On January 6th, 2010 Alex suffered a gunshot wound to the head...given 3 HOURS TO LIVE ....this is our story of survival and how God continues to work in and through our lives!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Well well well what do you know... the trach isn't ready to come out yet!  Good news is that the polyp is gone and the scar tissue is coming back HOWEVER it looks really good compared to what they thought it would look like!  We taped the video as she was looking down his nose into this throat at the airway.

The opening looks good however the airway is still not quite big enough and there is significant scar tissue banding blocking the airway that needs to  addressed.  Since Dr. Beck's hand is recovering from a wrist break and it may be a month or so before he can actually operate on Alex, he suggested we think about a 2nd opinion in the mean time and go up to Emery University to see what they have to say.  He suggested a stint that keeps the airway open, he would laser a slice to seperate the banding then place the stint to keep the scar tissue from banding back together.  The stint stays in for abou 10-12 weeks then Alex would have to have ANOTHER surgery to remove the stint. NOW.... the tricky part of all this is... the stint would actually stick out from the trach or throat area...not really clear on that part and since it would be keeping the two sides from joining.... there would be NO VOICE during this time because the vocal chords would not be able to come together to make noise.  Lot's to think about... you know I will leave no stone unturned when it comes to the best possible scenario for Alex and his recovery.  I will go to California if I must, lol.... hahahahahaha wouldn't that be just God awful lol!  Soooo, the ENT is contacting Emery University and giving them Alex's case, notes and file... making him the first available appt and we will travel to HOTLANTA for our 2nd opinion.  

From there we went on to grab a bite to eat in the mall and decided on a pedicure for MY therapy!  While there Alex also wanted one so we sat him down and he got his RIGHT foot done, lol.  He had those ladies laughing the whole time.  First of all.... the are vietnamese and he kept asking them if they spoke Philipinno and if they talked behind peoples backs while they were sitting in the chairs. He said..."you know like... OMG look at the ugly feet on this woman"...hahahahahaha.  He then proceeds to pull out his iphone and play this:

They were cracking up... he kept asking them if that is what they do and so on and so on!  They didn't know what hit them when we came walking in,lol!  They were teaching him how to say "I love you" in vietnamese and he was asking each lady their American name and their vietnamese name...hahahahaha.... HE WAS A HOT MESS FO SHO!!  I wish I would have taken video of him because it was PRICELESS!

Brooks had a mishap at his game on Saturday and we had a bit of a scare.  They traveled to Tallahassee for his football game and played a team that played down and dirty.  They grabbed his helmet (facemask) and turned his helmet completely to the side and with that, the kids fingers went into Brooks' mouth and CUT all across his gums above his front teeth... leaving it bleeding and swollen.... NASTY.  Today he had to take a trip to the Dentist with Dana's help and was told that he will need to be seen again in two weeks to see if he will need a root canal.  No antibiotics needed which is what I thought we would need.... we just have to keep a watchful eye on it.  I PRAY FOR NO INFECTION OR ROOT CANAL...PLEASE LORD :0)

I put the status of the trach on my facebook today and got some responses from friends about being disappointed about the trach and asking how I was handling the news.  I will tell you... I'm at peace with this... I sit here and look back at all we have been thru and you know what... it's just a trach!  It's not the end of the world!  HE IS WALKING WITH A CANE BY GOD....what could I be complaining of????  HE IS ALIVE AND WITTY AND SPUNKY....THANK YOU GOD!  I'll deal with the stupid trach... it's just an inconvenience to me....a distraction from FULL recovery but I'll deal with it.  The ENT said it WILL COME OUT eventually... Alex is just a special case as is his story!  ALL IN GOD'S TIME.... it will come out.  Summer is over... we don't need to go swimming, lol... its all GOOD!  WE met a new friend today... she has been following our story and was TRULY TOUCHED when she met Alex in person... so much that it brought tears to her eyes and she was just AMAZED at how together Alex really was in person.  I think that is my favorite part about all of this is seeing people's faces when they realize who he is and just what God has done with his little miracle boy!  You won't believe it until you see it!  He asked me about his homecoming party this past weekend and I do still need to do that as there are so many of you who are still VERY SUPPORTIVE and just in awe of what God has done.  He is a little quirky and says exactly what is on his mind whether you want to hear it or not, lol.... but amazing amazing of how far we have come since January.  I hate that trach but my son is alive and I have God to thank for that... some nurses and doctors along the way...with some awesome family and friends!  TOGETHER we all have gotten Alex where he is today.  You prayer warriors out there... you played a huge part in that too...THANK YOU!  Thank you for picking me up when I am down...thank you for always encouraging and uplifting me just at the right moments with your emails....THEY WORK!  My emails are slim pickings these days as I knew it would slowly diminish.... there are still those couple of "know it alls" that insist on sharing their NEGATIVE opinions believe it or not.... funny though... now...they make me laugh because THEY HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT THEY ARE SPEAKING.  So for those of you out there who feel the need to tell me about myself.... save your time.  Go open your bible, if you have one...... and ask for forgiveness of JUDGING.  Your emails make me laugh.....remember who you are writing and that GOD is by my side so you can't touch this! :0)  You are wasting precious time that is a gift.... choose your time more wisely.  Until you have walked in my shoes, save your breath... YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

Soooooooooo all in all today.... no I didn't get the answer that I wanted in regards to the trach but I have so very much to be thankful for and THAT IS WHAT I AM FOCUSING ON!  Not to mention I am looking forward to seeing the TRAHAN clan and some very missed friends in Atlanta!  ROAAAAAAADTRIP!! :0)

I am thinking that if we have another surgery... we will plan it after thanksgiving being we are traveling to New Jersey this year for that ... ALEX INSISTED! :0)  Life is too short.....marking it off of his bucket list and looking forward to family and a trip into NYC as the boys have never been!  What a crazy crazy year.....Thank you God for my many blessings.... it hasn't been easy and lots of days are harder than others....but with you by my side I know that I can conquer anything.  JESUS...YOU COMPLETE ME!