On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

BRICK WALLS every where I turned today!

So today was one of THOSE days..... one of those days where I feel like NOONE wants to help me and that everyone wants to sabotage any type of normalcy or ease I try to have in my daily life.  Can I get ONE person who is willing to go a little above and beyond or not even so much that... dang ... just do your JOB!  I had the ENT appt on what... Oct 4th?.... yes... and I needed the base (NAS JAX) to send the referral to TriCare for authorization to travel up to GA to Emery University for the second opinion on what needs to be done to get the trach out.  Long story short... last week I called to follow up on things... Ms. L ( we will call her that) says that they never received any paper work from Dr. Beck can I have them refax it?  Sure... I call Dr. Becks office and they are more than happy to refax it.  I wait till the next day to call to check the status... Ms L says that she still never received it.  She gave me a fax number again....says she will be waiting for it.....I call Dr. Becks office back... AND I KNOW THEY FAXED IT... but I asked again, gave the fax number and waited.   Ms L calls me back and says she has it in hand and will take care of it immediately.  YESTERDAY,  I called Tri Care to follow up and see what was taking so long..... they had NO RECORD of any request submitted since June for Alex's surgery.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  TODAAAAAAAAAAAAY, I call Ms. L... AGAIN.... I ask her if she followed up with that request.... "can you hold one moment while I check on that?"....."sure".... 9 minutes and 43 seconds later.. I HANG UP. (BRICK WALL ONE) I call back.... Ms. L answers again...she is still looking for paperwork... I know that I also need to make an appt and have to speak with another lady Ms. R so I ask if I can speak to her while she continues to check.... "hold one moment please, I will transfer you"  on hold 7 minutes this time.(BRICK WALL TWO) . I HANG UP.  I call back...Ms. L answers and before she can say anything... "listen... I am on a cell phone driving and I cannot continue to hold like this"... " ok give me your number and I will have Ms. R call you back".  "thank you".  2 hours go by... no call....(BRICK WALL THREE)  I CALL BACK.  Ms. R answers the phone this time, I tell her about the whole ordeal but that I also need to make an appt for Alex to get a physical before he can get his botox injections next week.  The hospital has it scheduled for tuesday Nov 2nd however they can't get me in for physical until Tuesday Nov. 2nd so I have to reschedule Botox injections. (BRICK WALL FOUR)  Any who.... we make the physical appt and I ask her if she can help with the authorization.... she walks over to Ms. L and she tells her that I am on the phone checking on the authorization request.... I then hear her ask the Dr. if she has seen any request paperwork come across her desk for Alex Ross.... the Doctor replies "NO"..... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Then Ms. R says to Ms. L..... here is Ms. Dillard, you can speak to her about what is going on with the authorization.  She gets on the phone..... Ms. Dillard.... you are calling about the request for Alex for the 2nd opinion for Emery (at this point I feel like she is stalling... just tell me you lost the damn paperwork already... but she doesn't).... guess what she says.... "the other line is ringing.... can you hold one moment please?"  (BRICK WALL FIVE)  I HUNG UP!  AT THIS POINT... FED UP, PISSED OFF AND READY TO CHEW SOMEONE OUT!!! I call back..... Ms. R answers the phone...THANK YOU GOD... and before she can speak .... "Ms. R.... this is Lisa Dillard again... Alex's mom... can you PLEASE PLEASE help me because I am not dealing or talking to Ms. L ANYMORE... she has put me on hold for like 40 minutes total today and is wasting my time.... I just need some help.  I will be happy to have the ENT fax YOU the paper so that YOU can give it to the doctor just tell me what you need from me".  "Ms. Dillard... yes!  If you will please have the ENT refax it to this number and put to my attention I will take care of it for you.".... "Will you please call me back once you have it in your hand?"  "yes mam"..... we hang up... I call Dr. Beck's office... WONDERFUL LADIES THEY ARE.... LOVE THEM... graciously say ok they get the file while I am on the phone and fax it at that point!  10 minutes later I get a call from (Ms. R) ROSEMARY...she has it in hand and is going to push it through as fast as she can because of all the trouble I have had.  THANK YOU ROSEMARY.... you were my angel today and I appreciate you and your willingness to help this poor stressed out mom today!!!   ROSEMARY probably doesn't read my blog but if any of you know a Rosemary that works at the primary care desk at NAS Jax... let her know for me how much I appreciated her today!

Why do people have to make things so difficult for me when I have enough on my plate as it is??? Maybe we need to start some pay it forward again because nothing was going my way for some reason!  If you drop the ball then just admit it and let's move on.... I wasted 40 minutes of my life today and I don't have 40 minutes of my precious time to WASTE!

On a good note... to focus on the positives of today after all that mess.... we decorated Alex's wheelchair for FLA/GA WEEKEND.  LOVE THE WAY IT TURNED OUT!  Thank you Boo for your help today... momma loves you!

He picked out a banana suit for Halloween sooooo you may see him friday night strollin around in his gator wheelchair in a banana suit, hahahahaha!!  WE WILL MAKE SURE HE HAS A BLAST THIS WEEKEND!

Cameron came home with Brooks today to hang out with Alex and then his momma.... my sweet sweet friend Theresa came with Caitlyn and pumpkin bread to hang out with ME!  Gosh I miss that!  At one point we had so many friends around us we couldn't keep up and now the dust has settled.... everyone has gone back to their every day lives and we really miss our friends :0(  We used to have so many visitors I remember having to put on the blog that you had to make an appointment, lol.  Now I AM calling people to see if I can get them out here, hahahahaha.  Sad but true.  Where are all of Alex's friends now?  Now he is awake and can actually ENJOY their company... they are nowhere to be found.  There were 100's at the hospital..... hundreds while at Brooks inpatient.  Funny how things change.  It bothers me some.... mostly because I am sad for him.  He can't just get in his car and go visit someone ..... Brooks and I are his best friends now and it saddens me.  Because of his trach and the current bathroom situation... I can't just let him go off with his friends unless Brooks goes... so it's just hard to see him miss out on so much which are supposed to be the best years of his life.   We try to make the best of it and he never really complains ....THANK GOD.  He is begging to go and visit the school soon so I will have to make that happen within the next couple of weeks for him.  Its getting late... We have to be up 7am early for Chemistry..... going to close for now.

Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend.  If you are going downtown.... look for us... you can't miss Alex in his wheelchair!!  Make sure you say hey!  :0)