On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Friday, March 30, 2012


Yes my friends we are still alive and kicking... just very busy these days!  Today is Alex's 19th birthday... PRAISE GOD!  Another birthday... another blessing for sure.  Where has the time gone.... most of it spent rehabilitating and focusing on one day at a time.  It seems as though time has flown by..... I feel like I totally missed  17-19!  I am truly thankful to have been given a second chance at life and be able to celebrate yet another birthday of the Miracle Boy.  Just yesterday God sent two angels my way... two different locations, two different prayer warriors.... brought tears to my eyes to have someone acknowledge us and tell me that they have followed our story from the beginning and continue to pray for a full recovery for Alex.  God was just reminding me that He is still with us and that our journey is not over.  You see Alex will be having another surgery in August and for now, I am helping the therapy along somewhat by having Alex ride his bike twice a week and walk around the neighborhood.  This surely isn't an easy task for him by any means but he agrees to push forward, sometimes even harder than I would have him, lol.  Monday I told him we were going to walk to the stop sign and back.  His reply was pointing to the stop sign closest to our house of which I smiled and said No, the other one to the left, lol.  He made a face.... sort of the brownie face he used to make but he was a trooper and out the door we headed.  I told him I was going to time him so he better make it good, ha ha!  We made it to the stop sign and I noticed he was looking to the right around the corner... kind of measuring it up if you would... I said "you ready to head back to the house now or are we walking around the block?"  He said "Yeah, I thought we WERE walking around the block"? I said... Heck yeah we are... let's go!  HE WAS A TROOPER!  It wasn't an easy feat for him but he kept pushing forward and ended up walking .4 miles in 17 minutes!  AAAAAAAAMAZING! Here is a little clip of him walking, lol.  He kept saying... "what you doing back there facebooking?"

He took no breaks, no stops, no water... he kept going... I AM SO PROUD!!!

Here is a video clip of him swimming last week lol!  He kept wanting me to get in and I kept saying.." I will" just a minute...well I got in to where the water was at by behind and said... FORGET THAT!  It was tooooo cold for me, ha ha! He loves it!  He can jump, run and be a normal kid in the water....something we hope one day he can do out of the water.

Here is a picture of him and one of his BFF's Amanda from the Sharks games. You will love to know that he convinced her little brother at last nights Baldwin game that he had a surprise for him in the car.  When Jarred took him outside the stadium what he was really trying to do was to get Jarred to take him to the corner store so he could buy some goodies because there was no concession at last nights game at JP Small stadium, lol.  Soooo, he then goes in the store.... purchases items with his bday money and comes out with 7 packs of starburst and a LARGE box of corn pops!  CRAZY KID!!  Impulsivity.... random thinking.... this is the sort of behavior we still deal with on a daily basis lol.  No rationalization... he wants it... he feels it... he says it... he does it.  My little 4 year old wrapped up in a 19 year olds body.  BUT A MIRACLE NONETHELESS!

We have been really busy with Brooks' baseball schedule... 2-3 games a week something that Alex really looks forward to going to! Mr Social Butterfly lol.  The kids are awesome with him and I can't thank them enough for their love and support with Alex.... we couldn't do it without them!! They love him and accept him with his crazy behavior and random texts over and over and OvOO chats....LOVE YA'LL... THANK YOU!!

What a crazy journey we have been on....  full of stresses, curve balls and craziness. Our lives are not easy by any means and I probably have more downs than ups lately....HOWEVER... I will take the good with the bad and hold my head up high because in the end... I HAVE MY WHOLE FAMILY... and I am truly blessed a lot more than most!  Thank you God for another day with my handsome boy!

HAPPY HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY MY SWEET ALEX..... I am so very proud of  you and all you have accomplished.  The sky is the limit for you..... I know that God is still in control and with Him we know that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. I hope that today brings you joy, peace and laughter with friends... oh yeah.. and food, lol!  I love you to pieces and am soooo truly thankful to have you here and celebrate another milestone!  Keep up the great work with the attitude.... YOU TRULY ARE A MIRACLE ALEX AND GOD HAS GREAT THINGS IN STORE FOR YOU!!