On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, March 21, 2011


OH MY GEEEEEEEEZE!!!  Today was just an incredible day..... DREAMS COME TRUE has given our family the trip of a LIFETIME!  I never in all of my wildest dreams thought we would ever be taking a trip like this!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TO DREAMS COME TRUE AND THE MANY MANY SPONSORS THAT ARE MAKING OUR TRIP A DREAM COME TRUE FOR OUR FAMILY!

We will be leaving on Sunday out of Jacksonville at 8:30am, changing planes in Atlanta and then HAWAII bound for 7 days!!! WOW! We will be staying at the Sheraton Wakiki http://www.sheraton-waikiki.com/property/overview I AM IN AWE!!!  Here is our itinerary so you can all think of us next week and will know what we are doing, lol.

Depart Jax 8:30am, Arrive honolulu at 2:50pm

MARCH 28th
Pick up time 12:15
Dinner and Show 5:15 and 6:30

Roy's Dinner - 5:45

MARCH 30th
Surfing Lesson 9-11am (HECK YEAH!)

MARCH 31st
Charthouse dinner - 6:00pm

FREE DAY ( I think I wanna rent a jeep and drive the island :0) )

Duke's Canoe - lunch - 12:00

Depart 4:30 pm  :0(
Arrive Jax April 4th at 9:41am

Everything I have listed are compliments of DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!  And they gave us spending money to boot!!!  HOW INCREDIBLE IS THIS GOING TO BE?????!!!!!  Alex's response once the trip was revealed with all the details....  "HELL YEAH!"  hahahahahahaha!  He stood and did his own little hula dance all by himself!


They also gave him a letter from Tim Tebow as he was invited to surprise Alex, but couldn't be there today.  If I didn't know better I would say that he loved that the most at that moment in time as all he has talked about since is the letter and getting it framed, hahahahaha.  Well maybe he has mentioned the trip a time or two....well that's all he has talked about.... WHO GETS TO SURF IN HAWAII ON THEIR 18TH BIRTHDAY??? ALEX MICHAEL ROSS!!  I cried the whole dang time she was telling about our trip... I just cannot believe it!  Now I finally feel like I am going to Hawaii, lol.  People have been asking me if I was ready but since I haven't planned anything.... it didn't really feel like we were going.  PINCH ME PLEASE.... I CANNOT BELIEVE IT'S REAL!  Nick is also going but he was in Tampa today and cannot come to Jax until Saturday because of work and school.  So I am stoked that I get my WHOLE family to myself for 7 days!!!  Me and all my MEN!  On a vacation of a lifetime.... away from REALITY and into a DREAM!  I may not want to wake up, lol! 

THANK YOU GOD FOR MY MANY MANY BLESSINGS YOU CONTINUE TO SHOWER ME WITH!!!!  THANK YOU DREAMS COME TRUE for blessing us with this most wonderful trip that we will NEVER forget!  Tears streaming down my face.... words cannot begin to describe how very grateful and thankful I am today ..... not only for the trip but because of this ordeal, I have encountered so many many many wonderful people whom I now can call my friends.  I have angels beyond measures and prayer warriors galore.....THANK YOU ALL....from the bottom of my heart.... for following, for praying, for loving, for supporting....THANK YOU....YOU GET ME THRU MY DARKEST OF DAYS...and yes I still face them from time to time, but your prayers, love, support and emails keep me going and marching forward. 

I hate to end such an awesome happy blog with a much needed sad prayer request but you know God has his own timeline and I just received this email as I was blogging so I had to put in request!
Carli Woodward March 21 at 9:25pm Report

Hey Lisa, I just wanted to ask a big favor of you. Could you please ask all your prayer warriors to please pray for my friend Stephanie son Josh. He and his friend were in a terrible accident last night off of 121. His friend R.J. didn't make it and Josh is in ICU at Shands in a medically induced coma for 4 days right now due to the bleeding and swelling on his brain. If anyone knows about brain injuries you do and have been so strong through it all. Maybe you could send some words of encouragement to Stephanie and her family.

I know you guys are getting ready to go on vacation in Hawaii, but if you could please get some more prayers going for Josh and the families involved, I would greatly appreciate it! I have included a link so that you could read about it if you wanted to.

Thanks Lisa, hope you all have a wonderful vacation! Everyone of you deserve it!



Lord I know exactly what those parents are feeling right now and I pray that You give them peace and comfort and that you work in and thru those nurses and doctors to give the best care that boy needs.  I pray that you wrap your arms around the parents of both boys, especially, R.J., the one who came to see you Lord.  If anyone knows best, I do! That all this is in your hands and you do things in your time line not ours.  I know what you are capable of Lord...... I know the miracles that you can perform and I ask that you show us another one of your AWESOME miracles and pull Josh thru and put him on the road to recovery.  I give you all the Glory, Honor and Praise Lord.... You are the ULTIMATE healer and I know all things are possible with you.  I pray this in Jesus name... AMEN!

Every time I hear of something like this..... my heart goes right back to day one and I can feel it all over again as if it were yesterday.  I wonder if that gut wrenching feeling ever goes away? Will I ever be able to NOT feel it?  It is always so very vivid and my stomach just hurls and hurts when I think of what those parents..... any parents that go thru what I've gone thru.  I want to jump in my car and rush to the hospital to give them some positive hope.... that they can get thru this, it's just a bump in the road.  I sometimes feel like I should just hang around the hospital... hoping that I can touch someone and get them thru the first couple of weeks.  It is the worst feeling in the world....the roller coaster you can't wait to get off of and even though I am off of that roller coaster... God put me on a different one, just not a life or death rollercoaster but one that involves all the other aspects of my life.  As I said yesterday.... if I could give back all the many opportunities Alex has been given over this past year with the meet and greets with celebraties and free tickets and meals.....I would forego ANYTHING of that nature to have my boy back.  Yes it's nice and it helps us along the way to sometimes forget for an hour or two what our lives are really like.... but nothing can replace the boy who Alex once was.  Please don't get me wrong... I am very very grateful for all that we have encountered since Jan 6th 2010..... but never for a minute think that this is what we want for our lives or that we somehow feel like we deserve any of it.  The truth of the matter is..... there are angels watching over us and some pretty awesome people in this world and ONE who is outta this world.... that truly bring the joy into our world, make us smile.... make us better people.  COUNT yourself as one of my many blessings because of YOU...... reading this right now..... YOU are one of our most treasured gifts of all through this!  THANK YOU!