On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Sorry I didn't blog yesterday... had an awesome relaxing day with two beautiful ladies... Miss Carly and Miss Angie... thank you girlies for accompanying me and enjoying our day!  I dropped Alex off at day therapy and headed out to the beach!!!  3 hours there and I am looking like a lobster today and feeling it.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.  The sun wore me out yesterday and Alex's friends Charles and Cameron came over to "sit with Alex and put him to sleep" for me.  They were in his room for maybe 5 minutes and he was OUT LIKE A LIGHT!  Shut the front door!  When I go in there he must be fighting the sleep because he lays awake for HOURS!  Sooo, I call my friend Miss Theresa today, Charles and Cameron's mom, to thank her and see if I can borrow them again, lol!  Once they got him to sleep and left... I followed suit and was out like a light myself... beat from the sun!

Chad was out of town this week and surprised me by coming home earlier than we thought and I came home to this from Brooks game!

The little gold box had a white gold one carat diamond tennis bracelet...WOW! Way to go Chad, hahaha! I got Chad a Panini Grill... not as grand as a tennis bracelet but something he loves none the less! :0) 

Alex, Nick and I visited Alex's high school today on their lunch break as Alex had been asking to go and visit his friends!  It was really nice to see him interact with his friends, back in his own element!  He loved seeing his friends and the lunch ladies spoiled him today by cooking him his favorite chicken wings... on the house... which by the way was NOT on the menu for today!  Alex was grinning from ear to ear today....Thank you Mr. Simmons for allowing Alex to visit today.  He really is looking forward to beginning the school year in August for his Senior Year and WALKING for GRADUATION!!

Tonight we are going to the Landsharks Arena Football game downtown... Alex is really looking forward to that!  Thank you Mr. Larry and Mr. Ryan for making it possible and hooking us up with Tickets!  YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!  If any of you followers are out there tonight and see us... please don't hesitate to come up and introduce yourself.... Alex loves meeting new people, especially ones following our story!

Tomorrow we are heading out to St. Augustine to celebrate our Anniversary as a Family, tour the town and eat at our favorite spot... THE COLUMBIAN!  LOVE THEIR 1905 SALAD and can't wait!!!

A special thank you to the Maxwell's for your blessing of a 90 minute massage for me and the Roberson's for blessing us with a couples massage for our anniversary!  WOW!  Let me just tell you how much this is NEEDED..... I carry all my stress in between my shoulders and I can't wait till they get their hands on me, hahahahaha!  Thank you for your thoughtful gesture.... I will let you know how awesome your gifts are just as soon as I use them!

I am signing off for now.. have to get ready for our Landshark game.... and get Alex ready as well.... takes ALOT longer than normal so I need a couple of hours!!

I probably won't blog again until Sunday but can't wait to tell you all about our Landshark game adventure and St. Augustine... there is NO DOUBT I will have some funny stories to tell!!