On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So I thought today may be an easier day for all of us... my day began a little something like this...

Wake up at 8am to take Brooks to meet ride at Watson office on 103rd/295.... from there they take him to his "hitting camp" this week.  As I am walking out the door, I get a call from Brooks Rehab that he has been scheduled for 9-10 & 11 for three consecutive therapies.  SERIOUSLY.... maybe in my fantasy world I could make the 9am appt, but not the real world I live in where Alex is still asleep and I am on my way to drop Brooks off and won't be back home until 9am.  Thank you, I will only be able to make the 10am and 11am appts.  Race like the wind to get back after dropping Brooks off, God bless Aaron and Randi as he has had them up to go to the bathroom and Aaron is now dressing him for me.  Ok, this will help me... take some time off of our schedule so that I have time to jump in shower and we can get out the door to make it to our 10am appt.  I go into my bathroom ... Alex went to the bathroom alright... OMG... there lies the 11 days of constipation waiting for me to handle, lol.  I swear it looked like a COW had unleashed 11 days of eating, hahahahaha.  Anywho... without being too graphic... long story short... I cloroxed and cleaned his bedside toilet and jumped in the shower, out, get dressed... it's now 9:30am... we gotta get outta here now!  Alex still hadn't taken meds... grab the applesauce, put in the thicken it... get the spoon... WAIT... grabe the meds.... FINALLY Out the door, Alex in the car, click the seat belt, roll down the window, fold the pillow and put between his leg and the door, Aaron and Randi have the wheelchair broken down, in the trunk, grab the backpack, grab the AFO (leg brace), jump in the car... oops.. make sure the doors are locked.... close garage... here we gooooooooo!  We made it to therapy in record time 10:03am.... HOW? I will never know, lol.

As we get there I am explaining to Alex that he will not be having his water while in therapy and that he will only get it between therapies... BRAIN OVERLOAD, lol.  We meet our new speech therapist Allison Buckle... love her... Alex broke her in with his wit real quick..imagine that.  She begins to ask him a series of questions, an initial evaluation if you will.... "How old are you Alex"...  he says "22"... she is looking at me like ...does he really think he is 22 lol.... I say "Alex.. tell her how old you are really...  he says "19"....OMG... He doesn't understand that this is an evaluation of how much he knows about himself and how many answers he gets right... I think he gave her two more false ages before I got him to be serious and get us through this evaluation!  He actually did OK in her office without the water deal... well... then next was Physical Therapy... Tonia.. he never had her in day therapy but he recognized her from before... now he was ALL OVER the place... emotionally... brain went OCD again and he was irractic, not focusing... however if I think about it... Allison had him isolated...one on one... Physical Therapy room is a room full of people... alot of distractions.... too many other things to focus on besides himself or task at hand, lol.  I ended up leaving the room, thinking this may be better for him... I think it helped when I left... he did some walking, stretching, transfering from chair to mat... etc.  they just wanted to see where he was now since his last surgery and evaluate what he needs to work on now.

From there we leave and head to Target for a few things... stopping at Checkers on the way to see if we can get Alex to eat.  All he wants is small fry and cup of water... imagine that,lol.  I say he can have a cup of ice with the fries... he can have water if he eats the fries... ok.  We get to Target... "Alex where are your fries?".. Alex says.. "I ate them".  I say.. "Alex, if you tell me what you did with the fries, I will give you an extra cup of water".  Alex says.. "I ate them".  I said.."Alex, say... I promise on the Bible that I ate my fries".  Alex says... "I promise on the Bible that you ate your fries"... hahahahahaahhahahaha... he cracks me up!  He said... "Where's the extra cup of water"... I said " you didn't tell me where you put the fries"... Alex said... "I threw them out the window"!  And that's the way we play our games!! 

Today at home has been trying...we finally got him settled on the sofa... watch the movie "GOAL"... if you haven't seen it... you should watch it... great family movie... a feel good movie!

Miss Bonnie brought us roast, potatoes, corn casserole, biscuits, chocolate cake... OMG... it was fantastic!!  THANK YOU MISS BONNIE... you out did yourself and I can't tell  you how much I appreciate dinner ... especially on days like today! 

Alex will have therapies on M-W-F... hour long sessions... I am positive we will see good results and will continue to pray about it!  I asked Alex to go into this with a positive attitude and I feel like he will be good going into this... we will get some structure and plan back in our routine and we will be back to superman speed recovery!