions.... however.. Alex didn't do so hot on the pre-test so he has A LOT of assignments ahead of him in History.  I can only imagine what is in store with the algebra and Geometry pre tests... LORD HAVE MERCY!  PLEASE!!

Tomorrow we have therapy, with so much school to do, I have to incorporate school on therapy days now.....Not going to be a fun filled day.  I give him options as to what subject he wants to do and we banter back and forth with the amount of time we will be spending on  the assignments .... I try to give him some control and say in the matter ... makes it easier on me in the long run :0)

Hoping that the days off that we have had haven't put a damper on his progress.  Stay tuned for more video coverage... you know how I like visuals, lol.