On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

DAY 43 .... and it's been a WOW kind of a day!

Hi friends... I am getting horrible at finding spare time in our day to blog!!  Let me start by sharing our schedule with you so that you all understand where I am coming from:

7:00am - Lisa wake up and shower
7:30am - Feed Alex
8:00am - change and dress Alex
8:30am - Cognitive Therapy
9:30am- Recreational Therapy
10:00am - School
10:30am- Speech Therapy
11:00am - Occupational Therapy
11:30 am - Feeding Group Therapy (Alex learns how to feed himself)
12:15pm-12:45pm - Alex nap
1:00pm - Physical Therapy
1:30 pm - Occupational Therapy
2:00pm - Physical Therapy
3:00pm - Speech Therapy

3:30pm -  WE ALL REST, LOL!  WHEW!

Today was a great day for Alex!  In recreational therapy we made brownies today....THAT WAS AWESOME!  Alex was getting into it, stirring up batter, cracking egg, pouring oil and water into the bowl... it was great!  He even licked the spoon!  After they were finished baking, our recreational therapist, Miss Alison, brought the finished product up to our room so that we could eat them.  We figured we would bring them to our next therapy session with Miss Nicole, who is our speech therapist.  She likes to try out new foods with him and see what he is capable of chewing and swallowing and working those mouth, tongue and jaw muscles so that we can get to eating solid foods.  Well when getting ready to leave our room for that session, Randi, my lil sis,  put the brownies on Alex's lap in his wheelchair and said "hold that"... I gotta go get your water"... she comes back out the room and that lil turkey had taken almost a WHOLE brownie and shoved in his mouth! HAHAHAHAHA!  I was laughing and freaking out... thinking we were going to be in trouble with Nicole because she really has to monitor what and how he eats other than his mush that he gets.  Soooo we go to our next therapy and she let him eat another brownie... YAY!  He's a lucky little buggar!

Lunch was a big deal today too because he did so well with his brownie Miss Nicole let him upgrade to a mechanical soft diet instead of mush!  Soooo, he had noodles, chicken and green beans... check it out....

Next we had physical therapy..... and he worked his butt off in that session today!  WAY TO GO ALEX!  He walked about 45-50 steps if not more!!!  TEAM ALEX IS KICKIN BUTT IN HERE!  Go superman gooooo!  If you notice the door jam behind him that is where he started and then walked to the end of that railing to where I was standing and it's a pretty good distance.  We did that once and then half way the 2nd time.  Everyday he goes that extra mile and I am walking around this place with my feathers all ruffled up and PROUD LIKE A PEACOCK, lol!  AMAZING KID!!

The high light of our day was probably when we learned that Alex was on the opening page of the Jaguars home page... at www.jaguars.com  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand THE BACK DOOR, hahahaha!  WOW!  I am like walking on sunshine right now!  Thank you, thank you, thank you soooo very much for sharing our story on your page... WOW!  I am boasting with pride and in total shock that WE made it to the Jaguars home page!  I feel like we are kinda a big deal now, lol!  Alex is going to have the BIGGEST HEAD once he is fully recovered and his old self again.  Jacksonville.... watch out!

As much as I would love to end my blog on our "high spirits for the day" I do have special prayer requests for a couple of close and dear friends:

Justine Hagan - A precious mom to some very dear friends of mine and having some health issues that I rather not disclose to the public.  Please pray for her as she battles some tough things over the next couple of months and for her family that they are able to stay strong for her.  

Kaylen  Abernathy -  One of the cutest little dumpling 3 year olds that I know!  She is having a cat scan because of some lymph nodes they have discovered and even though doctors tell mom this is normal procedure... they have to put her under.  Scary for mom as you can all imagine!  Please pray for peace of mind for mom, dad and family.... and POSITIVE results for this little pocket full of sunshine!

Sandra Eaves - Nick's fraternity brother, Tyler O'Grady... his aunt.  She has been diagnosed with cancer and I am told that she has less than 6 months to live.  Please lift Sandra and her family up in prayers as I know this has to be difficult for all parties involved.  Pray for Sandra that she knows Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior....... and that in itself will bring her comfort to know that she is going home to a much better place than where we all live today.  Lord, Bring peace to her family and strength that they can all stand strong and think of the positives and share as much time with her as she has left if and I say if.... it is your will to bring her home... living for today and not waiting till tomorrow.  I know you can perform miracles Lord.... and maybe this is another one that you shouldn't let go by.... I know what you can do... I have faith in you.... start working in her life... her families life Lord.... the skies the limit and I know that I BELIEVE that with you ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  If you need another Angel and you have bigger and better plans Lord.... I ask that you give her and her family a peace... a peace like you have given me because without it.... they will never get thru this.  Be with them Lord... do what is your will because either way... with you in her life she will be A .. OK!

Lord I ask that you wrap your loving arms around all three of these individuals and their families and show them what we all know you are capable of.  I know that you have performed a miracle with Alex and I know you have a plan for all three of these..... I just ask that you give peace and comfort to all parties involved.  I love you and I thank you so so so very much for all you have done and what you continue to do with and thru Alex.  I thank you for opening doors and bringing in new friends.... friends that I know you have placed in our lives for a reason!  I thank you for all of the nurses and doctors and therapists that we have bonded with thru all this.  I thank you for giving Alex the strength to fight thru those times when his legs want to give out and he just takes a 2 second break and is ready to fight thru it again.  I thank you for making it possible for my two sisters to be here and share this experience with me... I don't know what I would do without Randi and all she has been able to help me with as it's a lot for me to learn and do on my own!  Lord, I thank you for the constant friendships and blessings that you continue to shower upon me and my family by the love and support and dinners and lunches and bonding times we have.  I have sooo much to be thankful for and don't think for one second that anything goes unnoticed or unappreciated.  I pray that soooo many that don't know you Lord will trust you now and know that you are the way, the truth and the light!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.... FOR ONE MORE DAY WITH MY HANDSOME BOY!  And thank you for letting him have a brownie today, hee hee... had to leave you guys with a smile!!  :0)  LOVE YA'LL!!