On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Graduation is right around the corner!

Soooo many emotions running wild this past week with graduation coming up especially since attending one of his friends, Skylar's graduation party.  I have so much to be thankful for and I know this but it was very painful for me to watch him have to sit and WATCH his friends do everything that he can't on the huge jumpy slide with water and soap.... ONE OF HIS FAVORITE past times.  It took everything I had to keep the tears from falling.... wishing he could be doing all that he SHOULD be doing and partaking in his Senior year of high school... which is supposed to be one of the best moments in his life....graduation and the parties that go along with it!!  I am soooo proud of all that he has accomplished and he HAS come so far in a year and a half but the humanity in me makes me soooo sad for him.  It's so hard to explain and I surely don't mean to sound ungrateful for what we have been given.....but I'm a mom... with a huge heart and my heart aches for him when I see all of his friends having the fun that he can't.  Now... if you ask Alex..... he had a great time, lol!  THANK YOU GOD FOR THAT!  My brain injured child doesn't even look at things the way I do.... HE inspires me!  He wasn't sad that he couldn't go up that slide.... all he was worried about was going in the pool and EATING, lol!  It's times like this weekend that I am truly thankful he doesn't have emotions.

Today we practice at 9:45 for his bacclaurette and then the service is tonight at 6:45 at Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church.  For those of you that have written me and were hoping to go to graduation, I'm sorry but tickets are very limited and I've had to get some  from other students so that all of our family can go. However..... tonights service may be your chance to witness a small part of his graduation by attending this.  Please pray that he can sit for an hour thru this service with no major interruptions.... I will probably be on edge the whole time lol!

Stay tuned this week... I will post grad pics and hope to post video from graduation!  Wednesday is going to be one of the most memorable days in our lives and I'm so proud of you Alex Michael Ross!  Phillipians 4:13..... AMEN!!!