On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Another great day at therapy!  Alex took this same test 6 weeks ago and scored a 24.... yesterday he scored a 35!!  Here are some of the videos of things he has accomplished.

Standing for a WHOLE minute without anyone helping him or leaning on anything!  The video is boring lol but I had to share it!

This video is testing his ability to reach outside of his stance area.  If he can reach 10 inches he gets a score of 4 which is the highest possible.  6 weeks ago he couldn't do this and scored a 1!  All things we take for granted of being able to do!  He is learning how to balance and get his coordination back.

The video below shows him being able to bend over and pick up a cone.  If you look at his left leg you will see it shaking and how hard he is working to control it.

The next video Alex was given the task to turn half way around and then look back to his left and then look back to his right without losing his balance or needing assistance.  He sure has come a LONG way!  So proud!

The next couple of video's are at occupational therapy where she used stimulation device on his left arm to wake those nerves up and get the hand and arm to respond.  HE HATES IT, lol... BUT IT WORKS!  You can see his thumb move....most of the videos we can't really see a big movement but the hand was flexing and fingers were opening some.  We got Shawna to come over and hold his hand to keep his hand away from the left arm..... he held her hand and kissed it the when the stimulation would kick in... he is a trip!

Crazy how far we have come in 10 months!  Who would have ever thought!  God is GREAT and I continue to thank him on a daily basis for the many many blessings and miracles he performs daily in our lives.

I sat in his Cognitive therapy for about 15 minutes the other day.... we discussed some goals to reach with Alex... things he wanted to be able to accomplish... things I wanted him to be able to accomplish. My goals for him... to be able to sit in a room by himself, any room... for 30-60 minutes without needing someone to be in the room.  He is still very fearful of being alone so someone has to be with him at ALL times.  This is part of the post traumatic syndrome issues we still face.  I would like him to be able to sleep in a bed alone as well.  At some point I would like to get back to my marriage, lol. BABY STEPS!  I also requested to work on impulsiveness and filtering or rather thought process.  THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.... what is appropriate and what is not.  Working on introductions to people...not just blurting out " Hey you know me? I was the kid who was shot in the head back in January"... that kinda freaks people out who don't know his story!   When she asked him what one of his goals would be.... he responded with "To be able to sit thru the WHOLE movie Jackass 3D".... hahahahahaaha.... some of the things he comes up with out of nowhere!  That was his MAIN goal, lol!  Speaking of filtering and what NOT to say..... I took he and Brooks to the mall so Brooks could pick up a game we ordered waaaay back at Game Stop.  So we are checking out and the guy asks me if I want to buy the protection plan for 3$.... covers any scratches etc.... YES I do!  Right outta the mouth of my little brain injured Alex he says.... " speaking of protection... we need to go to the Jiffy and get me some"!  SERIOUSLY!  Are you kidding me?  THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.  He was dead serious!  We get in the car and I hear him calling someone (he uses speakerphone) .... calling Brian (Brooks dad) to ask him to please go buy him some and bring them to him!  again... FOR WHAT LOL!  He says and does some of the kookiest things..... the inside still needs a LOT of work!  For those of you who deal with him on a daily basis... via facebook... texting... phone calls etc.... HE IS NOT THE SAME ALEX YOU KNEW.  Please be patient with him and REALIZE that fact.  He knows not what he says may have an affect on you....what you and I can process as unreasonable and hurtful.... he can not.  He has no emotions yet.... and doesn't understand things the way you and I do.  YES there is A LOT of the old Alex still in there.... his wit and personality.... but he WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.... this is what is hard for me to grasp the concept of as I am sure it is you.  He looks good, he talks good, he is walking some.... but he IS NOT THE SAME INSIDE.  That person is gone and we are working on getting some of that back but it will NEVER BE THE SAME......tears streaming down my face as I write this.... some days are a lot harder than others.... YOU WILL NEVER FULLY UNDERSTAND until you spend an entire 24 hours with us.... ever!  No words can describe or explain what I go thru on a daily basis and how HARD it is to NOT lose control sometimes.  Every day is a challenge... I never know what I am going to get.  God has his hand on my heart for sure and has given me, for the most part, the patience of a saint.  I miss my ALLEY POOH....but know that I am very very grateful for the life that was saved and am thankful that God gave us a second chance at life. 

We are traveling to Tampa today to see Nick and his fraternity compete at "LIP SYNC" which is a dance competition for fraternities and sororities in order to raise money for charity.  Hoping I can catch a video of it to share with all of you once I get back.

Have a GREAT DAY! 
"God lets you excel so you can make him known" :0)