On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Today was a funny day with Alex with all his little tricks and pranks on his therapists!  Auntie Dar, Madison, Logan, Uncle Mark, Auntie Sherry, Uncle Pete, Brooklyn, Gus and Lou sent us an awesome care package with great fun gifts for Alex!!  In our package was an "Electronic Whoopie Cushion" that we have been having a blast with!  We tested it on our nurses last night and brought them to tears laughing once it was revealed that he was pulling a joke on them!  This afternoon we tried it out on our therapists and it was a hoot!  He has even come up with a "fart" face and lifts his leg.... here is his face...hahahahha

Today was mainly a fun day as Alex got a little dizzy this afternoon after working out so hard in occupational therapy so we had to take a break.  Once our break was over it was off to speech therapy.  Once in speech therapy of course he pulled the ole "fart" trick and she fell for it, hahahaha.  She told him .. "you are in a room full of ladies what do you say?"... he said "excuse me".  Too cute!  He then pressed the button again and she finally caught on.. he had us cracking up because he was lifting his leg up and letting them rip from the machine... hahahahaha.  He was soooo funny!  So Miss Nicole decided to do something fun and they played hang man.  This is where the fun really began! He went first and put the blanks for the word and it was a movie... two blanks... ET....and she got it..... the next was a car... the word was Corolla... how funny... and she did get it.....next it was her turn to put the blanks and let Alex guess.... it was a sport....naturally his first three letters were "b" "a" "l"  so...he guessed the first letter... no go... he guessed another letter, again no go... he called her a liar...lol.  Next letter he guessed it was a no go... he again calls her a liar.. now we are laughing... he guesses again and it was a no go.... he again calls her a liar... we are dying laughing now!  She kept saying every time..." I am not lying" and then she gave him hints like "it is a sport and it is played in the winter"....he guessed an "o" and so he had one letter... after the hints she kept giving he finally guessed HOCKEY.  Well Mr. Alex was so frustrated.... he was going to show her!!  So he wanted her to have to guess his word ... it was a SPORT.... she guessed a letter, no go ... so he marked an x... she guessed another letter... no go.... so he marked an x... she guessed another letter... no go so he marked an x.... fourth time... she guessed a letter... no go... he takes the marker and marks a HUGE X on the board... it was the funniest thing ever! She said "Well you don't have to get all attitude on me", lol!!!  If you have ever played a game against Alex... board game, basketball, cork ball... madden... you know how competitive he is and refuses to LOSE... in fact .. when he plays madden against Nick or Brooks and he is losing... he will roll off the bed or act like he tripped and "accidentally" turn the game system off.... hahahahaaha... typical Alex.  Any who... Alex was going to fix her with a word that she wouldn't guess... lol!  She finally got a letter "E"....  the next guess was a no go... finally he told her "no more guesses".... "I WIN".... hahahahahahaha... we were crying we were laughing so hard.  Anyone want to guess what his sport was? The second to last letter was the "e".  The word has 7 letters :0)
THANK YOU GOD FOR SAVING MY ALEX....he is still in there!! See his big X below... too funny!!!  

This weekend will be relaxed with maybe one therapy tomorrow and one on Sunday.  When we asked Alex what he wanted to do this weekend... his response was "SLEEP"!!!

I will probably only blog once sat night and once sunday night... I plan on making an appearance at the Snow Day tomorrow and I can't wait!  I tried really hard to be able to get Alex to go but I haven't had Trach Care CPR so I am not able to sign him out... sorry guys!  

If something exciting happens or if Alex does anything I deem fantastical.... I will surely get on here and let you all know!

Have a great weekend... if you can get out to the snow day... don't just go for Alex... go for your family!  Spend time with the kiddies... play in the snow... whether they are 2 or 25... take the time...Live for Today... I will be there playing with my other two and they are 13 and 20!!!

love ya'll