On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


WOW is all I can say when I see that my last post hasn't been since March 9th and I'm terribly sorry because I know there are so many of you dying to know how Alex is progressing these days.  I feel like I always start my blogs off these days with apologies because the time just slips thru my fingers and I'm emotionally and physically exhausted these days.  Alex will graduate this year but it's probably going to put me in the insane asylum lol.  He is really doing great these days and has really been working hard at therapy, practicing to dance for his prom which is this friday!  Sooooo much has been going on with therapy, school work, getting him to focus and work thru hours and hours of school because we are behind and all has to be turned in by Tuesday!  We have Alex's Dreams Come True, Celebration of Life party on Monday where they reveal our trip to Hawaii which is Sunday by the way.... I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!  It doesn't even seem like we are really going because I haven't had to plan any of it.  WE have no idea where we are staying what we will be doing... nothing. So Monday is going to be very exciting for us!  I am truly thankful for this organization and their generous gift to Alex and our family because Lord knows I REALLY REALLY need this vacation away from our real world!  I only wish I had a Nanny to go along so I could be totally stress free, lol!  However, I think I will survive... don't you? :0)   So Alex has his Senior prom on Friday.....
limo, Ruth Chris and prom.  It worked out that he now has 8 of them going together and I am soooooo excited for him!  You know mom won't be far... I'll be in the front with the driver if it all works out as planned, lol.  I figure I'll hang out lurking in the dark, lol.  Rhonda, his personal photographer and myself will make the best of the night, just thankful that he is here alive and wanting some independance to hang out with his friends and be a normal kid again.  She will be there to catch the special moments of the night with the blink of a flash and create memories that God has so graciously given us.  Ok so far you get that Friday is prom, Sunday is Hawaii..... you think my wheels are spinning or what? On top of all this... yes SCHOOL is to be completed by Tuesday.  The problem with this is.... you know he is on compass odyssey... well it shows how many folders are left and he had like 4-5 in each subject.  IN THOSE 4-5 FOLDERS are MANY MANY assignments lol.  I'm thinking they had like 3-4 assignments maybe 2 quizzes... WRONG.  One folder had like 9 assignments and 3 quizzes!!!  We have been sitting in front of the computer like NERDS for days and days now still lots to get done!  Hawaii will definitely be a NICE BIG BREAK from the real world no doubt!  It will be back to the grind once we get back and that will be the last stretch home to graduating....THANK YOU GOD!  Much respect to those who home school their children.... especially those who homeschool children with BRAIN INUJRIES!  In therapy Alex has had some trouble with his left ankle rolling so we had to get him fitted for a new leg brace as since he has grown the old one does not fit anymore.  While we were getting fitted for the brace at Wolfson's, Alex made a comment about how he wanted the bicycle that was in the gym we were in.  How God works.....the lady doing the fitting said she had a foundation that she had special people donating money and she takes that money and BUYS CHILDREN ADAPTIVE BIKES .....AND...... PUT HIS NAME ON THE LIST TO RECEIVE ONE BY MAY /JUNE!  HOW AWESOME IS GOD!!!!  She calls it a FUN BIKE.....I call it a FAT BURNER, lol.  Sooo excited he will be getting exercise while riding with us on our bikes!! We had been looking into getting one for Alex for his birthday, March 30th but they range anywhere from $700-$1,500 on up!  God always seems to put us in the right place at the right time....continuing to shower us with his many blessings.  Hopefully the brace will be in soon so he can get the full extent of therapy as it seems to hinder his ability to really walk on it a whole lot.  Ms Kate and Ms Erica have been working on weight bearing on that left leg doing different exercises on the mat trying to get him to trust that left leg more.  Once the brace comes in they can focus on the walking aspect again more aggresively.  He has been doing great at Day therapy..... getting better with learning to relax himself.... he can sit longer in rooms by himself without freaking out as much..... his attention span seems to be getting longer at short intervals..... LORD HELP US ON THE 10 HOUR FLIGHT TO HAWAII!!  Everyone on the plane will know Alex by the time we get off, lol!! 

We went to the Sharks game Friday night and you know Alex had to go on the field after the game and get him some pics from the cheerleaders :0)  He is a HOT MESS FOR SURE!

Sat night Heather took him to the Supercross with two of his friends, Corey and Drew!  Thank you Heather for taking him and Thank you Corey and Drew.... it meant the world to us both!  THANK YA'LL FOR MAKING TIME TO SPEND WITH ALEX ON A SATURDAY NIGHT!!

Having trouble getting the pics uploaded will try to add to blog tomorrow :0(
Alex said to me the other day while on the way to therapy.... "Mom, you know if this never would have happened to me, I never would have gotten to meet Tim Tebow, Reggie Nelson, Maurice Jones Drew, go to Hawaii or Pro Day"?  I said... "Alex I would give all that up in a second to go back to January 5th and have my old Alex back". He said.... "Me too mom... me too!"  No amount of money, fame or football stars, trips.... any of it I could do without ALL OF IT to have my Alex back.  Sure it's nice, but I still struggle with wanting my old Alex back on a daily basis and wanting my life back to the way it was.  All of the perks we have gotten I am very grateful for but I would give it ALL UP in a heartbeat to have Alex back to what he was.  I still miss him with every beat of my heart and it is unbearable at times to not cry while watching him trying to learn to walk again and see the struggles he faces daily with all that he has to overcome.  I feel sorry for him and thankful for him at the same time.  So much has been taken away from him and he has missed out on so much as well as I.  I can't get any of it back, I can only look towards the future and I know in my heart of hearts that God has great things in store for Alex Michael Ross.  Sometimes it's just really hard to sit back and wait.... even though I know the best is yet to come!

Tomorrow is the big day for the REVEAL of our Hawaii trip that Dreams Come True has given Alex and we can't wait!  I hope to blog about it tomorrow night and fill you all in on the details.....VACAAAAAAAAAAAAATION HERE WE COME!!!  THANK YOU "DREAMS COME TRUE"!!!