On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, December 27, 2010


What an amazing weekend and emotional one all in the same!  It started with my cousin Shelley flying in from Texas to spend the holidays with us.  Christmas Eve we went to a White Christmas hosted by First Baptist of Middleburg at Middleburg High.  VERY COLD,lol but an AWESOME service nonetheless.

The message..... FORGIVENESS..... something Alex and I struggle with on a daily basis.  I was in tears the entire ceremony.    Move past it, Let Go and Let God..... My emotions were running wild, especially since we have Alex here this Christmas by the Grace of God!  Alex kept asking "Why are you crying"... he doesn't understand to the full extent but he knew it was because he is here with us.  The whole service he was fixated on getting to the Pastor to tell him his story and how he is here as a Miracle of God.  Once service was over you know he was wheeling right up to him to share his story!  As we were standing there we met JUSTIN.... Justin had been hit by a truck 11 years ago, he was now 27 I think and his mother had been told every negative thing in the book you can think of.  He was much worse off than Alex when it happened and has certainly come a LONG way!  He too will never be the same, however.... he is also one of God's miracles, a true sweetheart!  As we were walking out... the snow blowers were going full blast and we got some pictures of the boys in snow :0)
It was a beautiful service and touched all of our hearts!  THANK YOU GOD ONCE AGAIN FOR GIVING US A SECOND CHANCE!

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve exchanging presents with Chad's parents and Kinlin and Brandon.... listening to Christmas music, exchanging gifts and hanging out by the fire.  The boys got to open their ONE gift Christmas Eve.... my gifts were a hit!  Foot PJ's for Brooks and Alex and Smurf PJ's for Alex :0)

Christmas morning was beautiful just as I envisioned it.... ALL my children just as if they were 4 years old opening their gifts! I cried off and on all day....emotions running wild.... feeling very blessed... a wonderful holiday meal and then Nick got a phone call.  His longtime best friend growing up, Zack Scott had passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident at about 1 pm at 1-10 and 295.  Nick is a basket case.....I feel as if I have lost a kid myself as he was a huge part of Nicholas' life growing up.  If Nick wasn't at his house.... He was at ours.  My heart aches for his family, his father especially who lost his other son when Zack and Nick were just 13 years old.  I can't imagine losing a child.... let alone 2 before I die... one on Christmas day!  ONE PHONE CALL CAN FOREVER CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  I can't say it enough..... I can't scream it any louder!  Tomorrow may never come for some.... LIVE FOR TODAY.... mend all your broken fences....HUG AND LOVE YOUR CHILDREN....no matter how young or how old..... AS IF TOMORROW WILL NEVER COME!  Today is a precious gift that we ALL TAKE FOR GRANTED!  Nicholas, Alex and I visited his family last night.... reminiscing about all their childhood memories and I am deeply saddened for the huge loss for his family.  Please lift them up in your prayers.... they need peace and comfort during this holiday season to get them thru one day to the next.  Please pray for Nicholas that he finds peace and comfort in the awesome memories that they shared growing up.

I am still working on Alex's Celebration of Life for the 8th of January.... we are having difficulty with finding a place with a stage for the bands and getting permit from the city.  If anyone has any ideas we could surely use them right about now! 

From our family to yours........Hoping you all had an awesome holiday and wish you all many blessings in the New Year!