On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


WOW!  What a whacky day with Alexander we had today!  Randi, Aaron, Alex and I headed out this morning to drop off some papers for Alex's upcoming Botox procedure and head to the mall to exchange some clothes for Alex at the Avenue's mall as he has lost weight again and I needed to return some shorts I just bought for him.  Once we got to the mall.... ALEXANDER came out!  Is it because of all the people and the over stimulation???? HECK IF I KNOW!  Alexander was all over the place, crazy, whacky... outta control... verbally abusive... just down right UGLY!  He hadn't eaten anything so I let him choose... we go over to the place that sells bourbon chicken (which is what he wanted)... he sampled the bourbon chicken and the honey chicken and both he SPIT OUT... too dry.  Sooo we moved onto the pizza... he finally decided one piece of pepperoni pizza... got to the table... TOO GREASY... Randi takes the papertowl and dabs the grease off... not good enough.. not going to eat the pizza.  We met up with Gabi and Miss Karen... remember our little friend Gabi from Brooks Rehab.. they are now residents of Jacksonville!  We enjoyed a sit down with them... well if you want to call it that since Alexander had us here and there... bathroom... water... you name it... but we enjoyed catching up with them and "Alex" was actually ALEX with Gabi... touching her and giving her hugs... just really sweet with Gabi.  Alex seemed to be more obsessed with the whole water/rinse/spit thing today at the mall... I ended up cutting his water supply in half as a consequence to his actions today... once he got the water ... he would just drink it all within like the first 20 minutes.  The 16oz's has to last him an hour... not working lol.  But he will learn the hard way...one way or the other, lol.  I will say that Alex is truly LUCKY that Randi and Aaron truly love him because if he weren't my kid.... my behind would be long gone by now, lol!  KUDOS TO RANDI AND AARON... I love ya'll and thank you for putting up with his behavior!!!

Tomorrow we will be going to physical therapy and occupational therapy for a 30 minute session of each... I'm not impressed but will take whatever I can get at this point and hopefully Thursday we will get more time... will wait and see how all this is going to pan out and if I need to explore other options.

On a good note.. BUILDERS CARE came out... we will be beginning the renovations for Alex within the next coming weeks... YAY!  Looking forward to that very much so!    Of course Builders Care is a non profit organization that does things like this for people with special needs and certain circumstances and always needs volunteers and/or suppliers.  We have a certain budget to stay within as the Jaguars so GRACIOUSLY donated money in order to meet Alex's needs but if anyone of my followers has connections with - laminate flooring, tile, pavers, concrete or fencing- please get with me and maybe it will help offset some of the costs that Builders Care has to make it all fit together within numbers.  Mr. Chris from Builders Care said not to worry about it....what doesn't fit in the budget we will just cut out.... but I want to make sure that all of what Alex wants is taken care of with the budget we have and if we have connections that can maybe offset some of that cost ... then I want to help!  Alex will finally be able to wheel himself around the house once we get the flooring put in.. YAY!  THANK YOU GOD!  Once we get his bathroom renovated... he will be able to sit in a shower and shower himself... YAY....THANK YOU GOD!  Once we get the back patio extended and sidewalk installed to the backyard....Alex will be able to hang out and BBQ with us... YAY!!... Not that lately we want to be outside with how hot it is...BUT... there have been a couple of times he has wanted to sit outside with us... and it just is next to impossible with our furniture out there and no ramp out back.  BUILDERS CARE... along with our AWESOME JAGUARS... are making this possible for Alex!  He was following Mr. Chris today asking a million questions!  For one.. telling him that he needed a hot tub and that it would help out with his progress!!  HE WAS DEAD SERIOUS!!  Sometimes it's all the mindset ya know??? His brain... it's a quirky thing!

Well.. both Alex and Alexander are fast asleep so I must get in bed myself..... he still isn't sleeping thru the night so I am exhausted most of my days.. lack of sleep and dealing with Alexander will wear anyone FLAT OUT!