On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Sooo Mr. Alex went to sleep at 7:10pm and is awake at 2:30am and we are up watching storm chasers and he has me googling super cell!!  WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST??  Today is going to be a long day.... I have fixed his leg 6-10 times, had to turn on his oxygen mask because he insists that his trach needs some humidity, changed him, gotten him some water to drink because his lips are dry.....he has pushed the nurses button 7 times and has me now googling mesocyclone because after reading about super cell thunderstorms that word is in the definition.  One question leads to another and another and another... and before you know it... we are on a totally different subject... my little "sponge" is soaking up tons of information!  He just told me to google "How to survive a tornado if you are in a ditch" and wants me to YOU TUBE "trach CPR".  Lord please just wrap your arms around him and make him sleepy so he can get some more rest before he has therapy this morning!  Now I am googling " Can you survive a tornado if you are in the Grand Canyon?"  We have now moved onto the subject of Sandra Bullock and why her husband cheated on her, lol!  I will just sit here and write whatever comes out of his mouth so you all can see how my morning has begun.... "why do they call it aftershave when it's basically just cologne... they should call it after and before shave"  Make that a note... when we get up to google "aftershave"...we are now watching the EARLY TODAY show... I had no idea they even had that!  "Mom... can you get skin cancer from tanning beds?"   "Robert Culp has died... who is he mom?"... I have no idea...he played in some movie... I Spy!  Now I have to google Robert Culp....OMG... is this ever going to end????  Today is going to be a looooooooooooong day for me!  Poor Randi is over there trying to sleep and Alex has the light on and the TV blaring and I have to keep asking him to turn it down.  Now he just told me to google "Obama... I want to know if he is really Muslim"...He is allllllll over the place this morning wanting information and I can't supply it fast enough!  Can I get Ms. Jeanne and Collin back right now please, lol!  Maybe if someone else was here he would go to sleep, lol.... he seems to sleep for everyone else but meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!  He is just flipping thru channels now... watching infomercials, lol!  Waiting for him to tell me we need to order something, lol!  I'm thinking he's not going to go back to sleep before therapy...it's now 5:00am... "Mom, google how many tornados in Jacksonville" and "florida tornados"... Sandra Bullock just came back on TV...."Mom... what's adultry".... "google that please"...."why is it called adultry?".... "Mom, can you scratch tickle my head so I can try to go back to sleep"... signing off to see if I can get him to sleep.... HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT DAY.... I will be tired, lol!  I have A LOT to google today... I will be a busy bee!  Say a quick prayer that Alex has a good day in therapy and that God gives him the energy he is going to need!  I will be going to get some Starbucks and then drink me some red bulls today.... no time for naps during the day...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh...


PEACE OUT and hopefully nite nite till 7:30am!