On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


 Today I am writing with a very emotional heart.... yesterday was an amazing experience for both Kinlin and I..... God put us right where we needed to be at just the right time!

You see yesterday, Kinlin came over to help me wrap and wrap and wrap and wrap lol!  It's never ending around here!  So she is here, we are wrapping and she gets a text from our friend that lives down the street.  His wife had been throwing up the night before and was still throwing up 16 hours later.  He was still at work and leaving to do some Christmas shopping and wanted to know if Kinlin could run to the Kangaroo store down the street and get her some Gatorade, Ginger ale and crackers.  OF COURSE... so we stopped dead in our tracks, jumped in the car and headed to the corner store.  As we are checking out, the cashier as we now know as "Bonnie" sees Kinlin's shirt (TEAM ALEX) and says... "Who is Alex?"....THIS IS WHERE GOD COMES INTO PLAY!  I say... "Oh, that is my son, he was shot in the head back in January... they gave him three hours to live but he is still alive today".  She then proceeds to tell us that her grandson has since gotten a brain injury and someone asked her if she knew Alex Ross, told her of our story and my blog and she had just this week been reading my blog.  She shared her story... A VERY SAD story.... her grandson who is 4 months old, was admitted to the hospital ( I won't name it) 5 weeks ago because he was breathing funny... apparently he had vomited and swallowed it back, went into his lungs causing pneumonia.  Since then, the nurse had put the IV in an artery, not the vein causing his hand to turn black and need to be amputated.  He was also overdosed causing a brain injury.  They told her she would need to pull the plug, however she couldn't and because she didn't.... he began to breath right before thanksgiving.  They now tell her he will be a vegetable and that his brain is non responsive. I will say..... she has since changed hospitals.
After hearing all this from Bonnie.... we are all crying.....of course I immediately told her not to give up and that I was going home to get Alex so she could get some inspiration and see that MIRACLES do happen and it is very possible that God can intervene and save the day!
We took Cheryl her sick goodies..... picked up Alex and headed back to the corner store!   As soon as he gets out the car and we WALK into the store.... it's a very emotional moment for all.  Bonnie had called her daughter to tell her that she met us and Brandy was on her way to do the same!  Of course it will be a minute until she can get to us, Alex decides he wants a snack... a SNICKERS, lol.  So Bonnie gets a swivel chair so he can sit.... so there he is, in the middle of the kangaroo, sitting on a swivel chair, hanging out eating a snickers, hahahahahaha..... kinda out of the ordinary for people who were coming in and out to pay for gas or pay for stuff, lol!  Brandy finally got there and as soon as she walked in, met Alex..... I hugged her tight and the tears began to fall like waterfalls!  A very very emotional moment for all.  Kinlin and I witnessed right there, to Brandy and Bonnie about Gods miracles and that HE is in control of it all.  NEVER GIVE UP.... NEVER LOSE FAITH....God has the power to heal all..... the doctors only know what they have learned in the scientific world but God is good and he can do what NOONE else can!  HE IS THE WORKER OF MIRACLES! 
You know I always say that even in my darkest days.... I have realized that there is ALWAYS someone out there that is worse off than me.  True I don't have the easiest of life these days.... finances are being met by the GRACE OF GOD with me not working, we have good days and we have bad days...... Alex still has a very long way to go and I have no idea how long I will NOT be able to work because I have to care for him..... but GOD IS GOOD and I am sooooo very very thankful for his saving Grace and the life of Alex Ross!!  I will take the bad with the good and I will make the most of it!  IT'S ALL HOW WE HANDLE PLAN B... right?!! Make lemonade out of lemons.... STAY POSITIVE.... GIVE IT TO GOD!  This time of year is very emotional for me, especially because we Alex to share it with us.  There are soooo many others out there that are worse off than you and me, TRUST ME!  When you think you have it bad....or if you are having a bad day.... remember that!  If you have a roof over your head.... you are better than the person who is homeless.... If you have a job, whether you like that job or not..... you are better than the person who is jobless...... if you have family.... children driving you crazy, ...... you are better than the mother/father who lost a child.  STOP RIGHT NOW AND THANK GOD FOR YOUR MANY BLESSINGS THAT YOU TAKE FOR GRANTED ON A DAILY BASIS!  I still to this day have to take myself back to day 1 because I do get frustrated....my job is not an easy task every day.  Alex looks fine and to talk to him for 5-10 minutes, you would never know he was shot in the head.  But he has A LOT of cognitive issues that still have to be worked out.  He can't go to the restroom on his own..... he can't shower on his own..... he can't walk on his own...... HE ISN'T NORMAL.... his thought processes are not as yours and mine.... he is WIDE OPEN with no inhibition still.... no filter if you will.  Things that you and I know we shouldn't do....or say.... he can't process the difference with that.  He is OCD with things that I can't seem to break the chain of.  But you know what.... I HAVE HIM HERE!  I will deal with whatever curve balls life throws me and I will make the very best of each day!  Look around you.... count your blessings and then count them again.... THANK HIM.... and then THANK HIM AGAIN!  He is responsible for your blessings!  They can be taken from you in a split second..... ONE PHONE CALL can change your life!  Remember this Christmas season .... the TRUE SPIRIT of Christmas.... JESUS CHRIST! 
I truly believe that God put Kinlin and I in that Kangaroo store yesterday to witness and give Brandy and Bonnie faith and hope......  To share my story of how God worked a miracle in our lives and could very well do the same for them.  God works in mysterious ways and I am honored that he is using me as a tool to lead people to HIM and share my testimony of his MIRACLE!
As I close I ask you to please pray for JAYDEN ADAMS... the 4 month old little boy of Brandy Adams.  I have been in her shoes..... her days are like roller coasters and a living nightmare.  Lift her, Jayden and her family up in prayer.  Praying that God wraps his arms around them tightly and that they can GIVE IT ALL TO GOD and LET HIM WORK HIS MAGIC!
We have no therapies until after the holiday, so if I don't get online until then..... WISHING YOU ALL A SAFE AND HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAY!  REMEMBER TO THANK HIM FOR YOUR MANY MANY BLESSINGS..... try to focus on the positives in your life and if for some reason you are not talking to a friend.... a sibling.....a family member..... FIX IT!  SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE AND FIX IT!  Tomorrow may not come and you will regret it for the rest of your life....LIFE IS TOO SHORT and you can't get back today once it is gone.  TRUST ME ON THAT ONE!