On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


We have been bogged down with school work and trying to get everything completed in time so that Alex can graduate with his class on June 8, 2011.  I must say that I am really proud of him for pushing through the days AND his attention span..... it certainly hasn't been easy!  All he has left now is his finals and end of course exams.... Please keep us in your prayers, lol! 

We had a visit with his neurosurgeon yesterday and it was our LAST!  She released him yesterday.... saying he looks great and we are on an as needed basis with her!!  THANK YOU GOD......GREAT NEWS!!! I want to share the images of his cat scan below that he just had taken in April......YOU ARE WITNESSING A TRUE MIRACLE OF GOD...... BELIEVE IT!!

(the pics are flipped ....the damaged area is really the right side but look as if it is the left side)
The first pic shows the normal ventricles on the right and the ventricles  that are full of fluid on the left...thus the reason for the shunt.  You can also see some fluid on the outside of the cranium between the cranium and the skin to the left.  This is the reason that we see a little swelling on his right side.  She said this is normal because they couldn't possibly sew every inch square tight and some fluid will seep through, however the shunt should and will continue to control this.  Only if I see change in personality, sleeping habits, headaches etc do I need to be concerned.  In other words... if it ain't broke... DON'T FIX IT!

Picture 2 you can see the thin line going from the center to the outside... this is the shunt..... you can also see the circle outline where the new piece of skull composite was placed back in April of last year when he was put all back together again.  The two prominent small white pieces are fragments of the bullet that will be there forever.  He is not allowed to ever have MRI or go thru anything magnetic becausse that could cause the bullet to become dislodged and surely create more damage of which we DO NOT NEED,lol!

This is a frontal view.... the bullet looks like it is in the front from this view however it is really in the back.... the pic is as if you are looking THRU his head.

This is the picture that should really make your draw drop and say WOW!  You can see the damage that the bullet did....  you can clearly see the parts of the brain that are left and what is NOT there.   The bullet spattered the right side (which looks like the left, remeber the pictures are flipped).  He has little if ANY brain left on his right side....basically functioning on half of a brain and doing the unthinkable things he is! If you don't believe in God or that he performs miracles.....BELIEVE THIS!  ALEX MICHAEL SHOULD NOT BE HERE.... HE SHOULD NOT BE FUNCTIONING AS WELL AS HE IS....HE SHOULD NOT BE AS FAR ALONG IN RECOVERY.... ALEX MICHAEL ROSS IS A TRUE MIRACLE OF GOD!!!  I sit here and look at this picture.... hard to take my eyes off of it because it seems impossible.  It humbles me and makes me want to be a better mother.... with more patience than I already have.....to not sweat the small stuff.... to cherish EVERY single moment.... to not lose my cool every once in awhile.... TO BE THANKFUL most of all.....to HIM, JESUS CHRIST!  Thank you Lord for soooooo many many more days with my handsome boy than I ever could have hoped for.

My boy is a walking, talking, funny, crazy, impatient, neurotic, OCD, ADHD young man and I am truly thankful that I have a second chance to be right by his side thru thick and thin until he is able to become independent and carry out God's will!