On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, December 13, 2010

2nd opinion in ATL..... NEWS WAS GOOD!

We started our day off at Gladys Knight's Chicken & Waffles restaurant with our friends for lunch!  Jo Jo, Yuppie and Sam.... We love you and I thank you for making time for us while we were here.  MOM... thank you for treating us all to an awesome lunch!  AWESOME ....AWESOME.... FOOD WAS GREAT!  If you ever are in ATL I recommend you go!  Alex had 2 chocolate chip waffles, a breast and 2 thighs and his face was covered... COVERED in chocolate from the waffles, lol.  My little 4 year old today decided NOT to use utensils and just picked up his waffles and ate them as if they were a piece of bread!  I have pics but my computer is NOT letting me pull pics off of my phone so I will have to do so when I get home and post!  Alex made friends with our waitress Fairren and the cashier in the restaurant..... and you know he made his story known by starting out like this..... " Let me tell you my story.... I had 3 hours to live"....... He knows no strangers wherever we go!  The restaurant was right across the street from Emory University so that worked out great!  Dr Johns was really nice and Alex got scoped through his nose and his throat to make sure he got a view from all angles.  His airway actually looks good.... good enough that if Alex can stand the cap on his trach then he would be able to get it out in 2 weeks!!  HOWEVER...  the doctor asked him to put his cap on while we were in the office and Alex couldn't even stand it for 5 minutes... sooooo, even though his airway looks ok.... the doctor said he would recommend a surgery where he goes down below the vocal chords to open the airway instead of going up above where his past two surgeries have been because the scar tissue will continue to come back.   The good part about our visit.... the doctor did NOT think the stint would be the way to go! YAY!  Anywho... he wants to put Alex on the books for surgery for January in case he can't withstand the capping process he must get through in order to be able to get the trach out.  By capping the trach we mean that he puts a cap on the trach that makes him breath through his nose and mouth... like you do.  Now with the trach.... it's open and he can breath through trach, nose and/or mouth so he just doesn't like the way it FEELS... he can breath... he just doesn't like the way it feels.  It doesn't feel normal or what he is used to and we all know how he is about routine and going outside of his normal every day routine.... IT AIN'T HAPPENING.  Sooo, I'm thinking that if we all PRAY about this.... pray for Alex to be able to withstand the capping and not focus so much on how abnormal it feels that he can get through this WITHOUT another surgery???  It's very possible.... we know what God can do if this is his plan so let's all pray together that HE WILL COME THRU AGAIN!  The doctor said that if he can go two weeks with being capped then he will simply take him off the surgery schedule and he will take the trach out!  We just thought it would be easier to get him on the schedule and take him off if he succeeds rather than wait 2 weeks to then schedule a surgery if he is going to need it.  I have pics to post of his throat from today's appointment but my computer isn't cooperating in order for me to do so....my apologies! 

We met up with my step-sister Courtney and her honey Bubba at the mall and did some Christmas shopping after our doctor appointment....good therapy for me,lol!  I feel really good about my visit today....mostly relieved that we will not be getting a stint put in and he will still have voice after this next operation if he indeed needs it.

He is freaking out because he is trying to sleep and I am typing in bed so I am going to close for now and hopefully be able to get my NJ/NY trip blog posted this week along with pics from our ATL visit.  Thanks to all of you prayer warriors still out there praying for us.... I'm not sure if anyone even still reads this as I have slacked off on my writings because it's hard to find time away from him these days.  If you are reading this.... THANK YOU.... thank you for your love and support and continued prayers.  I have been telling everyone these past couple of weeks that he is fine and well on his way to a great recovery...... PRAY FOR ME LOL AND MY SANITY!  He is a hotmess and a large HANDFUL to deal with.... some days are a lot harder than others....BUT HE IS HERE....AND I WILL DEAL WITH WHATEVER COMES MY WAY!!  THANK YOU GOD FOR ANOTHER DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY.... and THANK YOU for my many blessings.  LORD.....Please grant us safe travels home tomorrow and a SANE QUIET.... NON POOPING TRIP HOME.... AMEN!